Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 252 Your Father Doesn“t Like Kids
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 252 Your Father Doesn“t Like Kids

When Xia Yu went to pick Jiangjiang up from school, he was excited. The children in this kindergarten were very friendly to him and gave him many gifts. As soon as he saw Xia Yu, he took all the gifts out in spirits.

Xia Yu was also very happy to see that he could adapt to the environment here, taking his hand and said, "We'll go to the hospital to see your grandmother first, and then auntie will treat you for dinner, which is a reward for your good performance today."

"Can I go to McDonald's?" Jiangjiang said with little round eyes.

"Of course, you can choose." Xia Yu said with a smile.

"Great! I can go to McDonald's!" Jiangjiang capered.

When the two went to Xie Gendi's ward, she was having trouble with the nurse, saying that she was going to find her grandson and her grandson was taken away by others. In the beginning, the nurse persuaded her with patience. But later she lost her patience gradually. She didn't mind her crying or making trouble as long as Xie Gendi did not run out of the hospital.

Because they really couldn't handle it, this old lady was too stubborn.

"Auntie Xie, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Xie Gendi sitting on the ground barefoot, Xia Yu lifted her. "The floor is cool. You should go to bed."

When Xie Gendi heard the voice of Xia Yu, she grabbed her arm at once. "I want my grandson! Now!" Her eyes glanced over the room, just to see Jiangjiang sitting by the side, who had been struck dumb. She let go of her hands and rushed to Jiangjiang. "Grandson, my grandson!"

Jiangjiang was so scared that he immediately hid behind Xia Yu, grasping her dress and saying: "Auntie, I am afraid!"

"Don't be afraid. Grandma won't hurt you." Xia Yu hurriedly comforted Jiangjiang and said to Xie Gendi: "Auntie Xie, don't be too excited. You have scared the child."

Yes, the child was scared by her to cry. Xie Gendi took control of her emotions and returned to her ward bed as Xia Yu said, and her eyes stared at Jiangjiang all the time.

This child was still the same as she saw a few days ago. He didn't get thinner, holding much food in his hands.

"Jiangjiang, come here. Come over to Grandma." Xie Gendi waved at Jiangjiang.

Jiangjiang looked at her and then looked at Xia Yu. "Can I not come there?"

Grandma's act scared him just now and it was too fearful like Wolf Grandmother. He was afraid of being taken away if he came there.

"If Jiangjiang does not want to go, just go to find and play with the nurse aunt. Alright? Auntie will accompany your grandmother for a while and talk with her." Xia Yu touched Jiangjiang's small head and said with a smile.

"Well, ok. But you have to hurry up. We have to go to dinner later and go home to do homework after dinner. The teacher asked each of us to draw a picture. I want to paint a cat." Jiangjiang felt relieved when hearing that he needn't come there and became talkative then.

Xie Gendi listened to it by the side and cried again. The child was still in kindergarten, which showed that his life was not bad, and he hadn't been abused. She could rest assured half.

As for the other half, she was worried about Jiang Yayan. Although the woman was really bad, without her, Jiangjiang would become a child without his father and mother.

"Xia Yu, you tell me honestly. Are you the secretary of the second son of Shen Family?" Xie Gendi had asked the nurses in the past two days and they said that the Shen family was very powerful. Jiang Yayan was used by someone to set up the second son of Shen Family and she had cheated him out of a lot of money and Xia Yu was the person who specialized in communicating with Jiang Yayan for the young master of Shen Family.

There was no need to hide anything at this time. Xia Yu nodded and said: "Yes, I am the secretary of the young master of Shen Family, but I am also a friend of Jiang Yayan and Jiangjiang. Auntie, don't worry. I will take care of Jiangjiang for you for the moment, and when you recover, you can reunite then."

Xie Gendi couldn't help worrying as what Xia Yu said was almost the same as the nurse. Jiang Yayan was too bold to rip them off.

Jiang Yayan was imprisoned, but would Shen Family revenge on them two? It didn't matter to her as she was hanging out at the gate of the jaws of death and she might close her eyes at any time. But her grandson was still young.

"Xia Yu, my grandson and I don't know what Jiang Yanyan did before. I beg you to intercede with Shen Family on my grandson's behalf to make them let go of him. If they have to vent, just vent their anger on me." Xie Gendi grabbed Xia Yu's arm with strength, which made Xia Yu frown with pain.

Xia Yu took a long time to break free. She patted Xie Gendi's hand and said: "Auntie Xia, you don't have to worry about this. Shen Family is not unreasonable. How could they vent on you two? As for Jiang Yayan, she violated the law and she may be subjected to legal sanctions."

"So how many years will she be sentenced to?" Xie Gendi felt a little relieved when hearing she and her grandson would be safe. But she was precarious at present, and her son would be discharged from prison after a few years. If Jiang Yayan would be imprisoned, what should her grandson do?

It was hard to answer her question for Xia Yu. The amount Jiang Yayan extorted was really too enormous, and the nature was particularly bad. It depended on whether Shen Yan would take action against her. If he intended on suing her, it wouldn't be a light sentence.

Seeing that Xia Yu didn't talk, Xie Gendi was anxious again. “I heard from the nurse that she was used by others. If she confessed the person inciting her, would her sentence be reduced?"

"Auntie Xie, I really don't know this very well. I will take you to the law firm for consultation when you feel a little better after several days. Alright?" Everybody knew who incited her. The problem was that it wouldn't work even if she testified against the person. She extorted too much money from Shen Yan these years.

