Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 255 Let You Feel Embarrassed
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 255 Let You Feel Embarrassed

Xia Yu, you were such a bitch. Yang Ke'er's hand holding the club was trembling.

It was not that she was mean to Xia Yu intentionally.

It was Xia Yu who made her so embarrassed.

The flames of fury of Yang Ke'er were ignited, and those debutantes were waiting to see the results eagerly.

It was obvious that Xia Yu was younger and more beautiful than her since they were not myopic.

Young Master Yan was so charming that if Yang Ke'er wanted to be the one who could accompany him for a lifetime, she must take precautions in the first place. As long as she felt threatened, she should immediately seize the opportunity to drive her away.

Young Master Yan was infatuated by Xia Yu, and she should do something to separate them before it would be too late.

Those girls had come over and Luo Jiancheng stood up and greeted them. He was amused by the funny jokes they were talking about.

He was pinching on the buttocks by his hand when talking. Then, he beamed toward Xia Yu and said to the girl, "Miss Jiang, you will bear the result that you abused her just now. Don't you know that she is now a popular person of the second son of Shen Family?"

"Young Master Yan!" The woman exclaimed, watching Xia Yu and pretending to be shocked.


How could Luo Jiancheng say this as she was just a common secretary of Shen Yan? What he said had lost its original meaning. Xia Yu didn't like the feeling that all of them were looking at her.

It was because they looked at her as if she had a relationship with Young Master Yan.

"What's wrong, Miss Jiang? Have you fallen in love with Young Master Yan too? I would be jealous if so."

Luo Jiancheng looked around her body with inexplicit eyes.

She pounded on the chest of Luo Jiancheng intentionally with a gleam flashing through her eyes and said, "Oh, Director Luo, I hate you..."

Xia Yu really couldn't stand it anymore, so she turned to sit far away from them.

Luo Jiancheng lowered his head and said something to the woman in his arms without any attention to Xia Yu. Then the woman gave him a sweet smile a few times and she found that Xia Yu had changed her seat.

Luo Jiancheng glanced at Xia Yu casually. He looked back and said to Shen Yan and Zhang Peng with a smile on his face, "Girls don't want to play, but we shall go."

After several men left, Xia Yu started to drink the beverage in front of her.

"Miss Xia is really popular by Brother Yan's side so that he brings you wherever he goes." Yang Ke'er said to Xia Yu with an ambiguous smile.

It was because you were not capable to gain the popularity. Is it useful to be jealous of me? Xia Yu frowned impatiently and spat out the straw. She had no mood to drink the milk tea now.

"Hey, I am talking to you." Yang Ke'er’s voice was heard again. She was really unhappy being ignored by Xia Yu.

Xia Yu raised her head only to find that Yang Ke'er was overlooking her.

"Sorry, I didn't hear that. Excuse me. What's the matter?" Xia Yu had to be energetic to deal with the Eldest Miss of Yang Family, the second master of her in some sense.

"We are going to play golf, and do you want to join in?" Yang Ke'er didn't want to make Xia Yu embarrassed in front of Shen Yan, but she took her too seriously, so she wouldn't be kind to her.

This group of girls was idle all day. If you didn't give them some tasks to do, they would be trapped into self-accusation.


Xia Yu was shocked and looked back at them. Not surprisingly, they were watching her.

"Thanks for your kindness. I can't play it. I'm sorry I won't go."

Xia Yu looked at Yang Ke'er and said.

"Why aren’t you so sensible?" As soon as Xia Yu refused, another woman came up to look at her. "You are the girlfriend of Young Master Yan and you are representing him now. If you don't go with us, you will lose Young Master Yan's face!"


When did I become his girlfriend? She was stunned for a while and had to explain to the two, "I am secretary of Young Master Yan, not his girlfriend."

"Miss Xia, don't talk about the nonsense." Do you dare to say that you are not a woman, the person who is closest to Young Master Yan?" It was totally chopping logic.

If she insisted to say this, Xia Yu couldn’t deny it. She smiled and didn’t talk anymore.

"Miss Xia, you are not looking down on us, right?" Yang Ke'er added on the side.

Since it was at this point, she wouldn’t be truly sensible if she didn't go.

Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan not far away who had followed Luo Jiancheng to the center of the stadium.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Yu stood up and followed them to the stadium.

"Let's play here." When they arrived at the stadium, a woman turned back and said.

Xia Yu couldn't play golf, so she didn't express her opinion but stood behind the crowd. She was too boring that she watched a few women playing golf.

After a while, a girl came over and handed the club to Xia Yu, "Hey, it’s your turn."

Looking at the club and then the girl, Xia Yu shook her hand and said, "Sorry, I really can't. Enjoy yourself."

"Young Master Yan has a superb skill in playing this. Why can't you play it as the girlfriend of him?" Don't be shy. Just show it to us." The girl quickly replied and handed the club to Xia Yu.

She was his secretary, not his girlfriend. What was wrong with them?

Xia Yu raised her head, but it seemed that they had made the appointment to be totally quiet.

It was a strange silence as if the air had been freezing too.

Xia Yu looked at the club in her hand and suddenly understood that they wanted to make her embarrassed deliberately.

Xia Yu glanced at the woman nearby and walked to the playing area, watched by the public.

"Can she really play it?"

