Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 256 Don“t You Dare to Make Him Like You
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 256 Don“t You Dare to Make Him Like You

Shen Yan was seen to approach Xia Yu. He smiled and whispered in her ear, "You dare to make a show of authority in the name of me, huh?"

His thin lips, close to Xia Yu's ear, uttered in a soft voice that could only be heard by two of them.

Xia Yu was astonished, and her shoulders shrank, "You've known all?"

He was far away then. How could he know?

Alert ear?

Shen Yan gave an obscure smile and moved his thin lips away from her ear, without answering her.

She observed Shen Yan's look warily, finding that he was not angry at all. Instead, the corner of his mouth lifted a bit.

So, he was in a good mood now?

Absolutely he was! Because Xia Yu acted in the name of him so naturally, without any dislike, which meant, in her heart, she had regarded him as her own man.

But she wouldn't admit it by herself. Women, it was typical of them to say in a way which was opposite to what they thought in their hearts.

A group of women sneaked a look at Yang Ke'er, waiting to see how she would fix Xia Yu. Yang Ke'er looked annoyed and even shivered slightly.

Shen Yan, in the face of so many people, made out with this home-wrecker. No wonder these people called Xia Yu that. It was just the day before yesterday that Yang Ke'er told them that she had been engaged to Shen Yan, in an affirmative sentence.

It was crystal-clear that who the fiancée was and who the home-wrecker was, which seemed plausible for them to address like that.

However, Young Master Yan ignored Yang Ke'er's feelings so indifferently. Though he used to do it, what he did then was annoying beyond words for he was walking away with the home-wrecker in public. He put Yang Ke'er in complete embarrassment and how could she deal with it?

Yang Ke'er cast an appalling look to Xia Yu, which was cruel like a sword. But Xia Yu ignored. She sighed in her heart, thinking that Shen Yan did nothing but incite hatred for her.

She wondered when this capricious Miss went back. Would she plot to directly desert her to the virgin forest of Greater Khingan Range or to the Arctic Circle?

"Brother Yan!" Yang Ke'er gnashed her teeth for a while and then took on a beaming smile. She believed that if a gorgeous elderly Miss of a grand family like her, took the initiative, showing her kindness, Shen Yan would be sure to care about her feeling.

But he turned a deaf ear to her and ignored her deliberately.

Walking halfway, Yang Ke'er stopped, without going any further and looked at Shen Yan with pitiable eyes.

Those socialites couldn't help whispering to each other.

Arrogant as Zhang Peng, clustered around by a group of girls, he wouldn't dare to take the hand of a home-wrecker and pay no attention to his wife.

Behaving so outspokenly and recklessly, would Shen Yan plan to change his mind and marry another woman? People widened their eyes with curiosity. It would be breaking news! They were looking forward to it.

The smile on the corner of Shen Yan's mouth disappeared. He took an indifferent look at those women and turned his handsome face away.

"Are you learning to play?" Shen Yan's cold voice articulated suddenly, which silenced the surrounding noise.

Xia Yu was stunned. Was he talking to her? She looked at Shen Yan and answered with a nod.

He had seen it just now. Why did he ask her again?

Shen Yan's shrewd eyes looked into Xia Yu. Suddenly, he turned her body around and wrapped her with his arms from back.

"What are you doing!"

Wrapped by Shen Yan, Xia Yu was given the willies.

Her overreacting was natural because she had never been so intimate with Shen Yan in public.

"Relax. Don't you want to learn how to play billiards? Let me teach you."

Only Xia Yu could feel that there was no warmth in his cold voice.

He was angry, indeed.

With whom he was angry? With himself? Or with Yang Ke'er? Xia Yu couldn't help thinking about it. She sneaked a look at Yang Ke'er.

But she only found that Yang Ke'er turned her head around and left. Other socialites followed her, too.

The audience had gone. Xia Yu pushed Shen Yan away, "There is no audience now. Just stop acting."

