Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 259 I“m Just a Hooligan to Your Face
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 259 I“m Just a Hooligan to Your Face

Shen Yan loosened his grip, got up, sat on the sofa, and rubbed his short hair with the hand, looking at Xia Yu with a smile.

Xia Yu took the opportunity to get up from the sofa, smoothed out the clothes, gave him a dirty look, and snorted in discontent.

"What's wrong? Dissatisfied?" Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu and teased her.

"A man fights with a girl. Don't you feel ashamed? Vulgar!" Xia Yu was discontent. This guy stayed at her home regardless of her will and lorded it over her.

"Aren't you vulgar? You seem gentle on the surface, but in fact, you either have a foul mouth or fight with others. Anyway, I'm your guest and boss. Has anyone done this like you?" Shen Yan winked at Xia Yu. Although his tone was unfriendly, it didn't seem he was unhappy from his facial expression.

"A good girl never argues with a man!" Xia Yu didn't want to quarrel with him, who gave her the cold shoulder the whole day? He even said he wouldn't take the car driven by a woman. Why didn't he stay away from a woman's home?

Now he stayed here and refused to leave. Unreasonable! Xia Yu walked back to her room and slammed the door with a "bang".

She said to herself. It seemed she needed to learn something like Taekwondo or Tai Chi. Damn it! He was always giving her a hard time and even came to blow this time. She couldn't be so easily defeated by him. If he was so shameless next time, she would kick him out directly.

She stayed in the room for a while to calm down. Hearing the sound of closing the front door, Xia Yu opened the door of her room and looked around. Sure enough, he wasn't in the house.

Was he finally gone? Xia Yu breathed a sigh of relief and went to take a shower holding her clothes.

When she came out of the bathroom after taking a hot shower, she saw Shen Yan sitting on the sofa in the hall and smoking. The floor was very clean, and the biscuits had been cleared up. Seeing Xia Yu coming out, he said with a smile, "I bought the takeout for you. Aren't you hungry?"

"How did you come in?" The door was closed after he went out, and she didn't open the door for him.

"What do you mean? It’s so kind of me to buy the food for you, but you don't appreciate my kindness at all." He shook the key in his hand, meaning that he took with the key when he came out.

It seemed that this guy didn't intend to leave at all. Glancing at the food bought by him, she felt hungrier. No matter how mad she was, she couldn't take it out on food. Moreover, he already bought it, so it was shameful to waste food.

Xia Yu didn't say anything. She went to the table and opened the box. The food inside was steaming. Tender ribs were doused in rich black bean sauce on the rice and the fullness of smell made her mouth water.

Both of them were eating at the table. The water in the kettle on the coffee table in the hall was boiling and burbling with vapor.

Xia Yu was about to unplug it, and yet Shen Yan already stood up and walked to the living room.

After dinner, Shen Yan was sitting on the sofa and washing the tea set facing the coffee table. The French door of the balcony was open, and the fragrance of Osmanthus wafted all over the house.

"Drinking Tieguanyin, or raw Pu'er? I found two kinds of tea here. Which one would you like to drink?" Shen Yan asked, holding the tea leaves.

"I want to drink raw Pu'er, to help digestion." Xia Yu took a look and said.

"Then you can drink weak tea, for fear that you're sleepless at night." He said as he was making tea.

Shen Yan poured the brewed tea into the tea serving pot, then poured it from the tea serving pot into the two hot cups already washed, and put a cup of tea together with the saucer in front of Xia Yu. "The company was quite messy without us today.”

"Wasn't Liu Sijie there?" Xia Yu looked at him in confusion. It was impossible that Liu Sijie couldn't deter them.

"The cadres higher than middle level jointly signed to cast the first stone. They were fierce and aggressive. It was hard for him to resist alone."

"What can you do?" Xia Yu asked, thinking of the continuous calls he made on the road. However, her only focus at that time was her anger, and she didn't ask him.

"There's always a way. Why do you sigh?" He took a sip of tea and said in a calm tone.

