Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 264: Someone Is More Horrible Than Ghosts
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 264: Someone Is More Horrible Than Ghosts

What did he say? All of them were shocked at first, but soon burst out laughing. How funny he was! After that, Shen Qiang changed his seat with Jiangjiang. Jiangjiang also kept his word and gave the photo to Shen Qiang.

Everyone laughed again, then they chatted together outside. They only talked about gossip in this circle at the beginning. Later someone suddenly suggested that telling a ghost story was far more exciting at night. Shen Qiang was interested in that and agreed with that idea. So, they began to tell ghost stories, and everyone must have one.

Shen Qiang was the most active one, so he started to tell the first story. He deliberately lowered his voice to make it sound gloomy. "I got this story from my classmate and he said that he heard it from his grandfather. During the time when his grandfather was working in the country, his grandfather passed through a pond one night back home. Suddenly, his grandfather heard a sound coming from the pond. It seemed like the soil on the riverbank was scattered and fell into the water. His grandfather was a courageous man, so he used the torch to light it. At first, his grandfather thought it was a small animal such as a dog or cat. But when it was lighted, his grandfather caught sight of a person who was crawling towards the pond and half of his head was already in the water. His grandfather thought it was someone who wanted to commit suicide so he rushed towards the man and tried to pull the man out of the water. When his hand was just about to reach out, the man suddenly looked back..."

It was about to reach the key point, however, Shen Qiang stopped and picked up his bottle to take a sip.

Everyone waited for a while, but he still didn't intend to continue. Liu Sijie was anxious on the side and gave him a push.

"You are always tantalizing people. Tell us now."

Lv Wushuang was interested in his story, too. She looked at him nervously with wide-open eyes.

Shen Qiang was somewhat proud because all of them were so interested in his story. What did this show? It indicated that his story was good!

So, he smiled and continued: "As I said before, his grandfather was very plucky. But when that man turned around, his grandfather let out a scream "Ah!", and then threw the torch in his hand and ran away quickly. The reason why he was so scared was that he didn't see that man's face but only two sparkling eyes when he turned back."

Wu Shiyu cried out in a low voice and leaned closely against Li Yan, feeling cold shivers went down her back.

"Don't be afraid!"

Li Yan said softly and held her tighter.

She looked at Xia Yu and Lv Wushuang. Xia Yu was OK, with Jiangjiang in her arms calmly. But Lv Wushuang's face turned out to be a look of fear.

The adults were all afraid of it, but Jiangjiang insisted on asking about the reason. "Where is that person's face?"

"He has no face!" Shen Qiang didn't know what to say. His story had already scared many people especially Wu Shiyu, who was shaking now, but this little boy still asked for that man's face.

"That's impossible. How can people have no face?" Jiangjiang asked again.

"Because he is not human." Lv Wushuang felt that her tongue was shaking.

"His face was muddy so we couldn't see. Then the eyes would look very bright." Xia Yu explained it to Jiangjiang on the side.

"Sister, this story was not mysterious at all after you said that. It’s not horrible at all, is it?" Shen Qiang protested aside.

"Right, Xia Yu, you can't make trouble with the story." Lv Wushuang also agreed beside him and she didn't tremble like a moment ago.

"I am doing that for you. Who was scared and shivering with fear just now?" Xia Yu shook her head. Was the girl a masochist?

"It's pretty scary but also nice. That's not enough. One more please, Third Young Master." Lv Wushuang was indeed addicted to it.

"Why not let my sister tell one?" Shen Qiang answered.

Liu Sijie was the first one to agree and then everyone else followed him.

Xia Yu thought for a while and said. "I am going to tell a true story that I encountered personally. When I was still in school, I had a party with my fellowship one night. Drinking a few more cups, I went to the restroom alone. However, one of my classmates told me that the restaurant was not clean. He suggested his going with me, but I refused. Although it was already midnight, the restaurant was still very busy. I didn't believe the evil stuff dared to come out. So, I staggered to the restroom alone. I had diarrhea that day, so I stayed there for a bit long. After a while, I heard the sound of flushing next to me and thought that someone was going to leave, so I didn't mind. But after a few seconds, that sound of flushing appeared again, but without any footsteps. I wondered and then heard someone hum songs. I thought she must be in need of tissue because there was only the sound of flushing. So, I asked if she wanted any tissue. That hum stopped suddenly, but I did not get her response before the sound appeared again. So, I gave up asking. When I finished and was ready to go, I pushed the door next to me curiously. I didn't expect to open it successfully, but there was nothing inside."

"Why is there the sound of flushing without any people? Was the toilet broken?" Lv Wushuang asked.

"No." Xia Yu said with certainty.

"And what about the reason for that hum? I know. It must be someone who forgot her mobile phone in the toilet after leaving. It began to ring when someone called. Right?" Wu Shiyu said on the side.

"No. I checked it carefully before I came in. It was clean and had nothing in it." Xia Yu said with certainty.

"That's strange. It had nothing inside. Why?" Lv Wushuang frowned and thought hard for it.

At this time, Jiangjiang had a few yawns. Xia Yu knew that he was sleepy, so she took him to her room. Jiangjiang was going to sleep with Xia Yu tonight.

"Keep thinking. I will go with Jiangjiang."

At this time Shen Qiang said. "Let brother Cijie tell one. He must have met many ghosts when he walked through the night."

Liu Sijie laughed. "I do often walk through the night. But the ghosts I encountered are all people who have wicked ideas."

