Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 253 It“s Normal for Girls to Act Girly
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 253 It“s Normal for Girls to Act Girly

Jiangjiang was quite satisfied this day. Apart from being frightened in the hospital, he was happy all day. After returning home, he started doing homework without Xia Yu's order while Xia Yu was cleaning the room. She couldn't be a freeloader.

After she had finished the cleaning and shower, Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang also returned. Hearing the voice outside, Jiangjiang took out his small head.

"Aunt Wu, Aunt Lv, you are back! I behave well in kindergarten today, and I have received many gifts from other children." Jiangjiang began to show up in front of both of them.

"Really? You should be rewarded out of your good performance." Wu Shiyu gesticulated at him to come over.

Lv Wushuang put a big gift parcel into his arms. "Hold it!"

It looked huge in Jiangjiang's arms. Xia Yu glanced at it and asked: "What is this?"

"The clay figurine of the Clay Figurine Zhang. The play Shiyu works on has a scene about the clay figurine, and it's sent by the manufacturer." Lv Wushuang said.

"Say thank you to Auntie Wu." It was indeed something for the child to play, so Xia Yu let Jiangjiang accept it.

"Thank you, Auntie Wu!" Jiangjiang was collecting gifts all day, and he received such a big gift parcel at this time. He couldn't be happier. He held it and wanted to put it back. When he entered the door, he remembered that there was still something to say. He turned around and said: "Aunt Wu, Aunt Lv, I saw my Dad today, and he said that he would take me to play."

After saying it, Jiangjiang closed the door to play with his gift.

Wu Shiyu pointed to Jiangjiang and asked Xia Yu: "You made them face to face! Don't you fear that Shen Yan will beat him?"

This girl always acted as she thought. Jiang Yayan had caused much trouble to Shen Yan. She dared to bring him to Shen Yan, which was tantamount to courting death.

"Do you think I am such a silly one to bring Jiangjiang to him? I just took Jiangjiang to play in the mall, and he also went there coincidentally. I didn't see him, while Jiangjiang did. He even called him daddy." Xia Yu was still scared at this moment to think of it. What should she do if Shen Yan hadn't controlled himself and had picked Jiangjiang up and given him a beat?

"What a coincidence. When you go out with Jiangjiang, you must keep him under your control. Jiangjiang truly couldn't bear it if he was beaten by Shen Yan." Wu Shiyu and Lv Wushuang were both worried about him.

At this time, Jiangjiang had opened the gift parcel, inside which was a set of clay figurines of Sun Wukong. He liked it very much and took a clay figurine in each hand, intending to show them to the aunts.

And he just heard them saying Shen Yan would beat him. Then he stopped smiling, "My Daddy really dislikes me?"

Hearing the sound, the girls looked at Jiangjiang and saw that he was standing at the door, despondently and pitifully. They rushed to take him to the sofa.

"It doesn't matter even if he doesn't like Jiangjiang. Aunties like you. Tell aunties whether you like this clay figurine?"

"I like it." Jiangjiang shook the clay figurines in front of them. "I asked my mother to buy it for me at that time, and then she bought only one for me.”

Jiangjiang certainly liked it, a whole set, with different sizes and looks.

"You can't play too long even if you like it. You have to go to kindergarten tomorrow, you know?" Xia Yu touched his little head, took the little clay figurine and put it aside, holding Jiangjiang to take a bath and change clothes.

After the shower, Jiangjiang was still watching his clay figurine. Seeing it, Lv Wushuang took them out and delivered them to his hands. Jiangjiang then returned to his room with Xia Yu.

Xia Yu put them back in the box, then took Jiangjiang to the bed. Jiangjiang took out the storybook and let Xia Yu read to him. "Auntie, my mother used to tell me stories every day before I went to bed.”

"You want to listen to a story? Did you have sleepless nights as I didn't read to you before?" Xia Yu took the story book and opened it.

"Yes, it took me a long time to fall asleep." Jiangjiang nodded.

"Then why don't you tell auntie?" Xia Yu reached out and pinched his little nose, and then began to relate stories to him.

Telling a story just took about ten minutes. When listening to the story, Jiangjiang kept silent. Xia Yu thought he was asleep. But when she was ready to tuck him in and went out, Jiangjiang spoke.

"Auntie, does my father really dislike me?"

In the past, his mother also said that his father didn't like him and didn't want him, and if he didn't listen to her, she would also abandon him to make him a homeless outcast.

Whenever his mother said so, Jiangjiang would stop crying even if he was crying at that time. He couldn't lose his mom as he had lost his dad.

"A little maybe. Auntie hasn't seen him hold any child, so maybe he doesn't like kids." Xia Yu didn't expect that Jiangjiang was still entangled in this problem.

It seemed that this child really missed his father. Unfortunately, his true father was still in prison, while the fake one just ignored him.

Oh, poor child!

"But, didn't he hold me that day?" Jiangjiang asked with unremitting fortitude.

That day was an accident. Xia Yu dared to bet that Shen Yan would have turned around and left just like yesterday if the situation had not been special at that time.

"Auntie has said that maybe he does not like children, and I am not very sure." Xia Yu discovered that it was very difficult to talk with children.

"Oh, I know. Please help me to ask him whether he really doesn't like children when you have any chance. And tell him, I am really docile." Jiangjiang nodded and shrank his body into the quilt.

"Well, OK! Good night, Jiangjiang." Xia Yu breathed a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that Jiangjiang would ask some odd questions.

"Auntie, good night." Jiangjiang said and closed his eyes.