"I think Old Madame is really angry this time. She has washed her hands of it and completely left everything to you." The middle-level staff cast the first stone together, and it just happened soon after Shen Yan left. Obviously, it was premeditated.

Frankly speaking, Shen Mo seized the chance to hit him when he was down.

This was the cost of freedom. Xia Yu looked at him, and couldn't help feeling worried for him secretly.

Shen Yan smiled, "Encountering obstacles or setbacks is inevitable for everyone. On the surface, their provocation is powerful, but it possibly can be beneficial for me." He was calm enough.

When both of them were drinking tea, Xia Yu's phone tinkled. Someone sent a WeChat message to her.

Shen Yan glanced at the phone on the coffee table. Seeing there was no message notification on the screen, he glared at Xia Yu. "You have an affair with too many people, and are afraid the messages that shouldn't be seen are seen by others, so you've banned the message from being displayed on the screen."

He really had a dirty mind. Xia Yu rolled her eyes at him. "The phone is placed on the table sometimes in the company or during the meeting. Some personal messages are inevitably seen by others, and that isn't good, so I set it this way."

She suddenly regretted after explaining it. Why should she explain? He was just making a joke. Why did she explain it so seriously?

Wouldn't he think I placed a high value on him? Xia Yu regretted indeed.

"Explanation is a cover-up." Unsurprisingly he said with a smile. Although he didn't show obvious contentment, Xia Yu could find out he was in a good mood.

Xia Yu didn't say anything and picked up the phone to check the message. It was an email sent from Fang Feifei. Her WeChat was linked to the mailbox, so she would receive a WeChat notification when an email was received.

After reading it, Xia Yu glimpsed at Shen Yan's phone on the coffee table, and quietly sent a message to him, then looked at his phone. Actually, the setting of his phone was the same as hers, and the message wasn't displayed on the screen!

"Aren't you the same? Have affairs with too many people!" Xia Yu said with an eye for an eye.

He already speculated that the message was from Xia Yu. He smiled smugly and said shamelessly, "Yeah, I have always had a lot of love affairs. You know it."

The shameless was truly undefeatable. Xia Yu glared at him, took the cup and finished the tea. Then she stood up and went to the balcony, opened the washing machine to give the clothes inside an airing. He came to her and looked at Xia Yu with the tilt of his head, and whispered, "Hey, are you annoyed? I was just joking."

Xia Yu shrugged and said, "I know you are joking. Don't I know about you? I have interacted with them so many times." She gave him a look with hidden meanings when saying so.

He immediately froze for half a second, then pretended nothing had happened, looking at Xia Yu in the eye with a smile, "What do you mean?"

Xia Yu smiled, "That's praise, Prince Charming. I envy you and pay tribute to you."

His smile disappeared, and he stared at Xia Yu with his lips stretched.

Xia Yu curled her lips and ignored him. She continued drying her clothes. After drying all of them, she covered the washing machine and said to him, "I'm going to sleep. You can also rest early. Good night." Then she went to her own room without turning around.

"Xia Yu!" Shen Yan followed close behind her. When she passed the hall, he caught her arm.

Xia Yu stopped and turned around, meeting his eyes.

He smiled, lowered his head and asked, "Jealous?" The familiar smell from him was in Xia Yu's nose. They were very close, and the clothes were clinging to each other.

Xia Yu also smiled. "Jealous of what?"

Shen Yan put both hands on Xia Yu's shoulder, lowering his head and looking at her kindly, whispering, "Do you mind it?”

She asked, "Am I qualified to mind it?"

He suddenly put his hands down, straightened up, looked Xia Yu in the sharp eyes and said seriously, "Of course, you aren't qualified to mind it!"

The words were like a knife stabbed into Xia Yu's heart. It was so hurt that she couldn't say anything. She almost stopped breathing, and was instantly misty-eyed.

She should have known he was making fun of her. How could a man like him be serious? A leopard couldn't change its spots, right?

