Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 262 It“s Rather Difficul
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 262 It“s Rather Difficul

When Xia Yu went to Xie Gendi's ward, she was quiet and didn't make a scene. She sat in the corner, motionless, and looked lonely and pitiful.

Walking to her side, Xia Yu greeted her and then she lifted her head.

"Xia Yu, here you are," Seeing Xia Yu, Xie Gendi burst into tears again. "Where is Jiangjiang? Didn't you bring him along?"

"Yesterday Jiangjiang went to the shooting scene with my cousin. He is now filming with them," Xia Yu said smilingly.

"Filming? Can he handle it since he is so little?" Hearing that her grandson was so capable, there was a touch of a smile on her face at last.

Xia Yu showed to Xie Gendi Jiangjiang's photos taken in the crew, "This is Jiangjiang. Isn't he very handsome?"

"Good, good! He is just like his father in his childhood," Xie Gendi wept out of joy, raising her arm and wiping her tears with her sleeves. "Xia Yu, thank you so much. But for you, Jiangjiang wouldn't even survive."

"Auntie, don't say so. Jiangjiang is such a good boy that he brings a lot of fun for us."

"Yes, he's very good. It's a pity that he has such a mom."

It must be hard for the child to be followed all day hearing people say that his mom was a nasty mistress.

"Auntie, there're some misunderstandings," Xia Yu said. "Take Doctor Zhou for example. He's nice to every patient. A friend of mine was once his patient and then worked for him in his clinic after being cured."

"Really?" Xie Gendi was a bit regretful about blaming Zhou Yan. After all, his grandpa saved her. It was somewhat ungrateful to do this without any evidence. "Anger got the better of me so that I spoke without thinking. Is Doctor Zhou really angry about me?"

"It isn't that serious, Auntie Xie. Let bygones be bygones. We should always look forward, right?" Xia Yu was in no position to talk more. She left when seeing that Xie Gendi was not that much agitated.

She called those who resigned, but no one came back. So, she had to drive back to the company. Just as she was about to report to Shen Yan, she heard the voice of a child in his office. She pushed the door open and saw Jiangjiang there.

"Jiangjiang, how come you are here?" It was out of Xia Yu's expectation. Let alone she saw Jiangjiang was clinging to Shen Yan.

"Auntie Lv took me here." Jiangjiang rushed to Xia Yu. It had been two days since he last saw Xia Yu. He missed her so much that he came here to wait for her regardless of other things when he was back.

In the beginning, Lv Wushuang was quite worried that Shen Yan would be unhappy to see Jiangjiang. So, she planned to call Xia Yu to pick them up immediately after they arrived at the company. However, they met Shen Yan at the gate.

Jiangjiang would surely cling to Shen Yan when seeing him. Knowing that he came for Xia Yu, Shen Yan told them that Xia Yu hadn't come back yet and allowed Jiangjiang to wait in his office.

Jiangjiang was happy, for he could play with daddy while waiting for auntie. So, he followed Shen Yan happily.

Xia Yu took a look at Shen Yan and said with a smile, "Really? Then where is Auntie Lv?"

“Auntie Lv has some work to do this evening so she has gone. Daddy says we can have dinner together and then he will take us home." Jiangjiang spoke proudly because daddy finally accepted him.

What was the matter with him? He was talking and laughing with Jiangjiang! Well, not bad though and she could take the time to ask Liu Sijie some questions.

So Xia Yu smiled and said, "Jiangjiang, you stay here with daddy and I'll be right back, OK?"

Jiangjiang nodded, "OK. Feel free to go. Don't worry. Daddy will take care of me."

Was it really OK? Xia Yu doubted but still wanted to try. After all, there were so many secretaries outside. If Shen Yan couldn't handle it, he might just as well ask any of them to take care of him.

Liu Sijie was busy on the phone when Xia Yu entered his office. He beckoned to her to sit and wait for a while. Finishing the call, he asked Xia Yu, "Any progress?"

"Yes and no. After all, no one agreed to come back, but we could work on Zhang Yuan, though he had tons of complaints," Xia Yu said after thinking for a while.

Liu Sijie nodded, "What a telepath between you and Young Master Yan. You guys think alike. Despite the fact that he is a bit horny and his relationship with Young Master Mo is a bit shady. However, he is kind of different and Young Master Mo dislikes him."

"Dislike him?"

"Yes," Liu Sijie said. "You might not know that he is the love child of Zhang Peng's father and so is Zhang Hanyu. Young Master Mo hired him because of his connection with Zhang Hanyu. And you know, Young Master Mo is squeamish and dislikes people of his kind the most."

"Really?!" Xia Yu didn't know the relationship of the three at all before.

Thinking back, whenever Zhang Peng met Zhang Hanyu, there was disgust on his face, while Zhang Hanyu kind of ignored him.

Xia Yu wondered why Zhang Hanyu, a chivalrous gentleman, was quite a different person in front of Zhang Peng. This was the reason behind. "Is it possible that Zhang Yuan is against Shen Yan because Shen is close to Zhang Peng?"

"How can it be? Zhang Yuan was a salesman before. It is because of Liu Xizhi."

"His ex-assistant?"

"Right. Although his work ability is low, Zhang Yuan still likes him."

Liu Xizhi was a second rich declining generation. He looked dainty, like a girl.