Whether ghosts really existed in the world, Liu Sijie did not see it with his own eyes. He was not serious about this problem, either. But he thought that people were much more terrible than ghosts. Ghosts could live in peace with people as long as you did not provoke him, but people were different.

Without caring about whether you knew them or not, or hindered them or not, they had already dug a hole and waited for you there when you didn't know. All this was just in order to achieve their own purpose.

"We don't care who is more frightful. Just tell one." Everyone agreed. So, Liu Sijie told one reluctantly. As for what this story was about, Xia Yu did not know because she took Jiangjiang back to the room.

Jiangjiang woke up just when Xia Yu put him on the bed. Even if Xia Yu told him two stories, he still refused to go to bed and asked her for all sorts of things. Since it was his first time to visit Shen Yan's home, he was so excited that he kept asking questions for nearly an hour before he fell asleep.

When Xia Yu came out of the room, all the others have already left.

Shen Yan found Xia Yu and then asked. "Is Jiangjiang asleep?"

Xia Yu nodded. Just when she wanted to say something, Shen Yan's phone rang suddenly. He looked at it and then hung it up.

But his phone rang again soon.

"Answer it! Maybe it is something important." Xia Yu advised.

"Hello, who's that?" Although he answered it, his tone was very cold.

"Hi, Young Master Yan, it is me, Luo Jiancheng. There is a party in Red Lip Bar this night. Why not visit us!" Luo Jiancheng prepared a special present for Shen Yan. He believed that Shen Yan would feel satisfied.

Xia Yu could faintly hear the sound from the phone because of the quietness here. It was noisy on the phone with women's screams.

"I have no interest." Shen Yan was still very cold.

"Come and play with us, Young Master Yan. There are lots of hot girls here. By the way, I get a new secretary and bring her together with me. If you want her, I can arrange for you."

"She is your favorite. How can I take her away?"

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu who stood next to him and said.

"Hehe, it doesn't matter if you want."

Luo Jiancheng laughed over the phone. His laughter was so disgusting that it made Xia Yu feel sick.

What added to Xia Yu's anger was that he even sent a woman to Shen Yan though he knew Shen Yan had a girlfriend. Scum! Bastard!

Xia Yu gripped her fists and scolded Luo Jiancheng for hundreds of times in her heart. Her good mood was completely destroyed by this call.

"You should prepare well before you try to please me, Director Luo. Don't call me again." Shen Yan said coldly and then hung up.

"That scumbag is too disgusting. I will tell his wife about it." Xia Yu picked up her mobile phone but was stopped by Shen Yan before she called Mrs. Luo. "Do you think that Mrs. Luo does not know what kind of person he is? Why take the trouble to do that?"

She had to admit that his words were quite reasonable. The reason why this bastard was so rampant was that Mrs. Luo did not want to divorce him.

"Forget that. Let's go to bed!" Shen Yan kissed her on the head. Xia Yu opened her mouth but finally did not ask that question. They were very tired today. It was better to have a rest early.

But how could she fall asleep when she had something on her mind? So, she didn't sleep until midnight.

Shen Yan asked Xia Yu to go to bed but he did not. He went into the study and turned on his computer. After all, so many employees resigned in his company this time. It was untrue that he was not anxious.

Let alone Shen Mo and his men were still watching them. Even if they didn't, Shen Yan had to stop this trend. The company needed to work as normal. It was OK only in one or two days but couldn't last long.

He had already found out solutions for other departments and had suitable people to fill the vacancy. However, the Planning Department and the Sales Department were of great importance. So, the requirements for the leaders' personal ability were also high.

Shen Yan was not that kind of person who did everything casually. He didn't make his decision until he chose among several candidates for many times. After he drew up the final list of names, he held a video conference with them. They all agreed and promised to show up at tomorrow's meeting. After Shen Yan turned off the video, it was three o'clock in the morning.

He rubbed his face, stood up and went back to his bedroom. Shen Yan decided to have a rest now because there would be a tough battle after daybreak.

It was impossible for Shen Mo to make so much effort just in order to change several leaders of the company. There must be a follow-up waiting for him.

At this moment in the bar, Luo Jiancheng was looking at Shen Mo awkwardly. No matter how big Shen Family's company was, Luo Jiancheng himself was Director Luo, too. His company was also very famous in S city.

Shen Yan didn't care about his feelings, which made him feel embarrassed!

But Shen Mo was still sitting beside him, he had to give him a reply. "Emmm… Young Master Mo, Young Master Yan had a party at home. So, he can't come now."

"Hasn't it finished yet?" Shen Mo had been staring at Shen Yan's action carefully. Since he prepared such a big game, he had to pay attention to every detail for fear that the guy ruined it.

People who joined the guy's party must be Xia Yu, Wu Shiyu, Li Yan, Shen Qiang and Liu Sijie. Sometimes Shen Mo really admired Shen Yan. He still had time to be in love with his girl at this urgent moment.

Anyway, now that the company had such a big problem, Shen Mo had already instructed his man on the board to suggest Yang Weiye hold a meeting to discuss this matter. No matter how smart Shen Yan was, he couldn't find enough people to fill the vacancy in such a short time. In this way, he was not able to go any further at work. What else could he do apart from being in love?

"Maybe he was too tired." Luo Jiancheng smiled awkwardly. He also wondered why Shen Yan didn't come. Weren’t the beauties his favorite?


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