He said slowly after quite a while, "You haven't agreed to be my girlfriend yet. Why are you qualified to mind it?"

Xia Yu really fell into his trap again! She felt sorrowed as if her throat had been choked. She sniffed but didn't want to argue with him. Then she turned around and walked to her room.

He followed closely behind Xia Yu to the door of her room and held the door with his hand so that it couldn't be closed. "Why are you crying?"

Xia Yu glared at him unyieldingly and said indignantly, "Did you see me crying with your eyes? Did I cry? You should be the crying one!"

He couldn't help laughing and entered Xia Yu's room before she was able to refuse.

Xia Yu tried to push him out, but was folded in his arms. He lowered his head and was about to kiss her.

Xia Yu turned her head to avoid being kissed by him. He raised his hands to support her head and forcibly kissed her lips.

Xia Yu was annoyed and hostile, pushing him away with strength, "You’re bad!"

He folded her in his arms again, and hugged her tightly, never allowing her to push him away. After a while, seeing Xia Yu wasn't struggling anymore, he loosened his hold, raised his hand to smooth the hair on her forehead and said softly, "Don't sulk now. Don't you want to sleep?"

"Then why don't you go out?" Xia Yu glared at him.

"Together!" Shen Yan laughed, and his beautiful foxlike eyes squinted slightly, which were indescribably charming.

"I will never sleep with you! You get out!" Xia Yu was shocked.

"Won't you regret?" Shen Yan curled his lip.

"Get out!" She would regret if she allowed him to stay here.

Shen Yan smiled and said, "Then you can go to brush your teeth and wash your face. You haven't brushed your teeth after the meal just now, right? I'm going out now." He kneaded Xia Yu's face when saying so, and went out.

Did he give in so easily? Xia Yu stood for a while, and didn't leave the room until she breathed out several times. Seeing him sitting on the sofa in the hall and drinking tea, Xia Yu directly went into the bathroom and closed the door.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she saw the lights in the hall were already turned off after coming out of the bathroom. The whole house was in darkness, and only the light in Xia Yu's room was on.

She didn't think anything of it. The light was on when she went to wash her face. However, when she opened the door, she saw Shen Yan leisurely leaning against her bed in a half-lying position.

Xia Yu was stunned and stood still there.

Shen Yan smirked. His bushy eyebrows arched, and his black and sharp eyes enchanted her. He looked at her and said, "Why are you stunned there? Come here and let me hug you." Then his arms were wide open to Xia Yu when saying so.

Xia Yu drew back unconsciously, pointing to the door and said: "You go to sleep in the opposite room! Hurry up! ”

He put his hands down and grievously said with a pout, "I just want to cuddle you when sleeping. I won't do anything to you."

Xia Yu sneered and said, "Do you believe these words yourself? Do you think I'm a child of seventeen or eighteen years old?"

"Do you mean you want to do something? Well, if two people are cuddling each other and sleeping together but don't do anything, is it funny enough?" Shen Yan nodded, showing his agreement with Xia Yu.

"You, you’re daydreaming." Xia Yu wished she could bite off her tongue to kill herself. Damn it. Why did she say this?

Shen Yan smiled, and came to hug her. "Then just hug you and kiss you once, I think it's acceptable."

Xia Yu pushed him, and was afraid she couldn't help herself if he went on kissing her this way.

Shen Yan got angry. "Even a hug and a kiss aren't allowed. Then I won't leave!" He said and slammed the door, then took Xia Yu in his arms and went to the bed.

"Hooligan!" Xia Yu was frightened.

"I'm just a hooligan to your face!" Shen Yan said and put Xia Yu on the bed, then took off his shirt. The strong figure immediately showed up, matching his handsome features. He looked domineering and unconstrained.

Xia Yu was stunned. She couldn't resist at all. She didn't know how to refuse him, and she didn't want to refuse, either. She just shyly sat on the bed biting her lips, and gave him a timid look while holding the quilt.


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