Sword Overlord
2 Master Emong vs Skeletal Dragon
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Sword Overlord
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2 Master Emong vs Skeletal Dragon

"Hey, Dominic.... Wake up!"

"Yes Master!" After hearing his master's call, Dominic rushed towards the living area where his master is waiting.

"I prepared your your breakfast, go eat now." Emong is currently sitting on a rocking chair, rocking his body while his eyes closed.

Dominic rushed to the table, and eat his breakfast. After this, he then rushed to the mountain with his battle sword and some extra shirts.

He is now on the area he cleared yesterday. The lifeless trees lied down on the ground, and leaves fell to the ground.

He then sat above a large rock that is about 100 kilos, and then entered the meditation State.

Clearing everything in his consciousness, he felt Fantasia flowing through his body. Fantasia particles flowing in the air, as he exhaled, he absorbed large amount of Fantasias, and Fantasia also entered his body through his skin pores.

After a while, his body feel refreshed but at the same time, he also felt tired. While cultivating, he used his energy to stabilize the Fantasia he acquired.

After 2 hours of Cultivating, Dom stopped and exit meditation state. As he open his eyes, nothing change in the scenery. The place is still filled with fallen logs and leaves.

"Time to hunt some foods" after resting for awhile, he then start to wander around the Mountain range of Limonsito. As he wander around the Mountains, he goes deeper to some dangerous regions.

"Naaaaah... where did these Wild boars gone into?" He is looking for some wild boars for almost two hours. After a while, Dom decided to head back to his house and take a rest. He is now walking heading back to the house when a Large Creature made of bones appeared in his path.

This creature released a dangerous vibes as he lock his eyes on Dominic. He felt shivers run down through his spine, and cold sweat dripped down to his face from his forehead. He can't move, he felt terrified, the scene alone made his body unmovable, akin to a statue.

The Bony Creature released a loud roar "ROOOOAAAR"



"Huh? What was that?" Master Emong awakened from his nap by this loud roar. The Roar is too loud, that made the whole mountains noisy, the birds chirped so loudly, small beast running around in fear, some are hiding in their caves and this scene alone made Emong feel Danger is coming.

Then, he remembered his disciple, Dominic, and run into his newly made training ground, out of fallen trees. He look everywhere to find him, but there is no Dominic there.

He remembered the time, it is past 1 pm and Dominic must be hungry and left the training grounds to find some food.

"D*mn!!" He then rushed to the place where the load roar came.


Dominic's body is trembling in fear as the Dragon released the roar. His knee grew weaker and then he collapsed and fall into the ground. Staring at a Bone Creature made his body shivers.

The distance between Dom and the Monster is only 50 meters.

"DOM, STAY AWAY FROM THE SKELETAL DRAGON!" after dom heard this, he looked at the human figure 100 meters away from him, and it was his Master Emong coming to his aid.

[Skeletal Dragon?] after repeating it on his mind, he remembered that the bony creature in front of him is the Skeletal Dragon.

It is a Dragon composed of Skeleton, it is as large as a 2 story building, and has a length of 60 meters. The monster's level is at grandmaster level, par with Master Emong. But, Master Emong suffered a great damage in his soul that made him weaker than the Skeletal Dragon.

Master Emong is holding a sword, gold in color. Its length is 80 cm.

Master Emong's body is covered by lighting and the sword is emitting a black aura, its was the Booster skill:Thunder and the Devil's Edge.


The Skeletal Dragon turned his head, locking his eyes into an old skinny man.

The Golden sword Master Emong is holding is glowing, it was channeling External Fantasia. Instead of extracting Fantasia from his body into his sword, he is borrowing Fantasia from the nature and channel it directly to his sword. This is the method Master Emong invented after his soul has been severely damage and unable to store large amount of Fantasia.

"WIND BLAAAADE!" Master Emong slahed his sword into the air and released a Wind Blade.

The wind blade traveled fast enough that Dom only see a blur of light. Within a second, it hits the head of the Skeletal Dragon.


A loud sound of something dropped to the ground rang into Dom's ear, and it was the head of the Skeletal Dragon.

[The head of the Skeletal Dragon! As easy as that, Master Emong killed it.]

After this thought run in Dom's head, he rushed to his master's side but, the Skeletal tail of the dragon move like a whip and hit Dominic on his stomach.

Dom flew 300 meters away from the scene, wounds from the spikes appeared in his stomach, making him cry in pain and fear.

Master's Emong eyes grow wide, his heart was crushed by the scene he saw, his beloved disciple is dying right before his eyes.


Dominic looked at his master with a teary eyes. [I don't wanna leave you master, but,....]

Dominic ran as fast as he could, without looking back at his master. [ Don't die master] this thought running in his head and was the only wish he's asking for right now.

"Hey Bones, since my disciple is now safe, let us kill each other without holding back. "

" Forbidden skill Activate Life for Power"

Suddenly, Emong's body glow in white light, but it was just a dim light.

Sacrificing his remaining life for power just to defeat the Skeletal Dragon but, he has only 20 years or so years of life left, making the Forbidden skill weak.

He dashed to the Skeletal Dragon's Core. Core is the weakest point of the Monster's body, given with the body structure of the Dragon, his Core is open for attack as only ribs are covering it. A monsters core is located in the navel, but undead creature has the core located at their heart.

The fight continued for 1 hour, Master Emong is bathed with his own blood, his white robe has become a red scarlet robe due to blood.

The only one who suffered damage is Master Emong.

Before the fight, Master Emong knew that he has no chance of winning, he only did it to buy sometime for his beloved disciple to escape.

Emong stand there, without moving. The Skeletal Dragon look at Emong, confused. [Why did this old skinny man stop moving?]

Then the Dragon raised its paw and slap Master Emong. Master Emong flew for 500 meters, his bones break, his wound is severe, and his life has been sacrificed, he will just live for an hour.

Then the Dragon let a load roar and exited the battle, ignoring Master Emong.

"My Discple..... Read... The... Letter... I.. Left..... Under... My.. Bed... And.. Take... this... sword.. " Emong wrote this words on the tree with his own blood.


Far away, a man wearing jeans, sport shoes, and a Red fit shirt walking aimlessly.


" Its was the Skeletal Dragon! MASTER!" All of his scared thought erased by the roar and making him rush to its direction.

Running with all his might, even though he got stumbled by the tree's roots, he still get up and run. Within a time of 5 minutes, he covered almost 5 kilometer. Within 5 minutes, he activated Thunder that allows him to cover a great distance.

Stopping at the scene of fight, he saw his master that is as red as tomato right now. He rushed to his master's side, he discovered severe wounds in his body, and found out that his master is already dead.

"MASTER... DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE! " Dominic started to sob. He cried for almost 10 minutes, then he discovered a tree nearby with a phrase written by blood.

" My discple, read the letter I left under my bed and take this sword. "


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