Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 250: Take All the Secretaries for Job-hopping.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 250: Take All the Secretaries for Job-hopping.

After Xia Yu returned to the office, she took a few deep breaths before she sat down to begin her work. But after trying for a long time, she still couldn't concentrate. What happened recently was just like a movie, and she couldn't get it out of her mind.

She had to drop the pen in her hand to massage her head. Leaning back in the chair, she looked at a potted plant in front of the window. The sun shone on the green leaves, reflecting a good-looking luster.

She remembered that this potted plant was Lv Wushuang's. She was expelled from the company at that time. When she left, she forgot to bring this with her. So, the potted plant was alone on that empty desk.

The foliage was very lush, and it could show how carefully its owner had taken care of it. However, it didn't escape the fate of being abandoned at last.

At that time, Lv Wushuang’s situation was really difficult, and it was normal to forget it.

But she did not think about the feeling of this potted plant, or plant could not feel at all. Otherwise, it was still flourishing even if its owner had changed and it was moved from Lv Wushuang’s desk to my windowsill.

It's better to be a plant. They had no thoughts, no sadness or pain.

"Xia Yu, it’s time for lunch. Don’t you go?" Suddenly, there came two knocks at the door. Xia Yu heard the sound, but before she said "come in", the door had been opened from outside. Fang Feifei’s smiling face appeared in front of her.

"Is it time for lunch?" Xia Yu looked up at the clock on the wall. It was. She rubbed her face with her hands and stood up. "Let's go."

After getting out, she saw all the colleagues there and she smiled. They were all here. She was surprised because it had never happened before.

"What are you doing?" Xia Yu felt like they were saying goodbye to the body.

"What else can we do? Let's go and eat together." They all laughed.

Now the company was at risk. Although they had intrigues and hostility during their work, they found much more happiness when it came to separation.

It was just under the pressure of life that the unpleasant things were magnified infinitely.

"Yes, let's go." Xia Yu smiled because they had never been together apart from official business dinner. So, this was a nice start.

They came to the restaurant together. Cai Yanyan made a seat reservation, and other people including Xia Yu went to get their meal.

Colleagues from other groups saw Xia Yu's coming to eat here as usual. They came over to gossip when she took the meal, “I've heard that Second Madame did not agree with Young Master Yan’s contact with Xia Yu. She even came to them and Xia Yu was scolded to cry."

Cai Yanyan looked up at Xia Yu and said, "Nonsense. Second Madame came to Young Master Yan for something else."

Really? We all saw that Young Master Yan brought a bunch of red roses into the company in the morning. Some curious people even followed him to the president’s office.

Young Master Yan opened the door of Xia Yu's office by using her key and put the flowers in it. Later, Second Madame came in with a black face. And when she left, she didn't look happy either.

"For what? Did she want Xia Yu to change her work and let Miss Yang come here?” Yang Ke’er inspected the company yesterday and every employee, even the cleaners, got a gift from her. It made her just like the boss' wife.

"I haven't heard what you said." Cai Yanyan smiled and said, "Not only I, but also all the staff in the secretariat have not heard of it."

Yang Ke’er did want to work here, but she was refused by Young Master Yan. And actually, yesterday she was accompanied by Cai Yanyan, but she did not explicitly suggest that she wanted to come to the company.

Cai Yanyan could be sure about this, but just as everyone had seen or speculated that the company now had a lot of uncertain factors. She did not dare to talk about it.

"Not heard about it, or dare not talk about it?" That colleague glanced at Xia Yu who was talking and laughing with Fang Feifei. She was really uncommon. A secretary without any background could get close to Shen Family. That was really difficult.

"You don't believe what I said, then why do you bother me? Otherwise, why not ask Xia Yu directly?” Cai Yanyan said so when she saw Xia Yu came back with a tray.

Ask her? How to ask? It was clear that Shen Family did not like Xia Yu. Wasn't that a slap in the face?

That colleague stood up, walked to the other side, and was soon surrounded by a group of people.

"What does Cai Yanyan say?"

"Was Xia Yu been scolded? Did Second Madame ask her to go before the deadline?"

"How poor she is! She has done too much for Young Master Yan but Second Madame is so cruel that she asks Xia Yu to leave."

"The emperor's family is the most ruthless and the same is true for wealthy people. They do not lack anything but emotions."

People on the side talked unscrupulously. Of course, some people were on the lookout for Liu Sijie because here was the restaurant, and Liu Sijie also came to eat here. He was the first confidant of Shen Yan. It's not good if he got to know this.

Liu Sijie found that he was watched like thieves by everyone. He smiled bitterly. Was he really so dogleg? Shaking his head helplessly, he pretended to see nothing and went straightly to the meal.

Here Xia Yu had already begun eating with several people in the Secretariat. They were talking and laughing.

"Xia Yu, I heard that you acted as Li Yan's translator a few days ago?" Cai Yanyan’s eyes were lit because Li Yan was her idol and Xia Yu was able to stand by his side.

"Yes, his translator just resigned, and he didn't find a new translator yet. So, I did it for him." Xia Yu sent a piece of vegetable to her mouth after saying that.

