Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 266 Thank Big Brother for Your Help
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 266 Thank Big Brother for Your Help

Daylight finally came. The Shen Family brothers were busy all last night. Now they went to their own companies with high spirits. Superficially they were arranging their companies' daily work. But they were in a competition secretly.

"President, it was decided that the Public Relations Department would hold a press briefing in order to promote our new product. But director is not in?" Secretary Guan from the Public Relations Department asked Shen Yan for instructions with caution, who was afraid to hurt his broken heart.

The managers of the company resigned together. People said it was Young Master Mo's warning to Young Master Yan, wanting him to shrink back from difficulties. Had spent a few months with Shen Yan, the common employees liked Shen Yan more and more.

He cared about employees and listened to their suggestions. More importantly, there was a large increase in everyone's benefit. Common folks didn't want to choose sides. They just knew Young Master Yan was a good president. They sympathized with Shen Yan because all the management gave him a hard time.

"Briefing will be held as planned. Your director will come to work after the morning meeting." Shen Yan nodded to show that he knew.

Was there a new director? People of Public Relations Department looked at each other. They looked at the director's office at last. Director Qian didn't pack his stuff when he left. It looked like he didn't plan to leave for real. Now Shen Yan had hired a new one. What would he do?

Someone said to Secretary Guan, "Isn't it inappropriate that the new director come and see Director Qian's stuff still in the office?"

Wasn't that so? Secretary Guan looked at the director's office and said, "I will put away his personal stuff in case the new director sees."

"We will help!" Everyone did it together.

Other departments did the same thing when they saw the Public Relations Department cleaning director's office. The whole Tengfei was suddenly busy.

Shen Yan went into the meeting room directly. There were no empty seats in the meeting room. The management of middle-level and above were all here. They all stood up when Shen Yan came in.

Shen Yan went to his chair. He nodded to them and motioned them to sit down.

"Secretary Xia will announce the appointments." Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu.

"Director of Planning Department Fang Feifei, Vice Director Lei Ming, Director of Human Resource Department Liu Chaoming, Vice Director Mei Yiyao, Director of Finance Department Jiang Chao, Vice Director Ma Mei, Director of Sales Department Hu Fenghua, Vice Director Ouyang Ming, Director of Public Relations Department Li Feiran, Vice Director Cai Manman…"

After Xia Yu's announcement, Shen Yan said, "There are a lot of changes in personnel. Some of the people are old and some are new. I won't introduce everyone here. You guys get acquainted afterward. Now let us get down to business. The meeting will last for only half an hour. I have a meeting at Headquarters half an hour later. If you have any questions, just ask Secretary Xia."

Shen Yan was done in a few words and then standing up left.

Others also stood up. They needed to meet the colleagues of their departments.

Every department had its new director. When they saw their new directors, they all thought one thing. Their former directors might not be able to come back.

Those directors had connections since they had worked for many years in this company. They knew that Shen Yan had appointed new directors through other people in the company quickly. Their resignations became true.

They didn't want this result. Tengfei was doing so well. How could they give it up?

Now Shen Yan really kicked them out. They didn't even have a chance to appeal. Since they resigned themselves. And when Xia Yu tried to persuade them, they insisted that they wouldn't go back.

The people who regretted the most were Zhang Yuan and Director Qin. They were so full of themselves that they thought they were irreplaceable. However, Shen Yan managed to hire the famous top salesperson of this industry Hu Fenghua and the top five Ouyang Ming. Not just they even Shen Mo couldn't be picky.

Even Shen Mo wanted to hire these two people.

And Fang Feifei was the one relative who had the most shares of Shen Group except Shen Family. Did Shen Mo dare say she was not qualified?

They all stood up for Shen Mo. Besides he also promised clearly that he would keep them safe. Now the thing went so wrong. Who else should they go after except him? They called him.

Xiang Hui answered the call. He told them that Young Master Mo would take care of them and they needed to be patient.

After comforting them Xiang Hui looked at Shen Mo.

Shen Mo looked at the new personnel appointment list of Tengfei. It was unassailable. If this list got submitted to Headquarters, no one with a clear mind would say no. The list might get approved at once when submitted.

These people were hard to find. If Shen Yan hadn't planned this for a long time, it would have been impossible that these people appeared in Tengfei's office over one night.

It looked like that little brat Shen Yan had been planning this for a long time.

He made a wedding dress for Shen Yan again. No matter how tolerable Shen Mo was, he couldn't tolerate any more at this moment. He picked up the phone and called Shen Yan, "Are you gloating?"

"How can I? I am thankful for big brother's help." Shen Yan was modest.

"Go to hell!" Shen Mo swore. He threw his phone at the wall. The phone bounced back after hitting the wall and fell on the floor. It broke into pieces.

"Young Master Mo, you need to go and have a meeting at Headquarters." Xiang Hui reminded him.

"Go to hell with the meeting! Go to tell the Old Madame that it's canceled." Still went to the meeting? Was I not embarrassed enough?

Xiang Hui was afraid of asking anything more. He got out of Shen Mo's office quickly. He hid in his office and called Secretary Yang. He told Secretary Yang about the personnel appointments of Shen Yan's company and Shen Mo's instructions.