"Who knows. Anyway, she will lose Young Master Yan's face if she can't."

"Young Master Yan has changed his appetite to the professional woman recently."

There was a burst of arguments behind her. They were waiting to see how Xia Yu made fool of herself.

She indeed did so.

She tried to recall the playing gestures of those girls and waved the club as they did in her memory.

Finally, the club didn't even touch the ball!


Some people behind her couldn't help laughing at this moment and nobody knew whether they were intentional or not.

Xia Yu also felt a little embarrassed when looking at the small ball that had not moved at the foot.

"It turns out that you really can't play golf. But why?"

A girl next to her said deliberately.

There was no reason for a person who couldn't play it. It was really a fuss because nobody could guarantee to obtain all of the skills in this world.

Xia Yu looked at the distance, with the corner of her lips curling. She turned back, looked at the woman and said with a smile, "Is it weird that I can't play it?" Some people can't paint; some can't swim; some can't ride horses. What's the matter if I can't play this which even cannot be counted as a talent show?"

The smile of Xia Yu exposed a bit of coolness and indifference and the girl next to her was dumbfounded by what she said.

Frankly speaking, she was more an errand-servant than a secretary. Together with these rich second generations, she naturally lost some of her arrogance.

They thought she was a pushover and didn’t expect that what she said was so rude.

"Hey, Miss Xia, you are quite eloquent, but as far as I know, Young Master Yan likes gentle girls." Another woman looked at Xia Yu with a smile, and said with sharp eyes, "You can't play it, but Young Master Yan called you to come. Does he specifically intend to make you embarrassed?"

The words of her were artful and Xia Yu stared at her by narrowing her eyes.

Was this a trap for her?

If she agreed with the girl’s opinion, then Shen Yan would be offended.

But if she denied this, then how could she find the reasons for that?

Several girls around Xia Yu were gloating, waiting to see the embarrassment of her.

Xia Yu turned to look at Shen Yan and a gleam flashed through his eyes. She turned her head to look at Yang Ke'er with a smile, "Then please teach me how to play."


Yang Ke'er was stunned. What did she mean?

"You come to teach me because you can play it but Young Master Yan will feel unhappy if I can't. Miss Yang, why not teaching me by yourself?"

You just wanted to show that you were more talented and capable than me. And now, I would satisfy you to taste the fruits of victory.

Xia Yu looked at Yang Ke'er with a smile, and she seemed to say that Xia Yu intended to be against Young Master Yan.

"Well." Yang Ke'er was almost dumbfounded because it was beyond her expectation. She thought she would get angry, or even complain tearfully to Shen Yan that she was bullying her.

She would be modest and generous if she intended to be taught by Yang Ke'er.

She was an employee of Shen Group while Yang Weiye was the President, so Yang Ke'er was also a member of Shen Group. It was normal to learn from each other.

"What's wrong? Are you unwilling?" Xia Yu looked at Yang Ke'er and said, "I think you play well just now."

Xia Yu was going to revenge because Yang Ke'er always thought that she liked Shen Yan so much. Dared she try to lose his face this time?

"Well, I will teach you." Yang Ke'er found that she was bringing the trouble to herself.

Xia Yu smiled and lowered her head to hide the scornful eyes to her.

However, Xia Yu didn't learn it seriously. Sometimes, she pretended to be unable to understand her. Sometimes, she would ask her to demonstrate it once more.

Obviously, she was embarrassing her intentionally. Those women could see through her tricks and they had nothing to do but to tolerate.

Moreover, there was still a smile on the pretty face of Xia Yu, but those women had to swallow all the bitterness and smiled stiffly with Xia Yu.

"Oh, I'm too stupid. I can't learn it well at all. Miss Yang, can you please demonstrate the motion again? I think your shape was beautiful when you swung the club just now." Xia Yu said to Yang Ke'er still with a smile.

"Xia Yu, do not go too far." Yang Ke'er put down the water that was drunk half and swallowed it hurriedly, almost choked.

Xia Yu turned her eyes to the hole in the distance and said, "Miss Yang, Young Master Yan was watching by the side."


She didn't hear the response of Yang Ke'er.

Yang Ke'er remained mute for a long time. She turned to stand by her and stared at her with a surprised look on her face decorated by the foundation.

Xia Yu frowned in doubt, "What's wrong with you?"

Yang Ke'er gave her a sign by her mouth and Xia Yu was shocked when she turned back.

Shen Yan! How could it be him? Xia Yu was stunned.

"Is there something on my face?" He stared at her with gloomy and beautiful foxy eyes.

What the hell? Why did he come over?

Was he coming to blame me for teasing Yang Ke'er? Xia Yu didn't think that Shen Yan would pet Yang Ke'er. Would he take revenge for not saving his face these days?

It was of high probability for him to do so according to her knowledge of Shen Yan. She looked straightly at Shen Yan and swallowed her saliva, "Young...Young Master Yan..."

Didn’t you speak glibly just now? Why did you stammer at this time?

Yang Ke'er looked at Xia Yu with a gloating face.

"Do you even forget me?" Shen Yan raised the corner of his lips.

Xia Yu was sweating! Why were you so proud? Xia Yu whispered that it was nothing serious of not knowing you.

You deserved it. Yang Ke'er was pleased to see this and went to Shen Yan after setting her body properly.


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