Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 257 Would Your Father Let You off?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 257 Would Your Father Let You off?

Xia Yu was so well received that Director Luo had a crush on her. She was to some extent underestimated because Young Master Yan even defended her in public, making Yang Ke'er feel ashamed.

Chances were that she would marry a man with high social status. Nice move, Xia Yu. Watching aside, Bai Hong felt uneasy in her heart. If Xia Yu married up, it was no good news to these socialites.

Not considering others, Zhang Peng would probably follow suit.

Witnessing all these things at the court, Zhang Peng curled his lips to Shen Yan, "Look at Luo Jiancheng. Doesn't he know who he is? How dare he flirt with her?"

"People of his kind deserve a lecture." Shen Yan squinted at Luo Jiancheng, thinking that how could he, in his mid-age, meddle with the young?

"Go and punch him?" Zhang Peng had intended to.

"Look at him, fat and coarse. Your hands will hurt." Shen Yan didn't want to punch him personally.

"Then how? I still want to punch him." Zhang Peng not only wanted but also determined.

"Two ways. One is to hire someone to punch him. The other is to do it by yourself with your hands aching." Shen Yan said calmly.

"Then hire someone to do it." Zhang Peng didn't want his hands to ache.

Seeing that Xia Yu barely talked to Luo Jiancheng even though he kept saying a lot to her, which made him feel embarrassed, Bai Hong went near to them to relieve his embarrassment, "Huh, Director Luo, what are you talking with Miss Xia, so cheerful?"

Did she really see any sign of cheerfulness? What blind eyes! However, luckily, she came. Xia Yu could get rid of him.

Nodding expressionlessly at Luo Jiancheng, Xia Yu walked away in front of them directly.

"What does she mean? Look down on me? Leave as soon as I come." Bai Hong curled her lips.

Luo Jiancheng stroked her waist with his hand, comforting her, "Don't mind her. She is spoiled by Young Master Yan and she's arrogant."

"Feel superior with Young Master Yan's affection? She is just one of those women once courted by Young Master Yan. I don't see any other being arrogant like her." Bai Hong kept nagging when Luo Jiancheng comforted her.

"Forget it. Don't get annoyed." Luo Jiancheng hugged her even closer while his eyes stared at Xia Yu, "You see. She is indifferent all day, taking on an arrogant look to Young Master Yan as well. Does she really have no intention of Young Master Yan?"

Obviously, she was playing hard to get. It was typical of women like her. Bai Hong curled her lips. When she was about to say something, a roaring passed over.

"You old dog, it's none of your business whether she has any intention or not." Mrs. Luo got a phone call and was told that he was meddling with a seductive woman.

Mrs. Luo was well aware that her husband liked cheating on her. She showed no tolerance to such things, so she dashed here as soon as she got the phone call.

Seeing that the seductive woman mentioned in the phone was Bai Hong, Mrs. Luo lost her temper. Last time, Luo Jiancheng bid a necklace for her at the auction. Mrs. Luo was mad at him, but he explained that he did so for his business cooperation with Bai Family. Since Mrs. Luo had no solid evidence and it was a fact that he did make a big deal with Bai Family, she forgave at last.

But now, what were they doing? Arm in arm, so intimate. She dashed to twitch Luo Jiancheng's ear.

"Dear, I'm doing business with Young Master Yan. Miss Bai is Mr. Zhang's fiancée. Watch your tongue, will you?" Though Luo Jiancheng felt conceited in front of others, he was afraid of his wife.

And it was a fact that he was flirting with Bai Hong. He couldn't deny it.

"So, has it done?" Mrs. Luo asked without loosening her hand.

"Done... Dear, be gentle." Luo Jiancheng's ear was twitched by his wife and it hurt like hell with his mouth open.

"I can't." Mrs. Luo twitched harder, walking outside, "If it is done, why not going back? Who should take charge of the business in the company and factory?"

"So, I am leaving." Luo Jiancheng had no choice but to follow his wife to go out.

The group of girls brought here by Zhang Peng withheld their laughter at first, but they couldn't help withholding anymore after the couple left. They laughed until their bellies had a spasm.

He cruised for a bruising. He deserved it!

"Miss Xia, you've gone too far! Director Luo doesn't provoke you." After couple Luo Jiancheng left, Bai Hone came to Xia Yu.

If he behaved good, why should Mrs. Luo come to find him? It was obvious that someone tipped her off.

"Miss Bai admitted that he didn't provoke me. So why should I be harsh to him?" Xia Yu felt offended. Why should Bai Hong suspect her particularly rather than any others?

"Then why would Mrs. Luo come here?" Did she have a foresight? Bai Hong stared at Xia Yu, marveling that she didn't even blush when she lied.

"Are you mad that Mrs. Luo came and interrupted you? Aren't you always pompous? Why not kicking Mrs. Luo away and standing up to Luo Jiancheng? Don't you dare?" Zhang Peng sneered at her, wondering why she didn't blame herself when she kept blaming other women for being home-wreckers.

"Zhang Peng, what do you mean? I just come with you and talk with him for a while for the sake of your business." Seeing that Zhang Peng came to criticize her, Bai Hong was angry.

"It doesn't help. Needless to say, I don't have much cooperation with him. If any, I'm not scared of him. I will always have plenty of business with him only to have you here flirt with him." Zhang Peng said outspokenly. Bai Hong was mad that Luo Jiancheng's departure meant that they seemingly did something immoral.

