Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 263 I Want to Go Home
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 263 I Want to Go Home

Xia Yu was just about to leave when the guy's words perplexed her. She decided to follow him. However, he walked faster and faster. As a result, Xia Yu could barely catch up with him even by scurrying.

"Hey! Make yourself clear!"

Seeing the guy took a turn and entered a shopping mall, Xia Yu sped up to catch up. The guy went to a clothing store on the second floor and bought a hooded wind coat.

After paying for the coat, he looked down from where he was standing, perhaps to look for Xia Yu, but he didn’t see her. Just as he was about to leave, Xia Yu came over.

"You haven't told me who entrusted you."

The guy smiled and said, "You're pretty stubborn. Here are the address and key. You'll know it when you get there." Having handed the stuff to Xia Yu, he turned away and left.

Xia Yu looked at what she had in hand and left the mall after thinking for a while. She hailed a taxi and said to the driver at once after opening the door, "Please drive right away!"

The driver started the car. The sudden acceleration pushed back Xia Yu's body. After running for about 100 meters, the driver asked her where she was going.

"To..." There was an almost 30s' silence after Xia Yu uttered the single word "to". She forgot to look at the address.

"Where on earth do you want to go, pretty lady?" The driver urged her to respond.

"To Zitingyuan Community!" Xia Yu looked at the address on the paper and said.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the gate.

Following the address, Xia Yu went upstairs and opened the door with the key. It was a shabby room with only a wardrobe and a 1.5-meter-long single bed.

Just as Xia Yu was wondering who on earth she was supposed to meet, there came a sound from the door.

Xia Yu looked back right away and saw the Old Madame's secretary coming in.

"Secretary Yang?"

"It's very unexpected, isn't it?" Secretary Yang walked in while smiling, and closed the door behind her.

Xia Yu smiled as well, "It is indeed very unexpected."

She was still wondering why Secretary Yang met her here and what she was going to say to her. With her special status, what did she stand for? The Old Madame or herself?

"It's pretty shabby here. Let's sit on the bed and talk." Secretary Yang went directly to the bed and sat, looking at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu sat beside Secretary Yang and said, "Do you have any assignment for me?"

This girl went straight to the point in the very beginning without any intention to beat the bushes. How come such a girl hung out with Young Master Yan, aka little fox?

Young Master Yan was a well-known smiling tiger. The truth could be expressed like a lie and vice versa. His real intention was difficult to pin down.

Of all people, he fell in love with this straightforward girl. For her sake, he even talked back to the Old Madame and turned against his mom. Secretary Yang was wondering how far they could go since the two with such distinctive personalities.

"Miss Xia, now you are joking. How can I assign you to do anything? I only have something to ask you," Secretary Yang smiled and went on. "There were more than 90% of middle managers in Tengfei resigned. At that time, Young Master Yan and you were playing golf. How did he explain it?"

Secretary Yang stared at Xia Yu. The fact that Young Master Yan was so obsessed with dating Xia Yu to the extent of abandoning work caused a stir in Tengfei. Letters of complaints were piled up on the desk of the Old Madame as well as on the CEO's desk, which were about one foot thick.

It was Luo Jiancheng who invited Shen Yan to discuss business over golf. How come it was the date between Shen Yan and her? Xia Yu couldn't find a word to justify herself except making a wry smile.

"So, don't you have anything to say about it?" asked Secretary Yang.

"What do you want me to say? It is true that Shen Yan openly sent flowers to my office and even told the public that I was his girlfriend. The more I try to explain, the more it sounds like a disguise, right?" What else could Xia Yu say? The conclusion was there, wasn't it?

Secretary Yang was startled and said, "How light-hearted you are! Do you even know how serious the consequences are?"

"I know. There would always be something to prevent him from concentrating on his job." Xia Yu was so honest that she said whatever came to her mind.

"Well, it seems that you guys have strong stress tolerance. Alright, let's forget about it. But surely your company has to keep running after so many of the employees left?" asked Secretary Yang.

"They were still OK with it. After all, Tengfei is a powerful company that won't easily get paralyzed when some of the employees leave." As for this point, Xia Yu was worried in the beginning. But today, everybody was working in order and seemed not affected at all.

"For this part, Young Master Yan is a genius. However, don't you think you should clarify it to the head office since so many left the company? This is all I can say. I hope you guys get it done before you are asked to the head office." Secretary Yang said all she could say, for she couldn't help with anything else.

"Thank you for reminding us. Shen Yan is looking for a way to deal with it." Xia Yu knew it was a serious matter. She quickly went back to the office, only to find Shen Yan and Jiangjiang were playing hide and seek and having a lot of fun.

"These are your ice-cream cones." Xia Yu threw the cones to Shen Yan angrily.

Jiangjiang hurried to take them all and ate them.

"Why it took you so long?" The others had already got off work except their waiting for Xia Yu.

"I met an acquaintance and chatted for a while. She is concerned about the group resignation of Tengfei and hopes you can fix it as soon as possible. Don't leave them a handle against yourself," said Xia Yu.

Shen Yan nodded and didn't say anything, but stood up and waved to Jiangjiang who was eating the cones, "Now that your auntie is back, we get to go."

