Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 254 There Comes the Rain
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 254 There Comes the Rain

It was not what Shen Yan dared not to say because it was useless. Besides, Xia Yu was too arrogant in front of him. Would she become more and more spoiled in this way and not respect him in the future?

It was highly likely to be true. Shen Yan was afraid of being a hen-pecked husband without any dignity under her control in the future.

He was Young Master Yan after all, who would be the dream lover of thousands of women. He could live without dignity, but he couldn't disappoint his fans.

Yes, he couldn't!

Shen Yan shook his head resolutely!

"Young Master Yan, I should remind you that there are many wooers for my Sister Xia." Zhang Peng saw Shen Yan still refused to make the concession and then added, "If Sister Xia agrees, I would take her to see my dad and you would obtain both a wife and a son. Otherwise, you will lose both of them."

"Zhang Peng, dare you to speak once more?" Shen Yan took out the phone, "I will call your dad right now."

He should have introspection on himself. He hated Bai Hong but he was still obedient to his father to get engaged.

"Wait, I am going to propose to Sister Xia. If she accepts, you can call him right away." Zhang Peng stood up vigorously. He had no objection before because there was no suitable person.

When the two were quarreling in the office, Luo Jiancheng knocked on the door twice and then pushed the door in. "Hey, it seems to be a good chance for coming today. Mr. Zhang is also here. How about going golfing for a while?"

Luo Jiancheng didn’t come over for a long time because he was angry with Shen Yan. However, Xia Yu was just a secretary, wasn't she? Was it necessary to treat her so seriously? His secretary was also slick, and he would not lose anything when Xia Yu was replaced.

However, Shen Yan turned out to be mad and fight with him. Finally, he was beaten by both his wife and Shen Yan. He was getting used to his wife's style, but he would lose his face when he was beaten by Shen Yan. After disappearing for several months, he heard that Shen Yan got in trouble with his family a few times. Then, he found that Shen Yan was true to Xia Yu.

Luo Jiancheng was a lewdster but dared not to tease Shen Yan's wife. Besides, he had to work with Shen Yan, and now he came to him without shame.

"It's no problem to play golf with me. It depends on Young Master Yan." Zhang Peng came over to play with Shen Yan. Since someone had thought about an activity, he had no reason to refuse.

"No problem for me." Shen Yan also had something to talk with Luo Jiancheng, so he could seize this opportunity to work during the entertainment.

"Only men here? Why not bringing Secretary Xia to add some interests?" Luo Jiancheng proposed.

He didn't reply because he was afraid that Xia Yu would be bored with Luo Jiancheng. Zhang Peng smiled at the side. "It’s a deal. She is good at playing billiards but can she play golf?"

"Maybe not. So it’s better not to invite her." Shen Yan understood what Zhang Peng meant and he just wanted to find her. Could a person who didn't even know how to operate the ball arm say he was the winner to others?

This was a typical unequal contest that brought no honor to the victor.

"She can learn it. I will call a few people to accompany her." Zhang Peng called several female employees in his company to come.

On the road, Zhang Peng planned a lot, but it was dumbfounded when arriving at the destination.

There were also a bunch of people on the court, especially a bunch of beauties. Zhang Peng would rush to them usually, but today there were only black lines on his head.

Didn't he forget to check the calendar? Why was she here?

When Zhang Peng was looking for an excuse to leave, Bai Hong saw them and came over.

"Young Master Yan, Director Luo, it's such a coincidence. Are you coming to play golf?" Bai Hong greeted everyone even including Xia Yu, except Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng felt at ease because he was bored with her. It would be better that she could stop making trouble, but the problem was that she would think of a way to tease him.

But since he had come over, he couldn't leave at his will. Zhang Peng stepped back to follow Xia Yu. "Sister Xia, you should keep a unified front with me."

"Brother Peng, why are you like just coming back from the battlefield? Miss Bai is your fiancée, not your enemy." Xia Yu tended to laugh. Was he still the arrogant son of Zhang Family?

"I also want to treat her as a friend if she is willing to." Zhang Peng glanced at her several times.

This woman always found a chance to speak ill of Jiang Yayan and the deed to play Shen Yan in the palm of her hand since the immoral affairs were exposed. Thanks to abundant finance of Shen Family, he would be immune to go bankrupt and commit suicide because of her.

Didn't Zhang Peng understand what Bai Hong meant? Fortunately, Shen Yan got him rid of the disaster, or he would be the person who jumped into the sea.

When Zhang Peng was thinking about this, Bai Hong came over. "Xia Yu, I didn't admire anyone yet except you. Jiang Yayan has done so many wicked and immoral things, and you still take care of the child for her."

"Miss Bai will also say that Jiang Yayan is the one to blame which has nothing to do with the child." Xia Yu smiled and said,

"This is true, it should be case by case." If a mother commits a crime, we cannot blame the child." Bai Hong came to Xia Yu and said, holding her arm. "Last night, Ke'er was instigated by others to do so and she regretted afterward. Can you let it go for Young Master Yan's sake?”

Today, Bai Hong invited a few friends to come and play billiards and didn't expect to meet them. She also heard about the matter between Yang Ke'er and Xia Yu, so she thought Yang Ke'er was out of line.