Moreover, Mrs. Luo scolded her “little seductive woman" several times just now and glared harshly at her before she left.

She thought she was innocent with Luo Jiancheng and not fear of suspicion from Mrs. Luo. But what Zhang Peng said provoked her, "Zhang Peng, how could you say that to your fiancée?"

"Huh? Don't you know you're my fiancée? Flirting with Luo Jiancheng in front of me, haven't you care about my feelings?" Zhang Peng retorted coldly.

"Zhang Peng, when did I flirt with him?" Bai Hong knew that it was inevitable for them to have a quarrel when they met. So, she decided to face it.

"What? Don't have the nerve to admit it?" Zhang Peng recorded a video of Bai Hong and Luo Jiancheng just now, so he posted that onto the Internet, "If you think I distort the fact, let other people judge."

"Zhang Peng, are you deliberate? I know you have a crush on Xia Yu for long and you want to defame me before you marry her. Go home and ask your parents if they will permit?" Bai Hong was desperate. No matter how straightforward she was in private, it was her own business. But if he posted it onto the Internet, it would do no good.

"Bai Hong, I, Shen Yan, think I am kind to you. Why do you say that my girlfriend cheated on me?" Shen Yan approached them at ease. Seeing that they were on the verge of fighting, he fueled instead of persuading.

Girlfriend, what girlfriend? Did Shen Family admit?

Bai Hong realized that Zhang Peng was corrupted by Shen Yan. He insulted his fiancée in public just now and he was now incited to follow his suit.

"Young Master Yan means that Xia Yu is your girlfriend?" Bai Hong was determined to figure it out.

"Yes. Don't you know it? Then let me introduce her to you. This is my girlfriend, Xia Yu. Don't match her with other men, ok?" Shen Yan looked serious.

Bai Hong was speechless.

Even though she knew that Shen Yan deliberately said that to defend Zhang Peng, she could do nothing to Shen Yan.

"Very good. I must go and send my congratulations to Second Madame." Bai Hong thought it would be better to leave than staying here, insulted by Zhang Peng.

The girls brought here by Zhang Peng and Xia Yu shook their heads. Bai Hong was treated like that so would it be necessary to insist on? If they got married, she would live a more miserable life.

"Zhang Peng, are you too reckless? Posting that video on the Internet, aren't you afraid that your father will punish you?" Watching the view of Bai Hong's back, Shen Yan puffed and threw the cigarette butt to the ground, stamping out it.

"I just want the old dog to have a look. Does he like making money while losing fame? What kind of woman does he choose for me? Will he go outside after he knows what kind of woman she is?" Zhang Peng looked back at Shen Yan, "By the way, you even dare to shout in front of Old Madame, claiming that you're a grown-up and you have the right to choose the woman you want to marry. Compared with you, am I more filial?"

"You don't have to compare with me. Except me, there are two other filial grandsons, Shen Mo and Shen Qiang, as Shen Family's successors. But you're the only child in your family. Will your father let you off?" Shen Yan squinted at him disdainfully. Conceited as he was now, he would be forced by his father to date with Bai Hong after he came back home.

Why bother? Get bored? Make trouble for himself!

"The old dog has two other sons born out of wedlock. Make them become his legal successor. I'm hopeless, anyway. His investment in me is broken. It's time for him to change his mind." Zhang Peng was determined this time. His father had no choice.

Fine. You were tough now. Let's see how long you could hang on.

Shen Yan went to the armchair aside and sat down. Before he could finish his drink, Zhang Peng's phone began ringing. He cast a look at Zhang Peng with the meaning of taking care of yourself and continued to drink.

Zhang Peng took out his phone, looked at it and hung up. But he stood up and said to Xia Yu near him, "Sister Xia, I can't play billiards with you now. I have to leave."

"Go ahead. You know that I'm not good at it. Playing with me only dampens your spirits." Xia Yu smiled and stood up too.

"I know you're not good at it. That's a chance for me to show off my skills. Who knows, man proposes, God disposes."

Shen Yan corrected him, "It's your fault, not an accident. You must understand."

"Don't be particular about my words. Who cares? The result is set." Zhang Peng laughed. Why should he be particular about it?

"Because they are different. God's will is unshakeable while an error, which could have been avoided, made by yourself can only be swallowed by yourself."

Zhang Peng pointed at him and smiled, "Well, I will let you see, whether or not it is my error."

After he said that, he waved to Xia Yu, turned around and left without paying any attention to Shen Yan.

It was not long before the large group came and left here. Now, there were only Xia Yu and Shen Yan.

"Let's go back too." Xia Yu said, looking at Shen Yan who was drinking.

Shen Yan put away the drink. Seeing that it was still early, and it was a pity to go back without doing anything, he said to Xia Yu, "Why not letting me teach you how to play billiards?"

Since they came here and it was between the afternoon and night, not the time for work, why not having fun playing billiards?

"You know I am a rookie." It was Xia Yu's first time to touch the cue. If Shen Yan really meant teaching her, she should be well prepared that it was not easy to learn it fast.

But it was not the point. The point was that she didn't want to be with Shen Yan alone.

"I ready knew that. If you can play, why should I teach you? Think about it. It's a good opportunity. Few people can have my instructions." Shen Yan looked conceited as if he had been a top-class professional coach.

"I quit. I'm afraid that you're a bad coach." Xia Yu refused him bluntly. She also had requirements. Not everyone could become her coach.


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