How ungrateful she was! All of this acting was particular for her! Shen Yan felt unsatisfied and rolled his eyes at Xia Yu. Burning the bridge after crossing it! "Nice" move!

Xia Yu curled her lips, "Should I be grateful to you? Don't forget why Yang Ke'er is jealous."

"Why?" Shen Yan didn't understand so he asked Xia Yu for an explanation.

Look at him! Xia Yu disdained him in her heart.

"But for someone was a playboy, would Yang Ke'er be so sensitive?" Xia Yu didn't dare to say out the next sentence in front of him, but she said it out in her heart.

If Yang Ke'er was not so sensitive, she would not be misunderstood though she didn't do anything wrong.

"So, are you jealous?" Shen Yan asked.

"Should I be jealous?" Xia Yu retorted, dropping the cue and going to the washing room.

Alas, was it his fault? Shen Yan stared at the view of her back at a loss.

Xia Yu thought Yang Ke'er had left. But on her way back, she came across her with some people. Xia Yu looked at Yang Ke'er with doubt while Yang Ke'er avoided her eyes as if she had been guilty but in her heart, she was desperate to slap Xia Yu.

Xia Yu wanted to have a word with Yang Ke'er, "Miss Yang, are you free?"

"Miss Xia looks free!" Yang Ke'er said in an indifferent tone.

Xia Yu laughed, "So you think I'm free?"

This woman, was she arrogant to this extent?

Hearing Xia Yu's words, Yang Ke'er was stunned.

"If not, please excuse me, Miss Xia." Yang Ke'er finished her sentence, gnashing her teeth and accelerated her footsteps.

"Miss Yang, let me repeat. I'm Young Master Yan's secretary, not his girlfriend, which you know clearly. As for the problem between you and him, I don't want to get involved." Xia Yu said calmly behind her.

Well, if you were standing in my shoes, you wouldn't say that. If he didn't like you, would I be jealous of you? Yang Ke'er thought. The shape of her back shivered a bit.

When her eyes met with Xia Yu's, which were cold and unyielding, Yang Ke'er was hesitant in her heart. Xia Yu dared to say anything. If she sneered, it was Yang Ke'er who would feel ashamed. But upon recalling what happened just now, she felt angry beyond words. Though she was not as aggressive as before, she still retorted in a harsh tone, "Dare you say that he doesn't like you?"

Xia Yu felt disappointed at Yang Ke'er, truly, and even disdained her. Like or not, you should ask him. Arguing with me here would be of no help to stop him from liking me.

Xia Yu laughed, "So, what Miss Yang wants to say is that I can influence what he thinks?"

Her reply was as good as saying that did you have the ability to force Shen Yan to compromise and control his heart? Yang Ke'er was in a rage again by her words and she lifted her eyebrows, "Just stop pretending! I know you! I know you want to replace me."

Xia Yu took a disdainful look at Yang Ke'er. She didn't want to argue with an illogical person. She just asked in a casual way, "Miss Yang, may I ask when Young Master Yan will marry you?"

She got Yang Ke'er there. She couldn't answer. He even didn't give her a chance to date with him. Let alone get married to him. With so many people witnessing, she didn't want to put herself in embarrassment.

Seeing that Xia Yu had disclosed her lie, she pretended to be calm and answered in an aggressive way, "Why should marriage be so important? I want to get married so early..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Xia Yu interrupted her impatiently, "Well, marriage is not important. Then why should you bother to do so many things if you are not aimed to get married to Shen Yan?"

"I feel bored. I just want to make a joke. Can't I? I'm not serious. If I'm serious about that, it is just a piece of cake to get married to him."

"Don't you dare ask Shen Yan to make a proposal to you?"

"You..." Shen Yan was even reluctant to announce their relationship, let alone make a proposal.

What Xia Yu said was as good as slapping her face. Yang Ke'er was angry but speechless.

