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Author :Broughtwaorld2
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@@Hey guys, don't worry, the novel will start from 20 December with an official schedule.

I wanted to tell you guys about my other works.

The first is a Fanfic of narutoXdragonball. This is my first novel so there are hell of a lot loopholes. Even I admit that, but its a fun read if you don't cringe by the fact that Shinobis are also strengthened by ki and their powers grow exponentially.

The name of the fanfic is - Dominating With one Intent.

If you want just a fun read, then you can check it out. There are already more than a hundred chapters in that particular novel and more coming after my exams are finished.

The second novel is quite a recent one and also my little darling. While I consider my first fanfic as my treasure, it still up to my standards after my thoughts broadened up about various psychological issues and stuff.

In this second novel, I want to portray a smart and 'anti-hero' mc who is selfish. By anti-hero, I don't mean a straight out villain like fang yuan of reverend insanity. Don't judge me, I love Fang Yuan's character and am a big fan, but his character won't be suited in my story.

The second novel is about dungeon and Cultivation with a 'dubious' system, you will know when you read it.

The name of the second novel is - Dungeon Life - A Pervert's Dream or you can search DLPD.

And yes, They are both HAREM Novels.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings.



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