Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 251 A Good Secretary Is Hard to Find. A Good Woman Is Harder
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 251 A Good Secretary Is Hard to Find. A Good Woman Is Harder

"Follow me!" Shen Yan stood up.

"I have already apologized." Was Xia Yu stupid? Was anything good going to happen if she went along?

"If you say you are sorry after you kill someone. Then the police won't arrest you, will they?" Shen Yan gave her a contemptuous look and turned around, walking forward. After two steps, he saw Xia Yu didn't move so he stopped and said, "Aren't you coming?"

He obviously switched the concept. Was that the same? Xia Yu scolded him badly in her heart and then followed sullenly.

"Young Master Yan is really angry."

"He has mysophobia and she vomited all over him."

"It is really game over for Xia Yu. She may first get raped and then killed."

"It's against the law for murdering people. Do you guys think Young Master Yan is stupid?" Liu Sijie approached slowly.

Everyone got terrified and shut up immediately when they saw Assistant Liu.

But Assistant Liu, if not first rape then murder, then what would it be? As Young Master Yan's assistant, you must know. Please tell us so that we wouldn’t keep guessing.

But they wouldn't dare ask. They had to watch Liu Sijie leaving.

Xia Yu knew Shen Yan kept a few sets of clothes in his rest room. She rushed to his restroom when they went to his office. She grabbed a set and threw it to him, "Change."

"Is this how your apology looks like?" Shen Yan was furious. She vomited all over him and apologized with this attitude. How dared she!

"It's you who forced me to eat." Xia Yu said she was full. You wanted to show people that you were the President. Who else did you want to blame?

Did you mean I was wrong? Shen Yan pointed to himself, "Did I force you to vomit all over me?"

"No." But if you didn't force me to eat, I wouldn't vomit all over you. There was causality, OK? Xia Yu didn't say that loud. But her expression had told Shen Yan that he was also responsible for it.

"Look at your bad temper. Just stand here and do some introspection." Shen Yan took his clothes and went to the bathroom. He was disgusted thinking about the things coming directly out of Xia Yu's mouth.

Xia Yu made a "you deserve it" face at his back and sat on the sofa sullenly.

It took Shen Yan half an hour. When he came back, he had changed into clean clothes. He was a clean and tidy Young Master Yan again. He was less angry when he saw Xia Yu was still here.

Shen Yan went back to his desk and sat down. He played with his pen and turned his chair towards Xia Yu, "Are you angry?"

Xia Yu looked up at him, "As Young Master Yan said it was Xia Yu who did it wrong. How do I dare be angry?"

Shen Yan nodded, "It's good that you know you are wrong. Yes. My mom is a little coward and worries about me too much. That's why she said all that."

Coward? Did this have anything to do with the powerful Second Madame of Shen Family? Xia Yu was indeed muddled.

"I don't quite understand you. We have talked about that thing. Is it really necessary to bring it up again?"

It was easier said than done. Shen Yan stared at Xia Yu for a few minutes, "Then why do you want to take the people from sectary department job-hopping with you?"

Job-hopping, hop to which place?

"Young Master Yan, if I have this kind of ability. I will definitely smash the food on your head. And I will say ‘Go to hell! I, your sister, won't serve you anymore.’"

"To think about it, you are right." Shen Yan found this explanation was reasonable. But he realized something was wrong quickly. How much did this woman hate himself to say something like that "Go to hell"?

What a vicious woman. Shen Yan memorized it.

"Do you guys feel wronged working for me?"

Xia Yu laughed, "Why don’t you ask Liu Sijie if he feels wronged?"

Shen Yan nodded. Fine! He was wrong asking this.

He stood up and approached her. He bent over near her, "But you shouldn't think like that. I'm the boss in front of others. I'm a boyfriend in front of you. It's different. Why do you help others not me?"

"Young Master Yan, is your conscience clear saying this? Boyfriend? You can only admit you are my boyfriend in this room. Do you dare admit it out of this room?" Xia Yu's face was full of despise.

Shen Yan hated this expression the most. But Xia Yu always showed that expression in front of him.

"Xia Yu, don't look at me like that." Shen Yan reminded her.

"I am born this way. I have been like this for more than twenty years. I can't change in a short time. Just bear with me." If you wanted to deceive yourself, then make up some good lies.

Shen Yan held Xia Yu's chin between his fingers and forced her to look at him. He said with a rarely sincere tone, "No matter how deep your grudge is against me and how unconvinced you are. But I'm serious. I definitely will marry you."

Were you serious brother? I would be damned if I trusted you. Xia Yu squinted her eyes. She wanted to tease him a little. But she was afraid of provoking him which would be bad for her.

She changed it the last minute, "OK. I will wait for the result."

This was the best Xia Yu could say. But as for Shen Yan, he could tell she was pretty suspicious.

He kept holding Xia Yu's chin between his fingers without saying anything. Xia Yu saw the unclear look on his face. With the lessons she learned from the last few times, she didn't dare to offend Shen Yan when he was like this.

There was no sound in the office except their breath sounds. Shen Yan was in a sulk for a while. Xia Yu's phone rang when he tried to say something.

Xia Yu wanted to kiss the one who called her. This phone call was just in time.

She pointed to her pocket, "I need to answer that."