But after thinking about it, what was wrong with Yang Ke'er when defending for her love? She would get married to Shen Yan sooner or later, and it was normal to be unable to tolerate Xia Yu.

Xia Yu smiled and said, "Miss Bai, you probably still don't know that this matter has been already settled. Rest assured. I won't mention it again."

Settled? That was fine. Just now, when she saw that Yang Ke'er witnessed Xia Yu coming together with Shen Yan, her face turned green. She was afraid of the occurrence of troubles.

"Bai Hong, if you don't play it, I will leave." When Yang Ke'er saw that Bai Hong continued to talk with Xia Yu, she lost her temper.

"I'm coming!" Bai Hong smiled at Xia Yu and hurried back. "Why are you so impatient? I have to come over to greet Young Master Yan first."

"Is that necessary to take so long time?" Yang Ke’er said impatiently. At this time, a girl next to her picked up the baseball bat, and she took it but was too upset to play it.

Bai Hong knew Yang Ke'er and Shen Yan hadn't already been in a peace which was common between them. “Ke'er, I should remind you that there are many girls around Shen Yan and don't let him be seduced by those foxy girls. You'd better send your regards to him now."

"No, why should I do that?" Yang Ke'er was still angry, and both Great Aunt and Second Aunt had chosen the date of engagement. Why did Shen Yan still refuse it?

Yang Keer had her own dignity. Why did Shen Yan always behave arrogantly in front of her?

"Didn't you see that Xia Yu always followed him?" A girl said.

Another one said, "She seems to be with Zhang Peng more often."

Bai Hong glared at her and said, "She has no affair with Zhang Peng. I'm sure."

What she implied was that she had an affair with Shen Yan. They looked at Yang Ke'er and seemed to tell her that she would lose him if she still refused to go.

Of course, Yang Ke'er hated Xia Yu from the bottom of her heart, but she could do nothing. She walked tall even in front of Old Madame. I would not be the other woman of Shen Family and you'd better not to guess about.

However, was Yang Ke'er blind? Shen Yan had shown his obvious and direct love to her. Moreover, he had expressed his will to go together with her clearly though the elders didn't agree. This made Yang Ke'er angry.

Xia Yu took the initiative to approach Shen Yan at first who didn't care about this. But now she kept a distance with him. It was his turn to approach her.

"Playing golf, why do you mention them?" Yang Ke'er found a vent to her anger through the golf by whirling the brassie with the ball missing and brassie broken in the end.

Was she playing golf or venting her anger? These girls didn’t utter a word.

Luo Jiancheng said to Shen Yan by the side, "I think Miss Yang is in a bad mood."

Shen Yan thought in his mind that it was natural for her to have a bad mood, but he said, "Girls just tend to be moody. They will be fine after a while."

He said it easily, but he didn't show any tendency to comfort. It seemed that the rumors were very credible.

Someone was playing billiards on the field and they found a place to sit down. Girls brought by Zhang Peng found that he was familiar to Xia Yu, so they all came to chat with her.

Tengfei was a company dealing with cosmetics business while Xia Yu knew a lot about them, so they surrounded her to ask makeup tips.

After Xia Yu entered Tengfei, she attended a class intentionally to learn some related professional knowledge. The questions they asked were quite superficial, but she always gave the answer that seemed to be very professional for them.

They learned a lot of makeup skills from Xia Yu. Although she was the chief secretary, she was really kind to them. After a while, they were familiar with each other very soon and then exchanged phone numbers.

In the center of the field, Yang Ke'er and Bai Hong were not in the mood to play and glanced at them for many times since Shen Yan came with Zhang Peng. Seeing that Xia Yu had a pleasant conversation with those members of Zhang Peng's company, some people started to gossip.

"Xia Yu is really capable of managing people. I heard that when she started her work in Tengfei, nobody was satisfied with her. Besides, there were a lot of people intending to embarrass her, and now they are all convinced. Those women around Mr. Zhang are so snobbish. You see, they surrounded Xia Yu like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon."

They were all recruited by Zhang Peng. The appearance was the basic standard but that was far from enough because everyone had their own expertise. Even Zhang Peng’s picky father never found any fault with them.

Someone once gave Bai Hong an idea that if someone wanted to win the heart of Zhang Peng, one needed to know those girls comprehensively and completely.

Bai Hong also thought that it made sense. She racked her head to get along well with them, but she failed to win Zhang Peng's heart though she was confident in education background and taste.

But now, Xia Yu was capable of talking with them lively and jovially. Later, she had to consult and learn from Xia Yu about this.

Bai Hong smiled generously and said, "Maybe they are already very familiar with each other because they come together. No big deal."

Why didn't she get jealous to see this? Those girls inadvertently glanced at Yang Ke'er, only to find she glared at Xia Yu with her eyes full of jealousy.

Jealousy went to her? The girls seemed to understand something. "Ke'er, frankly speaking, Xia Yu was so shameless. She refused to leave Tengfei regardless of the indication of both Old Madame and Second Madame."

These women were not so intimate with Yang Ke'er. They were so bored to say this, and they didn't intend to defend justice for her. They just wanted to make some trouble to have fun to dispel the boredom of the long day since Shen Yan brought Xia Yu here.


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