Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 258 I Can Stay Here to Accompany You
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 258 I Can Stay Here to Accompany You

"Xia Yu, have you made up your mind?" Why did Shen Yan feel he was showing excessive enthusiasm for the cold one? She had expressed her clear-cut refusal. Shouldn't Young Master Yan typically turn around and leave without hesitation?

What was going on today?

He even looked down on himself somewhat.

"Yes, I have!" What's more, Xia Yu turned around and left right after she said so.

Bad girl, how cocky she was! Shen Yan had to follow her.

"How about eating out together?" Shen Yan caught up with her carrying a large bag of clubs and jerseys.

"I prefer going back to eat. Drive fast, then I can still arrive at the canteen in time for lunch." Xia Yu didn't want to eat with him at all.

"Hey, it's suburb here. It will be in rush hour when you're back. Then you'll get caught in traffic jams. Are you sure you can be on time for lunch?" Shen Yan asked.

"Possible. Maybe I can make it." Xia Yu went on walking ahead.

You thought you could make it? Alright, just do as you said.

Shen Yan didn't say anything. He walked to his car and put all his stuff in it. He opened the car door and let Xia Yu get in first, then went to the driver's seat.

After getting in the car, Shen Yan didn't drive. Instead, he lit up a cigarette and smoked leisurely.

"Why don't you drive yet?" Xia Yu stared at him and asked.

"Where's the fire? It won't be late after I finish this cigarette!" Shen Yan didn't listen to Xia Yu and continued smoking his cigarette.

His phone rang before the cigarette was finished. With the cigarette held in one hand and the phone held in the other, he talked for half an hour.

"Can we go now?" Xia Yu asked after he put the phone aside.

"Sure!" Shen Yan put the phone in his pocket and started the car tardily.

However, it didn't take long before his phone rang again. In this way, he parked the car by the roadside and started answering the phone again.

"Would you like me to drive?" Xia Yu said after Shen Yan hung up the phone. Most of Shen Yan's phone calls were for business affairs, so he couldn't ignore them. However, there were truly too many phone calls. They could arrive in downtown by the evening at best if he went on this way.

Xia Yu also had a driver's license. If she drove, Shen Yan could answer the phone freely.

This should have been a good solution to this problem. Xia Yu was already unbuckling the seat belt, ready to exchange the seat with Shen Yan.

Unexpectedly Shen Yan was unwilling, "As a man, how could I let a woman drive?"

"What's wrong with women driving?" There were female drivers all over the streets. Didn't he think his words were problematic?

"It's normal for a woman to drive, but I can't accept it if a woman is driving for me." Shen Yan refused directly.

What was wrong with him? What would happen if a woman gave him a ride? Would he lose a piece of flesh? You also had a meal cooked by a woman. Why didn't you refuse to eat if you could?

Xia Yu simply turned her head and didn't look at him. He could do anything as he was pleased.

Shen Yan dillydallied and drove forward. Xia Yu watched at the beginning, then simply closed her eyes to rest, and really fell asleep in a while.

If it weren't for the sudden braking, Xia Yu wouldn't have opened her eyes after her body swayed and her head almost hit the glass.

"What's wrong?" Xia Yu asked Shen Yan with her eyes watching out.

"The tire was stuck into a pothole." Shen Yan brushed over the situation and didn't even get out of the car to check it. One of his hands was holding the steering wheel, and the other was holding the phone to continue making phone calls.

She had asked him to leave the car to her, but he didn't agree anyway. Alright, they needn't go back now. Xia Yu gave him a look implying he got what he deserved.

"Why are you staring at me this way? I'm not the one making it fall." The road here was the only one to blame. Shen Yan went on talking on the phone after finishing the words.

He called for the crane this time, but they couldn't stay there all the time.

But it was already 4 p.m. when their car was lifted from the pothole. Xia Yu saw the time and realized it was too late for her to pick up Jiangjiang, let alone having lunch.

