Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 265: Perfectly Safe
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 265: Perfectly Safe

It would be great if that was true, and Shen Mo wouldn't underestimate his younger brother anymore. But those people had resigned for two days, and only Xia Yu went to ask them symbolically. She visited some crucial departments personally while others just made a phone call.

Would it be that Shen Yan had found suitable people to replace them? If so, the loss outweighed the gain. He wouldn’t need to figure out any way to remove my men.

Thinking about this, Shen Mo made a phone call to Xiang Hui. "Have you found out what Shen Yan is doing these days?"

Was this worth checking? Everyone left early after the accident happened when they were playing golf yesterday. But his car fell into the hole on the road.

Xiang Hui followed Shen Mo's order to let the crane arrive later for a few hours. After Shen Yan's car was pulled out, it was already dark when they finally arrived at the city.

Shen Yan even lived in Xia Yu's home for a night. The next day, Xia Yu went to persuade those people but none of them agreed to go back. Liu Sijie was in charge of the affairs of the company, so he stayed in the company.

Shen Yan also stayed in the company and didn't go out. It was very clear.

"Young Master Mo, I've sent you Young Master Yan's timetable for these two days." Although his activities were extremely simple, which even could be summarized in one sentence, Xiang Hui still made a table carefully for Shen Mo's convenience.

Xiang Hui was careful in this respect, but rigid in others. On this point, he couldn't do better than Zhang Hanyu. But Zhang Hanyu was too bold and radical so that he had been caught by Shen Yan, and still couldn't be released in prison.

Why didn't I have a person like Liu Sijie who could compose as well as perform military exercises, being bold but cautious?

Shen Mo did not look at the table from Xiang Hui. That was no use. What he wanted to know was the latest news, not these old things.

Looking up at Luo Jiancheng who was waiting for him aside, Shen Mo felt really upset. Shen Mo wanted him to ask Shen Yan and Xia Yu out for an appointment in order to hold them back. But he even invited Yang Ke'er and Bai Hong, too.

They broke up only in a few minutes and he was even taken away by Mrs. Luo by pulling his ear. If it hadn’t been for his carefulness to send someone to watch them, Shen Yan would have returned to the company. The farce of resignation would die.

This person was not that kind of person who could do big things so he couldn't be appointed any important task. Then Shen Mo said: "It seems that all his tricks have been exhausted. He offended Old Madame as well as Yang Family. Being aware that there's no hope, he gave up struggling. You can leave now. I will call you when I need you."

Shen Mo ordered him as if instructing his own employees, which made Luo Jiancheng angry. But he didn't dare to show it. His indecent video was photographed by Shen Mo's men. With this in their hands, he had to listen to them.

And Shen Yan that bastard was not a good guy, either. He beat him so hard just for Xia Yu. Now, these two brothers fought each other severely. He would let them fight hard, and then took the opportunity to take his revenge when they were both sick.

A great man knew when to yield and when not. Since Luo Jiancheng could have a place in the business circle of S city, it was not a fake reputation. He had enough tricks and patience.

"Young Master Mo, I have always had a cooperative relationship with Tengfei. Will it be the same in the future?" Luo Jiancheng said with a smile.

"Sure. No matter who is the president of Tengfei, we won't stop doing our business, right?" Shen Mo answered faintly.

"I feel relieved after hearing your words. You can go back to your work if you are busy. I will leave now." Luo Jiancheng bowed and retreated. After he shut the door, Luo Jiancheng spit on the ground and then left.

The private room was quiet, and Shen Mo went over the whole thing again, but found nothing suspicious. However, he had always been vigilant just in order to make it perfectly safe. So, he made a phone call to Old Madame.

"Grandma, it's me, Little Mo."

"Oh, Little Mo, what's the matter?" Old Madame had not slept yet. She was also worried about the board meeting tomorrow.

The collective resignation could indeed kill Shen Yan, but in this way, Shen Family's internal strife would be placed on the table, too. Their relationship which had lasted for many years would also break up.

Was that OK? Old Madame had been thinking about this question these days.

"Grandma, I am still worried about it. Is Shen Yan really at the end of his tether?" Shen Mo's worry was quite reasonable. Comparing to Jiang Family's president re-election last time, Jiang Tao was sure to win at first but in the end, Jiang An won unexpectedly. Would this accident happen again in his family?

He didn't like such kind of accident!

"If he can turn the tables on this condition, not to say you, I myself also admire him." It was a game without solutions. A company which lost so many ordinary workers all of a sudden was impossible to fill the vacancy at once, let alone leaders. Did Shen Yan have three heads and six arms? How could he find so many professionals overnight?

Shen Mo also had the same idea as Old Madame, but why was he so anxious? Was he too serious about it, or too nervous?

"Grandma, what I want is perfectly safe." Shen Mo frowned and said.

Old Madame kept silent. Perfectly safe, did it exist? She also wanted.

"Little Mo, do our best and leave the rest to god. I asked Secretary Yang to get close to Xia Yu as you told me. It seems that Shen Yan is still waiting for some people to return to him when they failed to find a better job than here in Tengfei. He wants to differentiate them one by one." Old Madame exchanged the news she got with Shen Mo.

