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2 Prologue
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Author :Broughtwaorld2
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2 Prologue

Planet Sinku

Population: Null

Environment: Not suitable for Life

Planet Sinku is known as a dead planet within the documents of the Federation. Not only was the planet's weather extremely harsh to the evolution of life but it was also home to many cosmic beasts that filled the hearts of the higher-ups of the Federation with fear.

If any living organism had the courage to enter the planet, they would be able to see an extremely large palace just after entering the atmosphere of Planet Sinku.

The strange palace covered half of the planet!!

The palace was luxuriously built. The body of the palace was made of Heavenly Ores and the foundation of the palace was laid in Cosmic Obsidian Ore. The whole palace was dark red in colour with some light highlights of black at the top. There were no windows on the surface of the palace. The only entry to the palace was from a gigantic gate on one of the sides of the palace.

While the palace had a very nice exterior, the interior of the giant palace was nothing but gloomy.

The planetary palace didn't have any lights inside. The whole place looked like an abyss like mouth of a behemoth cosmic creature.

The only light could be seen coming from a golden cube that was placed on a desk, near an old man, who was busy writing some stuff on a small diary.

"All my life, I only wanted to overcome every single obstacle the life has thrown towards me. I may not be the strongest, but I am the only one who still remains from my generation. But the power of Destiny is still difficult to overcome and even the strongest have to cave in front of Heaven. To avoid such a tragic end…. or fate as many mortals call it nowadays, I started planning a project.

The task of the project was simple but the consequences of its success are groundbreaking.

Because of a fortunate accident, my planet was introduced to the world of magic and other energies. At that time, my mind was narrow and I couldn't see what was the most important treasure to me. To fill the void of my loss, I forcibly changed my mentality. I started to take pleasures from fears of other creatures…..even humans weren't spared.

This life is very short for regret and my only regret is losing her. What is the use of immortality if I have to spend it alone and under the commands of Heaven.

To anyone who receives my heritage: Don't lose your sight on what is truly important to you. If I don't make it out alive, remember one thing. Heavens is afraid of living beings the most."

The old man huffed and put down his pen.

He looked at the golden cube with a crazed expression and suddenly pierced his chest.




A pitch black heart was removed from his chest as the heart kept on beating.

The old man had to vomit mouthful of black blood before he could stabilise his condition.

"Ane rosa heta kilp gynh ….."

A string of strange words emerged from his bloodied mouth. As he kept on speaking, the light on golden cube increased in intensity.

"Take my heart as a show of sincerity and consume my inheritance."

The old man spoke in a hoarse voice as he threw his heart towards the golden light that immediately disintegrated into various particles before getting devoured by the golden cube.

He then grabbed his diary and threw it towards the light. The same thing happened as the light immediately reduced the diary into small particles and consumed it once more.



The situation changed suddenly as heavy lightning started to hit the palace. The power of lightning was so strong that it could even chip away the strong heavenly ores used to build the palace.

"Keke, maybe there really is energy related to fate and destiny. I wanted the cube to consume the palace too. After all its material is uncommon."

If others heard his words, they may try to kill the old man.

Any of the material used in building the palace could cause Universal Wars!!

"Well, no worries. Consume it all."

Slowly, the light in the room increased and the contents could finally be seen through the naked eye.

Stacks of booklets, vials filled with strange liquids, a variety of ores were placed neatly on the floor.

All of these were slowly consumed by the golden cube.

As the old man saw this, he took out a silver bone and threw towards the golden cube. The bone turned into particles but stuck on the cube. Astonishingly, the cube couldn't devour the bone. Strange patterns appeared on the surface of the cube made of silver colour.

"Well, my time is up. Be sure to find a worthy inheritor."

The old man spoke out suddenly and made a strange motion.

The light increased in intensity as it even devoured the old man. The light didn't leave the room, but it looked like a sun inside the room.

"You are not going anywhere."

A domineering voice sounded out and a huge hand slapped at the palace, locking the surrounding space.


The light vanished alongside the cube, greatly startling the owner of the big hand.

"What? A mongrel could activate one of the treasures left by Master?"


"Huh? Didn't I die."

In a Hospital, a newborn woke up with a shocked expression.


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