She had to call Lv Wushuang and asked her to pick up Jiangjiang at the kindergarten.

Shen Yan also felt such a longtime delay was completely caused by him, so he volunteered to drive Xia Yu back home passionately and invited her to dinner again when he passed the community she lived in.

"I'm arriving at home, so I'll eat at home." All Xia Yu wanted was just going back as early as possible. She just had some porridge in the morning and didn't eat anything at noon. Now she was starving.

"Let's go back after eating out. Possibly they already had the meal now." Shen Yan said.

"You know it? It's all your fault." Xia Yu was fed up but unable to vent. What was wrong with women driving?

"I didn't say it wasn't my fault. I'm making amends to you, right?" Shen Yan said with a smile.

"No need. You can go back!" Xia Yu now only wanted to go back early.

Seeing her determination, Shen Yan had to drop her off at Wu Shiyu's residence.

Xia Yu got out of the car, and Shen Yan also got out following her.

"I've arrived." Xia Yu said.

"I know." Shen Yan said.

Then why didn't you go back now if you already knew it? Xia Yu said to herself but she didn't have the nerve to express it so straightforward, "Then, goodbye!”

Was she really regarding me as a driver, and driving me away after using me? Shen Yan sulked. You asked me to leave, but I would do the opposite. "Don't you invite me to come in for a cup of tea?"

Drinking tea at this time? Xia Yu showed a reluctant smile. "It's too late. The kid is at home. I'm afraid to disturb his rest."

"No, I'll leave right after drinking tea."


Now that he had said so, Xia Yu had to open the door to let him in.

However, there was nobody at home, and even Jiangjiang wasn't there.

Xia Yu took out her phone at once and called Lv Wushuang. "Hey, where have you all gone?"

"Are you back now? I was about to tell you. There is a night scene for Shiyu to film, and I have brought Jiangjiang over here. You can stay at home alone tonight. That's it." Lv Wushuang said and soon hung up the phone. It seemed she was very busy there.

Not coming back? Xia Yu looked at the phone.

"What's up?" Shen Yan asked.

"They went away to shoot a scene." Xia Yu said, "You can leave after drinking your tea."

"So, nobody is at home, and I can't feel relieved when you a girl live in such a big house. How about going back to live with me?" Shen Yan looked at rooms up and down. They were empty.

"I'm tired. I don't want to move!" Who wanted to go to your home? Refuse you directly!

"Then I can stay here to accompany you!" Shen Yan thought Xia Yu was tired enough this day, so he didn't force her.

"No!" He was really thick-skinned. Did she invite him to stay?

"Invalid refusal!" Shen Yan had truly decided.

Xia Yu was holding the phone with her sharp eyes staring at Shen Yan.

He put the luggage on the floor, stood in front of Xia Yu, curled his lip with a vague smile, and stared at Xia Yu in a look showing "what can you do".

When this guy Shen Yan became shameless, even Xia Yu couldn't do anything to him.

For Xia Yu and Shen Yan at this time, it was like two fierce lions were locked in the same cage. They were unwilling to be on good terms with each other. All they wanted to do was conquering the other to make him or her surrender. It seemed the bloody fight was on the way.

He provoked the fight first, swaggering to the sofa and sitting down, throwing his weight around, "Why are you so dull there? Come and make me a pot of tea!"

Xia Yu was indifferent. He really regarded himself as a bigwig. She hadn't invited him, so was there anything wrong if she didn't entertain him? You could leave if you were unsatisfied. She sneered at him and said, "Tea leaves and the tea set are both here. You can make it yourself. I'm very busy."

After finishing the words, she turned around and walked to her room with her chin raised.

"Stop!" Shen Yan shouted behind Xia Yu.

Xia Yu turned a deaf ear and went on walking to the room leisurely.

"Xia Yu! Have I offended you recently? Why the hell are you giving me the cold shoulder?" he asked fiercely.