Old Madame's people were indeed more efficient than his. They could even get such news. In this way, he had to hold the board meeting as soon as possible in order to drive Shen Yan down before his plan was implemented successfully.

"Then, is there any problem to hold the board meeting tomorrow morning?" Shen Mo asked.

"No problem. But Little Mo, do you really want to do so? He is the brother who has grown up with you." Old Madame did not wish to do so. They were her grandsons and she watched them grow up.

Both of them were her palms.

"Grandma, people who do big things won't care about insignificant issues. This is what you taught me in the past, and now he is making trouble for us. I can wait but the company can't wait for it! If the president of Shen Group is not decided, our shareholders, as well as good partners, will always have doubts about us. I am doing this for the company." Old Madame was old now. She still hesitated under this circumstance. Shen Mo hung up the phone. He had many other things to do and had no time to listen to Old Madame to give him "chicken soup for the soul".

Cold Young Master was indeed cold, and he was really emotionless. Old Madame looked at her mobile phone for a while, then looked up at the portrait of her dead husband, and muttered. "I don't know how to teach children. It's my fault when he became so. Sorry!"

After a sigh, Old Madame finally picked up her mobile phone and called Secretary Yang to ask her to tell Yang Weiye that the board meeting would be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Even Shen Qiang was asked to participate.

When Yang Weiye received a call from Secretary Yang, he was waiting in the study with his brother and hadn't slept yet. He knew that something big would happen tonight and indeed so.

After hanging up the call with Secretary Yang, Yang Weiye said to his brother. "Old Madame finally didn't resist Shen Mo's threat, and turned to support him clearly."

"Little Yan is at risk this time." Yang Weiming shook his head and thought that his aunt was trapping herself. The person who was cultivated by herself finally became the one who held her weaknesses and threatened her.

This was the result of her serious suspicion after all.

"I don't think so. That child is extremely smart, isn't he?" Yang Weiye didn't agree. "Let's wait for tomorrow's outcome. Maybe he will give us a surprise."

"If so, I would really admire him." Yang Weiye still tended to keep his opinion.

"Or let's make a bet. If Shen Mo wins, my treat. And if Shen Yan wins, it's your turn." Yang Weiye said to his brother with a smile.

"Okay, that's it." Yang Weiming agreed. He smiled and said. "I'm waiting for your treat."

"Maybe it's me to win? If I win, you will regret missing such a good son-in-law." Yang Weiye laughed.

Yang Weiming chuckled and said, "I really like Shen Yan this child. He has his own principles and he never receives money that doesn't belong to him. Ke'er likes him so much. If he agrees, how can we stop them from getting married?"

Yang Weiming was too clear about Old Madame's wishful thinking. In her mind, all the achievements that Yang Family had got until now depended entirely on Shen Family. She even thought that Yang Weiye took the advantage of the president to transfer Shen Family's property to Yang Family.

Yang Weiming did not deny that Shen Family had given them a lot of help. In other words, there would be no Yang Family today without Shen Family. The two brothers had always kept this kindness in their mind.

Therefore, no matter how hard Yang Group was, Yang Weiming insisted alone instead of calling Yang Weiye back. They wanted to repay the kindness of Shen Family in this way. However, Old Madame ignored all their hardship and felt wronged now. She thought that Yang Family hollowed Shen Family and hoped to get their fortune back by asking Shen Yan to marry Ke'er.

And her another purpose by doing this was to make Shen Mo govern Shen Group. Then when Shen Yan became Yang Family's son-in-law, he could govern Yang Group naturally. In this way, her two grandchildren would have no loss, and she could go to see her husband and son with confidence.

Old Madame was really good at tricks. Fortunately, Shen Yan was somewhat smart and didn't listen to her. This had saved the relationship between Shen Family and Yang Family, or the consequence was really unimaginable.

"Yes, he is a good boy. But unfortunately, he does not suit Ke'er. Ke'er must be upset these days, right? You need to enlighten her. If it doesn't work, I can ask her Second Aunt to accompany her to play abroad for a few days." The secret reason of these adults couldn't be told to her. After all, Old Madame and Second Madame were elders she respected very much. If she knew that they were just making use of her emotions, how sad would she be?

The brothers in Yang Family also did not want her to know since Old Madame was their aunt and they were brought up by her.

"No, don't you know Ke'er well? She has been sent abroad for so many years and dislikes going abroad now. If we let her go out, she will think that we do it deliberately." Many things couldn't be avoided. The parties had to face it themselves. Although the process was very painful, it was better to have a short pain rather than a long one.

Elder brother's words were right. Fortunately, Shen Yan had Xia Yu now. After a period of sadness, Ke'er would forget it without seeing any hope.

"How about letting her Second Aunt go to the Alumni Association with her tomorrow? They graduated from the same college." Yang Ke'er became thinner these days. Yang Weiye had pity on her. Anyway, they didn't want her to stay at home and go into fancy again.

He had another purpose, too. There must be many alumni in the association. Maybe she could even meet the right boy.

"No wonder Ke'er likes you so much. You are much more considerate than me, Ke'er's father. OK, I will listen to your arrangement." Yang Weiming did not oppose to this. It was better if his daughter could go out and make acquaintance with more people.


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