"Dad, I want to go home." Jiangjiang clung to Shen Yan with a pitiable look.

"No way. Your dad can't even take care of himself. If you go home, you even have to take care of him." Xia Yu was befuddled. Jiangjiang's clinging to Shen Yan was a sign of a lack of paternal love.

But why was Shen Yan all of sudden so nice to Jiangjiang? Not to mention the old scores between him and Jiang Yayan, the fact was that he didn't like kids at all!

"Auntie can move to dad's home. Everything will be fine if you come and take care of dad and me." Jiangjiang pulled her clothes and begged her.

Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan, "Young Master Yan, it's just so great of you to take advantage of kids."

"Don't be so harsh. It can't be more normal for my son to miss his dad and want to live at home." How brazen of Shen Yan to say so!

"He's your son? Shen Yan, can you be more unscrupulous?" Xia Yu asked him while pointing to Jiangjiang.

Shen Yan touched Jiangjiang’s head, "Why would he call me dad if I'm not? My dear son, call me dad one more time in front of her, out loud."

"Dad!" Jiangjiang obeyed and shouted out loud.

"Did you hear?" Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu proudly.

"He is just a kid and he knows nothing!" Xia Yu didn't feel like arguing with him. Just wait until he grew up and see whether he would still call him like that.

Seeing that Xia Yu was not convinced, Shen Yan said, "You don't know how grown-up my Jiangjiang is. I bet he won't call you mom if you ask him to."

I was not his mom indeed. Why asked him to call me mom? Did you think everybody was as brazen as you were to steal someone else's son for joy?

"I don’t want to talk to you!" Xia Yu rolled her eyes.

Jiangjiang said, "Auntie is not my mom. I have my mom. I cannot call Auntie mom."

"See? See? How lovely my son is!" Shen Yan gave a series of praises to Jiangjiang. "My lovely boy, I'll cook something nice for you."

"OK! And let's invite Auntie Lv, Auntie Wu and Uncle Li to come!" Jiangjiang hadn't dined with dad. God knew how much he looked forward to it. So, he couldn't allow Xia Yu to destroy it. "Auntie, please, allow me to stay with dad for one night, just one night."

Seeing Jiangjiang begged her so sincerely, Xia Yu yielded, "OK, it's up to you."

"Great! And one more thing, Auntie, please apologize to dad. It is not that he doesn't like kids. He's just too busy to have time to play with kids. In fact, he likes kids a lot. You are wrong, so you need to apologize," Jiangjiang said to Xia Yu seriously.

He liked kids? Xia Yu pointed to Shen Yan and doubted it.

"Hurry up! Apologize! You need to be a role model for the child," Shen Yan said with a smug smile. This was the result of her big mouth and spreading rumors about him disliking children. How came she made up such a lie?

"Shen Yan, it is a big crime to deceive kids," Xia Yu whispered in his ear, grinding her teeth.

"Did I deceive him?" Shen Yan didn’t feel guilty at all, "Then, give birth to one and see whether I like it or not!"

"Shen Yan!" Xia Yu was riled.

"Here I am. Are we going home?" Shen Yan looked at Jiangjiang to remind Xia Yu not to get angry before the kid, which might frighten him.

Jiangjiang walked in between the two out of the gate of the company, holding each's hand. They were just like a family, nice and lovely.

This "family" were so good-looking that a good many passers-by couldn't help secretly taking out of their phone to take pictures of them.

When they arrived home, Liu Sijie, Shen Qiang and Wu Shiyu were awfully busy. Seeing them back, Shen Qiang quickly set the table, "You guys arrive just in time. The dinner's ready."

Wow, what a feast! Jiangjiang bent over the table, almost drooling.

"Dad, your home is so big and lively. Can I live here?" All kids said that kids should live with their parents, or at least one of them, mom or dad.

Now that mom abandoned him, he could only follow dad.

"No way!" This little devil was insatiable. His mom cheated the second brother for so long. It was magnanimous of them to just let her go. Living here was utterly out of the question.

"What right do you have to make an objection? Do I need your approval to live with MY dad?" Jiangjiang disliked Shen Qiang so much that he treated him like he was a bad guy.

"When I say no way, I mean it. Do you know the relationship between your dad and me? He's my brother. This is also my home, so you do need my approval to move in," Shen Qiang said to Jiangjiang, pointing at his own nose.

Was it really so? Jiangjiang was disheartened.

"Xiao Qiang, don't scare Jiangjiang. Didn't you just say the dinner is ready? I'm starving." Xia Yu lifted Jiangjiang up and put him on the seat beside her.

Jiangjiang kept looking at Shen Yan, wanting to sit beside him. However, the guy was so fierce that Jiangjiang didn't dare to go near him.

"Jiangjiang wants to sit with dad, right? If so, just go ahead," Observing it all, Lv Wushuang said,

"Uncle, may I? Could you swap seats with me?" Jiangjiang asked Shen Qiang.

"What do you think?" Shen Qiang found the kid rather cute, suddenly wanting to tease him.

"Well, what if I bribe you. I have some photos taken with Uncle Li Yan. If you swap seats with me, I'll give those to you. What do you think?" There were a bunch of kids asking him for those photos and he didn't give them. Shen Qiang should know how lucky he was.


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