Xia Yu glanced at Yang Ke'er, thinking it was a waste for her to have a good looking while having no reason.

"Xia Yu, don't be gleeful!" Yang Ke'er said, turned around and fled without giving Xia Yu a chance to reply.

Several women stood near the corner, wearing unusual looks. Apparently, they were eavesdropping just now.

Xia Yu didn't mind that since she was not the one that felt ashamed.

However, Yang Ke'er was truly embarrassed. Her hatred for Xia Yu grew more in her heart.

"Who does this woman think she is?" This group of women, who came here with Yang Ke'er, stood up for her at last, though they were secretly jealous of her dating with Shen Yan and waiting for her to fail.

But anyway, they were still friends and they took on a sympathetic look for her.

So, they all glared at the view of Xia Yu's back indignantly, as if they would dash and drag her back to apologize to Yang Ke'er as long as Yang Ke'er requested them.

Yang Ke'er had intended to but Shen Yan was there. If she dared to hurt Xia Yu, she was the one to be embarrassed. So, she withheld her anger and said reluctantly, "She's insane. Leave her alone."

"This woman is capricious at Tengfei and the whole company is annoyed at her." The women were not silly. They knew Young Master Yan stood up for Xia Yu, so they dared not provoke her. They could only stir up trouble behind.

"That's true. And it's annoying that no one dares to lecture her because of Young Master Yan." One of the women said this and paused. Seeing that no other people were walking past, she continued in a low voice, "It is said that there is a saying at Tengfei, provoking Secretary Xia is worse than provoking Young Master Yan."

Yang Ke'er was well aware of that. Didn't she know that Xia Yu was arrogant? Even Second Madame was retorted by Shen Yan. Standing at the gate of the lobby with the phone in her hand, she had a mixed feeling in her heart.

She recalled what her mother said to her, "Second Madame adores you as well as your status. And our Yang Family also needs Shen Family's support. So, you must keep an eye on someone around him to make the use of them if they can help you."

If her mother said this to her a few years earlier, Yang Ke'er would definitely disagree with her. But under such a circumstance, she realized that her mother was correct.

No matter what she and Shen Yan married for, business interests or free-will, it didn't matter. The point was, in S city, no man was more suitable than Shen Yan to get engaged to her.

One of Xia Yu's words was correct that the key was Shen Yan. Shrewd and sober, Xia Yu was fully aware that Shen Family would not accept her as their daughter-in-law, and she was unwilling to be a home-wrecker so she gave up having a relationship with Shen Yan long ago. Yang Ke'er realized that making trouble with Xia Yu was a waste of time.

In this way, it seemed that she was a bit greedy, longing for his body and his heart once and for all. If she couldn't make it at one time, why not having his body first and then approaching his heart?

"Leave her!" Yang Ke'er said and strode outside as if someone had been chasing them.

That was all? They had expected that Miss Yang would do something big only to find she didn't have a backbone. Though they disdained her in their heart, they didn't dare to stay any longer.

"Miss Xia, Young Master Yan is talented, young and handsome. And he adores you. Why should you push him away?" When Luo Jiancheng was playing billiards with Shen Yan halfway, Shen Yan found a flock of women bullying Xia Yu and then left Luo Jiancheng, this very important client alone, coming to save her like a hero.

No wonder the girl, Xia Yu, paid tiny attention to Luo Jiancheng. Having Young Master Yan with her, how could she have any interest in that mid-aged man?

Though he knew he had no credentials like Young Master Yan, he had a crush on Xia Yu long age. It was hard for him to give her up.

"Director Luo, Young Master Yan is my boss." Xia Yu explained seriously even though she disdained Luo Jiancheng's dirty thoughts.

"It can't be the whole story. Don't you have any intentions?" Luo Jiancheng had seen too many secretaries. Decent and beautiful as they were, few of them were free from sandals with their master. He refused to believe her words.


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