Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 267 It Was Better to Call Me Young Master Mo
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 267 It Was Better to Call Me Young Master Mo

He was totally drunk yesterday at the dinner party. He couldn't remember how he got back from the hotel, let alone the rest details.

"Are you awake?"

Zeng Mina's voice came from behind. She sat up wrapping in quilt. Shen Mo looked back at her. From her bare shoulder to chest was in plain sight. Although they had dated for a long time, it was the first time they saw this much of each other. Shen Mo felt weird. He turned around to avoid looking at her.

"Last night…"

"Last night you drank too much."

"Did you send me home?"

"Xiang Hui did. But I helped you in. You were so drunk that I was so terrified. Don't drink like this in the future!" Zeng Mina embraced Shen Mo from behind while saying. Her soft arms wrapped his waist. His back went stiff immediately.

The atmosphere was frozen in the bedroom. Shen Mo forced himself to look back.

"What's the…" He didn't finish his sentence. Zeng Mina seized the chance and approached. She put her nose against his nose and smiled delicately, "Don't you want?"

"Want what?"

"The timing is right. The night is still young. Shall we do something that adults do?"

Shen Mo took a deep breath. She made it quite obvious. Besides they slept the whole night clinging to each other. He didn't know if he did anything to her last night. And now the lady barely wore anything, and she was beautiful. A normal man should throw himself at her. But he felt stiff and breathless.

Zeng Mina inhaled deeply. It was the first time that she and Shen Mo had been so intimate together. His smell, muscles, bones and even the leftover mustache on his chin all tempted her.

Shen Mo always wore suits and had a serious face. Zeng Mina hadn't thought he would be so sexy without his clothes.

"Shen Mo, I love you!"

Zeng Mina said these words against his ear with a tempting voice.

Shen Mo frowned slightly. He was not used to her calling his full name. She used to call him Young Master Mo.

However, the one on his body suddenly looked up. She held his chin and kissed him…

They had been engaged for a long time. Her longing for him had been built up night after night and finally burst out at this moment. Her kiss was intense and overwhelming.

This man was hers. She fell for him at first sight.

She was his fiancée. She would be his wife and his lady and the one sleeping beside him in the near future.

Zeng Mina's breath became inordinate. She grabbed Shen Mo's hands and put them on the back of her waist. She was lost in the kiss. She couldn't help herself in the kiss. And her selfishness and possessiveness became bigger and bigger. Not all feelings were mutual. In addition, not all happiness could last forever. Something needed to fight for by yourself. Zhou Jiamin taught her this.

She made Shen Mo disordered. Nobody was innocent. Embracing a beautiful woman who was so eager if he didn't respond, he might be punished by god. So, he tried to take control. He embraced Zeng Mina and kissed her back. But strangely both tempo and breath were not smooth. It was not fire coming out from his heart and body but unbearable frustration.

Finally, Shen Mo pulled the person in his arms away slightly. He held her collapsing waist with his arms.


The eyes of the girl in front of him were bright. Her cheek was pink. Shen Mo inhaled slightly.

"Your father doesn't seem to approve us living together before married."

"Are you worried that my father will be angry? Don't be silly. He is old-fashioned. But I'm not. I have studied abroad at least. We are adults. Some things…" Zeng Mina thought he hesitated because it was the first time for them. So, she was willing to make the move.

Shen Mo's phone rang while she was talking. It was really in time. He grabbed the phone and answered immediately.

Zeng Mina never felt so ashamed before. Shen Mo didn't want her even when she threw herself at him. She had nothing not just dignity.

Using the phone call as an excuse, Shen Mo ran out of the bedroom. Watching him like this she squeezed the quilt tightly and tried to control herself.

Shen Mo talked on the phone while walking. After hanging up he looked up and found himself in front of the bathroom door. The door was closed. The light seemed to be on inside. He opened the door and was shocked by what he saw.

Was this his bathroom?

There were water stains on the mirror and floor. Dirty towels were in the trash can and basin. Shower head was hung beside the bathtub. And the faucet wasn't turned off completely. It was dripping.

Shen Mo had OCD and was possessive. Usually, this kind of people also had mysophobia. So, his house was always spotless. Everything had its fixed location. However, the bathroom looked like a murder scene at the moment. What exactly happened last night?

"Shen Mo!"

Zeng Mina came from the bedroom. She explained when she saw him standing still at the bathroom door, "Last night you drank too much. You vomited into the toilet right when we came back. Your vomit was on the floor and your clothes. I couldn't wake you up but could only water you a bit. I didn't know how to clean these up. So, I just wiped these with some towels."

The result was a messy bathroom due to her sloppy handling. And after the watering, Shen Mo was splitting headache. But there was nothing he could do except smile bitterly. He knew she hadn't done any housework since she was a kid. She didn't know how to take care of others. He was lucky that she didn't leave him in the bathroom last night.

"Do you think I'm useless? I can't even do this thing right?"

"No, how could I!?" Shen Mo turned around. She at least wore one of his shirts at this time. She stood on tiptoe without her shoes. She was probably afraid that the water on the floor might get her feet dirty.

Shen Mo didn't care about these things much. Some people were born like this. They didn't need to learn to do these things. They didn't need to do any housework and had people doing things for them. However, some people were on their own since they were kids. They needed to do all the housework like laundry, cooking and cleaning, and maybe something harder. They still could do all of that nicely.