He lived in a wealthy family but later his dad was bankrupt, which affected him a lot. He dropped out of college and started working since then.

Having never suffered any hardship before, he couldn't work for long in any of his jobs. He would change jobs every two or three months. When he was applying for the post of a salesman in Tengfei, Zhang Yuan was just in need of an assistant.

Though he was unable to suffer hardship or stand being bullied, he was good at sweet-talking and coaxing girls. What’s more, he was rather considerate. For example, he would bring tissues with him and give them to the girls in need; he would help open the bottles for them and offer comfort in time when they were sad and so on.

In one word, he was popular among girls. Zhang Yuan had no other bad habits but hooking up with girls. Liu Xizhi catered to his taste and introduced to him several girls that were exactly the kind he liked‒not clingy, no strings attached and still friends after breaking up.

This was exactly what Zhang Yuan dreamed of. Therefore, he kept Liu Xizhi to work for him until later he was sacked for corruption. Zhang Yuan couldn't find any reason to let him stay, though it broke his heart to do so.

Zhang Yuan and Shen Yan disagreed on a good many matters and he found Shen didn't respect him. Therefore, Shen Mo found him and hired him without hesitation.

"However, Shen Yan definitely won't let Liu Xizhi back." Having heard what Liu Sijie said, Xia Yu didn't feel it optimistic then. It seemed that it was hard to persuade Zhang Yuan as well.

"Indeed. So, when you offered to persuade them, Young Master Yan only asked you to do a lip-service. He doesn't care at all," Liu Sijie shrugged and said.

But if the situation kept on like this, how come the company wouldn't break down?

Xia Yu was so disturbed this moment Shen Yan called her, asking her to buy an ice-cream cone for Jiangjiang.

Why making more trouble for her? But on second thoughts, buying ice-cream cones might be better than sitting in the office.

Xia Yu went to the nearest shop to buy ice-creams. However, she didn't watch carefully while walking with her mind fully occupied.

"Are you blind? Can't you see there are people before you?"

Xia Yu didn't notice that there were people before her with her head lowered, as a result of which she bumped into the person before her. Just as she was about to apologize, the guy cursed her and pushed her.

Xia Yu lifted her head and took a glance at him. Taking back the apology at the tip of her tongue, she walked aside, trying to avoid him.

It was pointless to apologize to such an uncivil man.

"You are hot!" The guy was about to get irate when his eyes were scanning Xia Yu's face. His eyes immediately lit up and he started smiling mischievously.

This look disgusted Xia Yu, but she still put up with it.

Realizing that Xia Yu was avoiding him, he moved aside and blocked in her way, speaking frivolously, "Hey beauty, you just leave like this? You bumped into me. My chest hurt so much. Come and rub for me. You can go as long as it is not painful anymore."

"Yes, rub for Brother Cheng!" There was a young man beside with yellow hair. He echoed the guy while smiling bitchily.

Xia Yu didn't want to get entangled with them, so she took 200 RMB out of her wallet and threw it to the man, "This is the medical fee!" She sped up after it, wanting to get to the company as soon as possible where there were security guards to protect her.

"So special! I like it! What's your name, beauty? What about having a drink in the bar?" The guy didn't care about the money and just left it falling on the ground. He blocked Xia Yu's way and stared at her with sparkling eyes.

"Brother Cheng, the chick has got a little bit of a temper," the yellow-haired young man said to the guy beside him, with his eyes wide open and his finger pointing at Xia Yu.

"Did you hear what my bro just said? Control your temper!" The guy called Brother Cheng's face turned sullen and came to catch Xia Yu's arm, frightening her so much that her body leaned backward. How come she was so out of luck that she could even bump into delinquents when buying desserts?

"There are policemen patrolling here. You'd better let me go," Xia Yu said harshly, pretending to be calm even though she was frightened already.

And it was daytime so Xia Yu was bolder. However, her words didn't work at all. The two laughed more happily and unscrupulously.

The fact that they were not frightened at all seized her heart. Just as she was about to shout out, there was someone walking rapidly from behind. His hat was lowered and only his chin could be seen. Xia Yu thought he was only a passer-by and was surprised to see that he thumped the yellow-haired young man with a fist in his waist when he walked in front of them.

The yellow-haired young man didn't even produce a sound but fell on the ground full of pain in his face. It all happened so quickly that it didn't even allow them to respond. When Brother Cheng came to realize, the hatted guy already lifted his leg and kicked him hard and precisely in the chest.

"Piss off! I'll get you if you cause her any trouble."

The hatted guy said coldly. His voice was hoarse with cruelty.

Though not reconciled to it, the two knew that the hatted guy before them was skilled. If they stayed, they would only get beat. So, they made the right choice to leave after Brother Cheng threw out some harsh words.

Seeing that the two scoundrels left, Xia Yu let out a long breath. Feeling so grateful to the hatted guy, she was about to thank him when the guy just turned and walked away at a quick pace.

Xia Yu was stunned and then scurried along, saying, "Thank you so much for what you did just now."

The guy still lowered his head and the hat covered most of his face except the mouth. He spoke in a low voice, "You don't need to thank me. I am paid to do so."

Finishing the words, the guy sped up.

Xia Yu was bewildered. What did he mean?


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