Didn't he feel ashamed when asking this question? Xia Yu stopped at the door of the room, turned around and showed him a soft smile. "Have I? I don't think so."

Shen Yan looked at her in confusion and felt himself burning with anger.

Xia Yu pointed at the opposite room and said, "That is the guest room. Now Jiangjiang is living there. But he isn't at home today, so you can live in it. There are new towels and toothbrushes in the drawer. You can help yourself."

Xia Yu closed the door of her room after saying so and left such a guest alone. It was his own will to stay here, so he could leave if he disliked her inconsiderate treat. Nobody would stop him.

Even giving beggars the brush-off wasn't like this. He had been so cheeky to follow her all the way, and yet she wasn't moved at all. Was this woman's heart made of stone?

Thinking about this, Shen Yan almost gritted his teeth into pieces.

Xia Yu lay in bed and heard him enter the opposite room. Then he went into the bathroom beside it to take a shower. She stayed in the room for a while. It wasn't until her stomach was growling that the hunger was brought to her mind.

She searched in the refrigerator, but there were only two lychees. Then she searched the cupboard, and there was a box of biscuits left there.

Sister was so unthoughtful. Even if she went away to shoot a scene, there was still one left at home and not taken by them. Didn't she remember to buy some food back here?

Xia Yu sat in the wicker armchair on the balcony with lychees and biscuits. The biscuits were put on her knees. She was reading the phone with one hand holding it, and the other was grabbing biscuits to eat.

Shen Yan went to the balcony after taking a shower, and seized the biscuits on her knees. "I said we can come back after eating out. Why are you still eating this non-nutritious food?"

"Give back my biscuits!" Wasn't I forced by you? Xia Yu stood up and tried to seize the biscuits back. However, he went to the hall with the biscuits. Xia Yu followed right behind him, trying to reach for that box of biscuits. Yet he raised up the biscuits and kept turning to avoid being touched by Xia Yu. He said, "Don't eat that. I'll take you out to have dinner."

"No! Give the biscuits back to me!" Xia Yu raised her hand to seize the biscuits, but she couldn't reach his height, even if she jumped up. Then she became impatient. "Shame on you!"

"What did you say?" Shen Yan glared at Xia Yu and pulled down her hand reaching for biscuits. "Why am I shameless?"

Xia Yu was angry, pushed him with all her strength, and screamed. "Gentlemen just use tongues instead of fists. Robbing a girl of her food, what kind of hero can you be?"

Shen Yan didn't expect Xia Yu would push him with strength. He took two steps back and kept his balance without falling down, while the box of biscuits was dropped on the floor.

"I'm a guest, but you push me. Does anyone treat a guest like you?" He came forward to catch Xia Yu's arm while speaking. Xia Yu turned around immediately, and he caught Xia Yu's hands behind her.

Xia Yu's hands were both held by him behind and she couldn't move. Out of anger, she kicked the sofa in front of her with great effort and hit him with her back. Hit by her, Shen Yan reeled, stepped backward and clung to the glass door of the balcony. He groaned and should have been hit severely, but he still didn't release Xia Yu's hands. Instead, he took this chance to pull Xia Yu, and hugged her behind.

"Let me go!" Xia Yu shouted loudly.

"No!" Shen Yan's voice was even louder.

He carried Xia Yu in his arms and threw her on the sofa. Xia Yu wanted to get up quickly, but it was too late. She was pressed by his body.

Xia Yu was pressed by him with her hands lifted on both sides like surrender. They were glaring at each other face to face in anger.

"Want to fight with me?" he said in a low voice.

"You're the first to do so! You even rob my biscuits!" Xia Yu said reluctantly.

"I meant to take you out for a meal. Good intentions aren't rewarded at all." He muttered.

"I won't go with you to eat out!" Xia Yu refused without consideration.

"Repeat it again?" Shen Yan glared at her and asked.

"OK, forget it." Xia Yu's tone was soft. The wise would never get the worst of it. He was tall and strong, and she couldn't be his opponent.


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