Shen Mo couldn't help but wonder: Would it be different if it was another woman that had been with him last night?

Shen Mo's heart ached thinking about that woman. The scene of her snuggling with Li Yan emerged in front of his eyes. They didn't break up for long and now she was with another man already.

Women really were capricious animals.

Shen Mo completely forgot there was someone in the room while thinking. He took his briefcase and left after he changed his clothes.

"Shen Mo, what about me?" Zeng Mina was worried and stamped behind him. Shen Mo vomited all over her yesterday. How could she go out without changing her clothes?

Right, there was another person in the room. Shen Mo looked back apologetically, "You just wait here for a while. Xiang Hui will send you some clothes." After some thoughts, Shen Mo said again, "You'd better still call me Young Master Mo. I'm used to that. I'm not used to your calling me anything else."

"Oh, OK!" Zeng Mina was frustrated. Letting her call him Young Master Mo meant he never thought about getting married with her. Otherwise, what kind of husband would ask his wife to call him that?

Fine, really fine! Shen Mo, remember your ruthless. I, Zeng Mina, would let you pay me back fully someday.

The resignation crisis was finally over. Xia Yu was relaxed. She took Jiangjiang to see his grandmother. When they were about to leave, Zhou Yan and Wanru arrived at the hospital.

"Xia Yu, do you come and visit Aunt Xie again?" Zhou Yan and Wanru greeted her with a smile.

"Yes. Jiangjiang hasn't seen his grandmother for days. So, I took him to see her. It's late. I need to take him to kindergarten." Xia Yu waved at them and was ready to leave with Jiangjiang.

"Xia Yu, let me take Jiangjiang to the kindergarten with you. Let's buy something and cook at my place. I want to treat Zhou Yan." Wanru stopped her from behind.

Wanru had been wanting to invite Zhou Yan for a long time. She asked Xia Yu to help cook to show her sincerity.

Zhou Yan did help Wanru a lot. It was right that she treated him once. Xia Yu nodded, "OK, get in!"

Wanru said something to Zhou Yan. Xia Yu didn't hear it. She just saw them separating quickly. Zhou Yan went to the hospital. And Wanru got in Xia Yu's car.

After dropped Jiangjiang at the kindergarten, they went to the supermarket. They did some shopping and went back to Wanru's apartment. Zhou Yan arrived after a short while. Wanru turned on the TV for him in case he was boring. She went to do some laundry herself. But he didn't stay in the living room watching TV. He went to the kitchen instead.

"I will help trim the vegetables." There was a shining smile on Zhou Yan's face. He rolled up his sleeves and took out the spinach from the bag. And then he put the spinach in the basin to wash. He was familiar with this. It looked like he often did this at home.

Zhou Yan's family was doing well. Though they didn’t live an extravagant life, they paid people to do the house work. Xia Yu was confused that Zhou Yan was so proficient in trimming vegetables.

After he trimmed the vegetables, he wanted to help with the shrimp. Xia Yu persuaded him into going to the living room watching TV.

Three people couldn't eat that much. Xia Yu wasn't planning to cook too much. Enough would be good.

"Zhou Yan, can you eat spicy food?" After preparing all the ingredients, Xia Yu stuck out her head from the kitchen and asked.

"Yes. I have a strong taste. I love spicy food!"

Zhou Yan said with a smile. Then he looked back at the TV. The basketball game was on.

Knowing his taste, Xia Yu cut a few more pod pepper. The poached spicy beef would taste better when it was spicier.

Wanru also liked spicy food anyway.

Except the poached spicy beef needed a little time, the other two dishes Xia Yu cooked that day was quick. The shrimp was done after being boiled and put some ingredients in. The fried vegetable was also quick. One more shredded pork with green pepper would be enough.

When the poached spicy beef was served, Xia Yu saw Zhou Yan's eyes were brightened. He picked a piece of beef and put in his mouth. There was a satisfying look on his face. He said immediately, "Xia Yu, I didn't know you are so good at cooking…"

"If Xia Yu isn't good at cooking, I won't ask her to cook. What do you think? Isn't it as good as the dishes in the big restaurant?" Wanru took out a bottle of wine. It was Zhang Hanyu's collection. After their divorce, he never came back. The wine was there the whole time.

Wanru opened it and poured one for Zhou Yan. And then she poured soft drinks for Xia Yu and herself.

Seeing Zhou Yan liked it, Xia Yu smiled and said, "Eat more if you like."

"OK!" He picked up another piece of beef while saying. It looked like he really liked it.

Because of his strong taste Xia Yu put a lot of pepper and Sichuan pepper when she made the poached spicy beef. It was shining red. Wanru picked up one piece and put in her mouth. A spicy taste rushed down her throat immediately. So spicy!

Although Wanru could eat spicy food, this was a whole other level for her. But it was also too delicious to resist.

Her tears and snot were coming out after this meal. Zhou Yan also put out his tongue because it was too spicy. His lips were red and swelled. But he kept eating. It was as he said that he loved spicy food.

After they were done, he helped with cleaning up voluntarily. He asked Xia Yu and Wanru to rest and let him wash the dishes.


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