And most of the money, except for a small part left for Jiangjiang to go to school, was used to pay off the debt for Xie Weihao. Moreover, she also wanted to be a member of Shen Family leveraging on Jiangjang, which could keep her in prison for many years.

"The child is really foolish. She doesn't get a lesson from my son behind bars and jumps into the fire pit, too." Thinking about the forlorn life in the future, Xie Gendi started to cry again. After crying for a while, she said: "Xia Yu, please help me complete the discharging formalities. It is very expensive to live here. I can't afford it in such a situation."

"Auntie Xie, you can't leave the hospital now. Let's do it this way. I will contact the hospital and transfer you to the ordinary ward. It is a little cheaper there." Xia Yu arranged it as what she said was really a problem.

"It still costs money. You can help me to get some medicine, and I will go back to the country to recuperate."

"You'd better listen to the doctor." Xia Yu knew how serious her condition was, so she did not agree with her request. Xia Yu didn't want to say more about Jiang Yayan with her as she was clear about it. At this time Jiangjiang was with Xia Yu, so she felt it was necessary to explain to Xie Gendi and let her rest assured. "Auntie Xie, Jiangjiang is now taken care of by me and a few friends of mine, but we have to go to work. We may not be able to take him to see you every day. How about taking him to see you twice a week?"

Jiangjiang had said to Xie Gendi that Xia Yu was very nice to him, and just now the child stuck with Xia Yu all the time. Xie Gendi had become sick like this. She was too grateful that Xia Yu could look after Jiangjang. How could she have any disagreement? She nodded and said at once: "Thank you for your care."

"OK, it's a deal. As Jiangjiang just said, he still had homework to do. I will take him back first." Talking with Xie Gendi for another while, Xia Yu stood up.

Xie Gendi sent them to the elevator, and she looked at Jiangjiang with reluctance.

After Xia Yu came out of the hospital, she treated Jiangjiang to his favorite dishes and took him to the playground of the mall for a while. It was easy for children to forget their trouble and soon he played happily with the other children.

Seeing he was having fun, Xia Yu just rested on the side. She took out her cell phone and just played it. After a while, Shen Yan and Liu Sijie came out from it. Xia Yu didn't see them and continued to look at her mobile phone.

However, Jiangjiang had sharp eyes. He ran towards Shen Yan when he caught sight of him, "Dad!”

He grasped Shen Yan's coat-tails and called him in an undertone.

Shen Yan was puzzled at first as a child rushed over suddenly. When he recognized that he was Jiangjiang, his expression kept changing. Finally, he raised his head and looked around, and he saw Xia Yu not far away as expected.

This girl kept the child alone and did her own thing. He was afraid that she wouldn't realize it if he took Jiangjiang away at this time.

Bending over, Shen Yan asked: "Come with Aunt Xia?"

"Yes, dad. I miss you so much. Aunt Xia said that as long as I was well-behaved, daddy would play with me. I make a good performance now, and the teacher praises me." Jiangjiang clasped Shen Yan tight and was afraid that he would suddenly run away.

This child was indeed very well-behaved and obedient, but unfortunately, he was not his child. What's worse, somebody forced him to accept the kid and alleged that he was his child. In the past few years, the mother and son were like a nightmare to him.

Even at this time, he had complicated feelings when seeing him. And it was weird in particular that Jiangjiang kept calling him dad, which reminded him of the years when he followed his father and called him dad.

Later, he lost his father suddenly. From then on, he envied those children who had a father. At this moment the child called him daddy. Although he knew that he was the child of the person who designed and set up him, he couldn't hate him.

"Go to find your aunt lest she can't find you and worry." Shen Yan touched his little head and straightened up.

"But I want to play with daddy." Jiangjiang did not want to let him go.

"I still have something to do." Shen Yan looked up at Xia Yu and looked at the time again. He had a date with a shareholder at night, and he really had something to do.

"Ok, goodbye and see you again daddy. When you have time, remember to play with me." Jiangjiang had to release his small hands and gazed over him retreating into the distance, and then he ran to Xia Yu.

"Jiangjiang, we should go back." Xia Yu saw Jiangjiang run over and sit in front of her, thinking that he must be tired. She put up the mobile phone and stood up. "Now go back to do your homework and then take a shower. After that, you can go to sleep."

Jiangjiang was very obedient. He clasped Xia Yu's hand and went outwards with her. After walking for a while, Jiangjiang said: "Auntie, I just saw my dad."

Dad? Xia Yu squatted down and asked him: "Shen Yan?"

Jiangjiang nodded. "Yeah, he also said that when he has time, he will play with me. He can't accompany me today because he has something to do, and he let me play with auntie."

What was he doing here? Xia Yu looked around subconsciously, but Shen Yan was not in her sight.

"Did he do anything to you?" Xia Yu checked Jiangjiang's body carefully but she didn't find any abnormalities, and then she was relieved.

“No!" Jiangjiang shook his head and asked Xia Yu, "Auntie, Dad actually likes me very much, right? He is just too busy to play with me.”

Poor boy, he would not like you. What's more, he wanted to beat you. He wouldn't be so kind to play with you.

Seeing Jiangjiang still looking at her, Xia Yu said with a smile: "He is really busy, but he really doesn't want to play with you, either."

"Why?" Jiangjiang was very disappointed. It was hard for him to see his Dad, but his daddy even didn't want to play with him.

"This problem is very complicated. You are still young. You will not understand even if auntie explains to you. When you grow up, you will naturally understand. You just have to remember that Dad doesn't like children." Of course, he had plenty of reasons not to play with you, but you couldn't understand. Xia Yu had to find an excuse then.


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