After hearing what Xiang Hui said Secretary Yang didn't say a word for a long time. How good Shen Yan was at keeping secrets. He didn't hear anything about this big event in advance.

If it was like this, then they really shouldn't have the meeting.

Secretary Yang reported to the Old Madame immediately.

After hearing what Secretary Yang said, Old Madame didn't say a word for a long time. No wonder people called Shen Mo little fox. He really lived up to it. What kind of grandsons did she raise? Fine. Let them go.

After he got the cancellation notice of the meeting from the Old Madame, Yang Weiye sent a message to his brother: It was time for you to treat.

Yang Weiming looked at the message with a bitter smile. The two grandsons of his aunt were one more powerful than another. It would definitely give her a headache.

Zeng Ziqiang who kept an eye on the situation also got the news. He smiled lightly. The worse Shen Mo's situation was, the better it was for him to get into Shen Group.

It seemed that it was time to let his daughter contact Shen Mo. Would he still be arrogant at this time?

No matter how unhappy Shen Mo was, he still needed to work. Their company had a dinner party that night. They invited many merchants and journalists. He must attend.

Shen Mo exhaled and regained his spirit. He picked up the phone and called for a meeting.

The dinner party went well. Because the guests were almost customers and investors, just a few journalists. It was easy to deal with. Shen Mo drank a lot due to the siege of the guests. He was sincere and drank with everyone who approached. It made him a little tipsy nearly halfway through the dinner party.

As Zeng Ziqiang's representative, Zhou Jiali was there too. Zeng Mina was with Shen Mo the whole time as his girlfriend and fiancée. Some journalist seized the chance and asked about their marriage. Zeng Mina was enthusiastic. She told the journalist that she had no work to do recently, which hinted that she and Shen Mo would get marry soon. Journalists all congratulated her. This rich lady in the camera was easy-going and adorable.

Zhou Jiali knew she was just an accompaniment. She made an excuse and left after a while. Shen Mo was in a bad mood and drunk a lot. He was almost drunk and didn't ask her to stay. However, Zeng Mina wouldn't like to leave with Zhou Jiali. She insisted to stay with Shen Mo.

The dinner party was finally over at 11. Shen Mo went out of the hotel with Zeng Mina's help. Xiang Hui parked outside the door. He opened the backseat door when he saw them coming out, and then run to them.

"Miss Zeng, let me do it."

"No, he is drunk. Let me help him."

Zeng Mina was in high heels and wore a tight evening dress. She helped Shen Mo get into the car difficultly.

Xiang Hui took a look at the backseat. The man tilted on the backseat was unconscious.

"Why did he drink this much?"

Zeng Mina caught her breath, "Those people made him. Those people made him drink wine like water. It's really detestable! Young Master Mo accepted everyone. He was a fool to drink it all. Why didn't he refuse?" She said all this with anger and love and also some innocent.

Xiang Hui took a look at her from the rearview mirror. She was pouting with a long face in her golden pink dress. It was indeed the rich lady's temper. How could she know some wine you must drink and some people you could not mess with?

"It's normal. How can you do business without drinking on social occasions." Xiang Hui knew Zeng Mina would stay at Shen Mo's house tonight. He was afraid she couldn't handle it and said, "Please don't worry. When you go back, make him a cup of honey water. He will be just fine tomorrow."

Zeng Mina didn't ask anything more. Who knew that Shen Mo vomited badly right when they got home? He vomited almost all the way from the door to the bathroom. The vomit was on the floor and both of them.

Zeng Mina was about to vomit smelling that. Shen Mo collapsed on the floor after he was done vomiting into the toilet. Zeng Mina couldn't move him nor wake him up. Besides his shirt and pants were all covered in vomit. The whole bathroom was filled with a sour fishy smell. The one on the floor was snoring. She couldn't let him sleep in the bathroom overnight.

She just stood beside him holding her breath for a while. She didn't know what to do. It was really hard for her. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and had several servants. Even when she studied abroad her father hired a housekeeper for her. She had never dealt with this kind of a mess. Finally, she made up her mind. She, squeezing her nose, approached Shen Mo and unbuttoned his shirt. She held the shower head over him and opened it.

And then she dragged him to the bedroom with all her strength. Zeng Mina was really frustrated watching Shen Mo lying still on the bed. She finally got the chance to be close to him but he was so drunk.

It looked like they couldn't do anything tonight. Zeng Mina covered him with a quilt. She wanted to rest in a guest room. There were plenty of rooms in Shen Mo's house. But she wasn't willing to do that. She lay beside Shen Mo. Even if they did nothing, it was nice lying together.

When Shen Mo woke up, there was a dime light outside the window. His head ached so much. He might have woken up by it. He opened his eyes in fuzz and saw Zeng Mina lying beside him.

Her face was against his shoulder and her hand held his arm. More importantly, she only wore her underwear. And he only wore his underpants. Did they sleep all night like this clinging to each other?

Shen Mo got up from the bed holding his forehead. He was dizzy due to the hangover headache. Their clothes were all over the floor from the bathroom to the bed. The carpet was still wet. What did he do last night? Or what did they do last night?

Shen Mo knocked his head and tried really hard to remember. But there was nothing in his head except the pain.


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