Didn't you ask for something when you leave?" Cai Yanyan asked again.

"Ask for what?" Xia Yu was amazed. She just helped him for one day, to be exact, a few hours.

Later Shen Yan went to make trouble. He almost ruined the celebration. Xia Yu felt awkward to think about this, let alone ask for a reward?

Anyway, she couldn't do this.

"Signature! Don't you know how valuable Li Yan's signature is? Priceless." It seemed that Xia Yu didn’t even think of that. Cai Yanyan looked at her with great regret.

"I really forgot that." Actually, Xia Yu did think about asking him for signatures. She even thought about making money with his signature, but it was detained by accidents. "It's not so expensive as you said. If so, why did he shoot movies instead of signing for others directly."

"That's untrue. How can he get fans without shooting movies?" Fang Feifei said with a smile.

"Yes." Xia Yu nodded. "It seems that being an assistant or a translator for superstars is quite profitable. I'm going to find a part-time job which doesn't need any pay at all. What I only need is to ask for some signatures."

"This is a great idea. If you have a way, please introduce to us." That was really a good way of making money. They all had weekends, so it's easy to earn extra income.

They talked in a low voice. Others saw them whispering, but they were embarrassed to ask. So, they had to find excuses to pass by them.

In this way, they could hear a bit but not very comprehensive. In the end, it became Xia Yu who was dissatisfied with Second Madame for separating her and Shen Yan wanted to take all the secretaries away.

When everyone heard about it, they all came around.

Xia Yu was really cool. Indeed, Second Madame despised the poor and curried favor with the rich. Since Shen Family thought that Yang Ke'er was better. Let her do this job.

"The wages of Tengfei are not low. Are they willing to go with Xia Yu?"

"Since it is a job-hopping, the wage of their new job must be higher than Tengfei."

"Is it true? She is really resourceful."

"That's right. How can she fight with Shen Family if she has nothing else?"

This was quickly heard by Liu Sijie. He thought Shen Yan was really sloppy. If he really liked her, he should be serious about their relationship. If not, don't provoke her in the beginning.

On one side he couldn't persuade his family. And on the other side, he didn't want Xia Yu to know other boys. Although he tried to cheer both sides, he actually offended both.

Now Xia Yu was going to change her job, but she intended to take everyone together with her.

As Shen Yan's assistant, he'd better tell his boss about it. As for what he would do, it was his own business.

Soon Liu Sijie sent a message to Shen Yan. In this message, he said that Xia Yu would take all the secretaries to change jobs. Now you had to consider recruiting more secretaries.

Shen Yan was having a rest on his swivel chair with his eyes closed. Liu Sijie’s message directly pulled him up from the chair.

She was endless. He didn't punish her for a long absence without any reason, and now she even persuaded other colleagues to quit their job. Grabbing the coat, he went to the restaurant.

Seldom did people in the Secretariat sit together and have fun which looked very harmonious.

Liu Sijie put a tray in Shen Yan's hand directly. "I bought it for you. I have no seat here. Go and look for yours."

Shen Yan shook his hand toward Liu Sijie, indicating that he could leave now.

Carrying the tray, he came to the table where Xia Yu sat.

When everyone saw President's coming, they all stood up except Xia Yu. "There is no seat here. Young Master Yan, are you going to force everyone to give you a seat because of your status. If so, we will give you."

That was a tit for tat situation when they were talking. Everyone lowered their heads, and no one spoke or moved.

"I didn't say that I want to force you by using my status. Why not sit together if they don't mind being a light bulb." After saying so, Shen Yan sat next to Xia Yu straightly. He looked at the crowd, "Sit down please, everyone!"

Since he said that, who dared to sit with them?

"We have finished. Please enjoy your meal, Young Master Yan." Everyone looked at each other and quickly went away.

"I am full, too." Xia Yu stood up.

"But there are still many left in your plate." Looking at Xia Yu's plate, he said, "Finish them."

"I can't." Xia Yu said drily.

"Why do you take so much if you can't eat them. Don't you know that wasting food is shameful?" Shen Yan frowned a bit, pulled her arm and let her sit down. "Finish them before you leave."

What an affected person he was! Xia Yu was embarrassed to criticize him. "It is shameful to waste food." How could he say this?

"They are all watching us. Don't be so naughty." Shen Yan glanced around, and his lip curved at a right angle.

"How could you say that? You did deliberately." Xia Yu sat down in anger, picked up a large piece of food and ate it.

"Eat it slowly or you will choke." Shen Yan raised his hand and gently patted the back of her.

"What are you doing!" Xia Yu really couldn't stand it. Didn't he know how many eyes were looking at them? As soon as she opened her mouth, rice spouted to Shen Yan's face.

"You!" Shen Yan's face turned green quickly. He was a man with mysophobia!

Xia Yu did not expect this to happen and thought that she was not the one to blame. She took out two pieces of paper towel to wipe off the rice on his face for him. "I didn't mean it."

This was not her fault. It was he who wanted to sit with her. It was ok he went here, but he drove all the people away. What's more, he even acted offensively.

Didn't he know that everyone was suspecting the relationship between him and her? Didn’t it provide a topic for people to gossip?


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