Shen Yan let go of her and stood up. He took two steps back and looked at Xia Yu.

She took out the phone. It was Zhou Yan who called her. She answered, "Hello. Zhou Yan, what do you need?"

Zhou Yan was a busy man. Normally he wouldn't call her during the working hour. If he did so, it must be something important.

Xia Yu's guess was right. Zhou Yan explained why he called quickly on the phone, "It was my grandfather who asked me to call you. Xie Gendi knew about Jiang Yayan. She is worried and wants to see you."

Jiang Yayan's news was all over the TV and newspapers. Xie Gendi felt better and better which made her able to watch TV. She must have seen the news about Jiang Yayan.

She would know sooner or later. Xia Yu was going to talk to her after she made arrangements for Jiangjiang, "OK, I know. I will go to see her after picking up Jiangjiang."

"OK. Please try not to irritate her. She just had a surgery. So, she can't be angry." Zhou Yan was really busy. He said a few more things and hung up.

"That kid is still with you?" Shen Yan frowned a little. He couldn't like the woman who lied to him for five whole years.

"Lv Wushuang looks after him for now. That kid is too little to be at home alone." Talking about his home, Yang Ke'er changed the lock after Jiang Yayan's matter blew up.

In her word, Shen Yan bought that house. They didn't deserve to live there.

Shen Yan asked nothing more. And Xia Yu said nothing more. She held her phone and stood up, "Um, I want to leave early if there is nothing particular to do this afternoon."

To pick up that little brat and go to the hospital? Did she think I would allow that?

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu in silence. Xia Yu was embarrassed, "Shen Yan, don't be like this. I know Jiang Yayan hurts you. But that kid and the old lady lying in the hospital are innocent."

They were all innocent. Only he deserved it. Shen Yan was angry. And he would be so for a very long time.

"You are truly thoughtful." Shen Yan sat back behind his desk.

"When you can forgive, then forgive. Didn't you hold him up when Jiangjiang rushed to you that day?" Xia Yu smiled, "You aren’t heartless, are you?"

No, he couldn't. Shen Yan exhaled and shook his hand at her, "Don't be too late."

"OK, I know." Xia Yu held her phone and went out.

Young Master Yan was so furious when he asked Xia Yu to go in. She came out just fine.

"Xia Yu is the only one who can stand up to Young Master Yan."

"Xia Yu's temper, it is really something."

"Wrong. It should be that Young Master Yan spoiled Xia Yu. So, she gets that temper. Does anyone else dare?"

"That's right."

People saw Xia Yu went in her office calmly. She left with her bag in a short while. They smiled with meaning. It looked like that Xia Yu would be their boss' wife soon.

Liu Sijie saw the opportunity and sneaked in. He hummed twice when he saw Shen Yan was thinking.

Shen Yan looked up, "What?"

"Where is Xia Yu going? I saw her with her bag." Instead of answering, Liu Sijie asked.

"It's for Jiang Yayan's family business." Shen Yan blew a smoke. He thought if Xia Yu didn't send the money for him that day. What would it be?

"I heard that all of Jiang Yayan's bank accounts were frozen. The later treatment of her mother-in-law may stop." The money for treating Xie Gendi's disease was from Jiang Yayan. And Jiang Yayan's money was all from Shen Yan.

Now she was a suspect for blackmailing. It was reasonable to freeze her accounts. Xie Gendi didn't have any savings. And she had this kind of disease which needed a lot of money. There was a small chance that she could afford the medical fee.

"Does her personal business have anything to do with you?" Shen Yan didn't want to talk about it. He didn't want to hear anything or anyone about Jiang Yayan, "Just say it. What do you want?"

"The budget of the development area project came out. But the Headquarters said it was too high and didn't approve." Liu Sijie handed the file to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan didn't look and threw it aside, "I knew it. We should take it slow, but it needs to be done before the project starts."

What he said was contradictory. He couldn't take it slow since the project would start soon.

"Even President Yang went to see Old Madame this time. But she insisted that it was too risky we should think more before acting." Liu Sijie was not positive. It looked like Old Madame wanted the board to vote on this. Those people didn't have their own opinions. If the Old Madame said no, nobody would say yes.

"There is an exception to everything. Since they want to see results, we will let them." Shen Yan squeezed his brow. It was tricky but it could be done.

"Um, I have contacted a few shareholders. Tonight, at Ruyi Restaurant." Liu Sijie sat on Shen Yan's desk and looked at his face.

"Is there anything dirty on my face?" Thinking about Xia Yu's vomit Shen Yan felt sick again. He touched his face subconsciously.

Liu Sijie smiled, "Can I gossip a little? How long will Xia Yu stay this time?"

All the people in the company were curious not just Liu Sijie. He was also human and had curiosity.

Shen Yan wanted to kick him out. Did he put this much thought at work? No wonder the company was a mess recently. That was because he put his thought at gossips.

"Are you free?"

"No. I just care about colleagues!"

"Bullshit. Get out!" Shen Yan kicked him off the desk.

Liu Sijie wouldn't let him kick. He was aware of that and managed to avoid his foot, "I am just being nice to remind you that a good secretary is hard to find, and a good woman is harder."

Shen Yan threw the files on the desk at him. Liu Sijie closed the door and ran away quickly.


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