Xia Yu turned off the main light and left the bed lamp on, and then closed the door.

In the morning, Xia Yu felt that it was early enough, but Lv Wushuang was already busy in the kitchen. Xia Yu had a much easier time with Lv Wushuang here, who almost did all the housework.

"Morning!" Xia Yu said hello to Lv Wushuang and went to the bathroom directly.

"Morning, wash your face and eat breakfast. There is an early scene for Shiyu today. I am afraid you will have to take Jiangjiang to school." Lv Wushuang said in the kitchen.

"OK." Xia Yu said and pushed the door of the bathroom.

Jiangjiang also sat at the table when she finished her wash, having the millet porridge and omelet fried by Lv Wushuang. He commented while eating: "I think my aunt cooks better."

At this time Jiangjiang called Xia Yu aunt, while called Lv Wushuang and Wu Shiyu Aunt Wu and Aunt Lv.

Lv Wushuang and Wu Shiyu were both dissatisfied with it. Why? The three all took care of him. But he called Xia Yu aunt or my aunt, which seemed that they were particularly intimate, while he called them Aunt Lv and Aunt Wu, which sounded like outsiders.

In particular, he even said that Xia Yu cooked better.

"How did Xia Yu become your aunt?" Lv Wushuang felt that she was disgusted by Jiangjiang. How did Xia Yu cook better than her? She also cooked very well.

Of course, she couldn't prevent him from eating, which seemed petty.

"She is really my aunt, and my mother likes her. And my grandmother also said: ‘Xia Yu is a good girl. Yayan, if you can be like her, I will not nag you anymore’." Jiangjiang even gave an example.

Well, Xia Yu had been deeply rooted in his family, and she couldn't compete with her.

After taking Jiangjiang to school, Xia Yu went directly to the company. Almost the same as yesterday, everyone chuckled when seeing her. Xia Yu went straight to the office, and a bunch of flowers were there.

Was there an end? Xia Yu did not say anything. She just took the flowers and went straight to Shen Yan's office. She threw the flowers directly on his desk and then left, not caring about whether there was anyone there.

Her action lasted for a few seconds, which made Zhang Peng confused.

Did the flowers offend her?

"Young Master Yan, what's wrong with Sister Xia?" He asked with concern, but he was laughing with elation in his heart. You deserved it! Who made you call yourself a woman killer, who could handle all women from three to eighty years old?

Just handle Xia Yu if you truly had the ability.

"Don't care about her. It's normal for a woman to be pretentious a few times." Shen Yan glanced at the flowers on his desk, thinking that the flowers were pretty beautiful, so what did she like if not the flowers.

This woman was different from others, owning a strong personality!

"Hey, it seems that she has been pretentious for more than one time. So, how many times?" How was it possible? Xia Yu was always a frank girl.

Zhang Peng smiled and tried his best to stifle a giggle for fear that he would really laugh out.

"Zhang Peng, you are a man or a woman? You are such a gossip." Shen Yan grabbed a file on his desk and threw it over. Zhang Peng dodged, and the file fell to the ground.

"I'm just curious. My Sister Xia is such a straightforward person. How could she be pretentious?" It's really rare for Zhang Peng to see Shen Yan be embarrassed, so how could he let go of the opportunity to laugh at him.

However, our Young Master Yan was a veteran who had been very skilled on the battlefield. How could he be made fun of by Zhang Peng? He just said without blush or faster heart rate: "It depends on who she faces. She can treat ordinary people in a polite, natural and fair manner, but when facing her own man, it is normal for a woman to act like a spoiled child. You have already been engaged. You must understand what I say."

Xia Yu's action became a sweet wrangle between lovers in Shen Yan's mouth. You, the outsider, just be green with envy!

Let your fiancée throw the flowers on you if you had the ability!

Zhang Peng really did not possess the ability. He quickly raised his hand and surrendered. "I was wrong. My Sister Xia just behaved like a spoiled child. My eyes deceived me."

But these words came from Zhang Peng's mouth and even with a funny expression on his face, which made Shen Yan feel quite uncomfortable. So, then another document flew to Zhang Peng.

"Close your crow's mouth!"

"OK, I don't talk!" Zhang Peng's gaze met Shen Yan's, and then he couldn't help giggling.

"Is it funny?" Shen Yan also laughed.

"Young Master Yan, you can't make the situation go on like this. You have to take the initiative and be more active." After laughing, Zhang Peng advised.

"I am active enough!" They all wiped their faces and put them in their pockets. What could he do if she didn't give him any face even if he had been so submissive?

"These are all virtual, and you have to do some actual things." Zhang Peng knew what Xia Yu thought. The Shen Family disagreed with their relationship all the time, and Shen Yan kept an ambiguous attitude. Xia Yu was a very proud girl who put dignity in the first place. So, it stood to reason that she always ignored Shen Yan.

"What kind of actual things? Jewelry or bank card?" Shen Yan was also very practical. As long as Xia Yu said, he would do it immediately.

"Young Master Yan, you are so vulgar! My Sister Xia is a greedy girl?" Zhang Peng looked at Shen Yan contemptuously.

"So why you call me to do some actual things?" Shen Yan probably did not expect that he would be looked down upon by Zhang Peng in this life. He couldn't wait to dig out his eyeballs.

"The actual thing means that you show your attitude in front of your family. ‘I am determined to marry Xia Yu in this life, not anyone else. It is your business whether you agree with it or not, but please respect my choice.' Do you dare to say it to your grandma?" Zhang Peng looked at the Shen Yan, and he deemed that he didn't have the gall to say it in front of the Old Madame.


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