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3 The Stellar Era
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Author :Broughtwaorld2
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3 The Stellar Era

Earth is one of the planets that support the living conditions of even the weakest of lifeforms. But this mellow environment is also the birthplace of one of the most vicious races known throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

It took only one spark of innovation to rapidly evolve the humankind and also fuel their desire and lust for dominance of the galaxy.

The various discoveries and scientific knowledge held by other species further increased their ambitions. To keep a check on mankind, many top races of the Milky Way Galaxy decided to form an alliance. Of course, this also created an opportunity for humans to set up their foundations in this new world.

"Okay, students. This is it for today's lecture. Be sure to consume your daily dosage of basic enhancing pills when you reach your home. The notice for the next Parent Teacher Meeting has been posted and your parents have also received the messages, so be sure to complete your speech on your ideas. Class dismissed."

A blue-haired woman with a pair of round spectacle, wearing a white shirt along with a light blue blazer and a light blue office skirt spoke with a smile.

Her name is Dimple Sethi, one of the distinguished graduates of the Federation Technology Association. She decided to teach in a high school because she wanted to write a thesis about the relationship between the enhancement drugs and the basic creativity of children. She already had quite a number of books that illustrated the creativity of children from the Industrial Era and now she wanted to compare it with the kids born in the Stellar Era.

She looked at the group of 5-years-old slowly getting up and walking out of the class in a well-behaved manner. The classroom could be described as ordinary. There was no whiteboard, no books or anything. There was just one metal cube on the teacher's desk and a high-tech watch could be seen on every kid's hands.

Surprisingly, these group of five-years-old were already being taught on the level of high school students of the Industrial Era.

"Oh, another thing. Arav, please follow me to the staff room."

Dimple spoke before leaving the class.

"Arav, did you do something?" A cute brunette spoke beside him.

"Hmm, I don't think so. Well, I will just go and ask her what this is about." A young boy with pitch black hair and sky blue eyes replied with a smile. He was the perfect combination of an exotic charm as his light tan skin perfectly complemented with his hair and eyes.

The young girl was sent to a daze and so were the other girls in the class too. Some of the unprepared boys in the class felt their face heating up too.

Suddenly, a small hand knocks him on his head.

"Geez, Arav. We already discussed this. You only smile in front of me." A young girl with almost the same features as Arav spoke with an obsessive and commanding tone.

"Yes, big sis." Arav smiled wryly at his twin sister. In his past life, they both were really close but they both didn't look as charming and beautiful as they look this time around. He could only suspect the mysterious cube for this effect.

"Hmph, as long as you understand. Now let's go to the staff room." Tanya huffed and pouted. Her round face looked especially cute.

"You are going too?" Arav could only act like a child at this time.

No matter how advanced the humankind has become, this didn't reduce their threat. With their horizons broadened to this extent and their constant contacts with mysterious forces of gene evolution and Cultivation methods of the Ancient Era, they have become especially sensitive to strange things and wouldn't mind kidnapping or snatching the things they liked. This included the younger generation of their own race.

"Of course I am going. Didn't you see that perverted look on Class Teacher's face? She isn't a good woman."

Tanya looked at Arav and spoke seriously.

Her sentence only caused his mouth to twitch continuously. He was almost a million times older than his twin sister and he already knew Dimple's objective.

He could only sigh in his mind and smiled at his sister. "Ok let's go."

"Um, Arav, you are still coming to play the new video game today right?" the brunette asked with a red face. This scene caused Tanya's senses to flare up and causing her to almost reply in her instinctive manner.

"Sure. Me and big sis will reach on time. Bye." He quickly replied and dragged Tanya out of the class.

The education system of the Stellar Era has experienced quite an amount of changes and the syllabus has all been standardised. Most of the new stuff and discoveries are introduced to the 8-year-olds when they have a mental value of 15. The status system where children of celebrities will be given special rights has also been removed. This caused the students to feel confident when talking with someone with higher status from a young age and increased the foundations of children's growth.

But even then, only a few illustrious families can still live on the Planet Earth. Most of the humanity has been already spread across the Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies of the universe to collect technologies to improve their race.

His family was one of those illustrious families.

Even the structure of the whole planet has been changed by human effort to promote the growth of Human's genes. The whole planet constitutes 46% land and 54% water.

They quickly walked through the pristine clear corridors and reached the staff room. This school could be considered one of the best Educational institution developed by Humankind. This place not only have regular courses like PhD of various economic and literary subjects, but it also had many research labs led by the genius of the Stellar Era or better known as the Progenitor of the Stellar Era– David Ollins. The researcher whose invention led humanity to this point.

"Oh, you are here." Dimple didn't mind Tanya's presence and dived straight to the topic.

"The thing is, these assignments given out for Parents Meet is taken really seriously. This is especially true for high school students like you. Even though your research idea has been heavily favoured by Sir David's 178th disciple. Please keep in mind that she herself is a young girl barely crossing the age of 10. I want you to be careful and keep your head calm with your research speech. Please don't over exaggerate it as it may cause some setbacks for Miss Reshma. Understood?"

Dimple looked seriously at Arav.

Arav nodded his head with a cute smile. His charming smile immediately loosened the tension and even caused someone like Dimple with a mature mindset to look at a kid again.

"Yes, Ma'am. I won't disappoint you and big sis Reshma." His cute voice caused Dimple to smile.

"Ok, you can go home now."

After leaving the staff room, Tanya immediately growled and pouted.

"I really don't like her and you should stop hanging out with that Reshma. I tell you she is a Vixen." Tanya held his hands and moved towards the exit of the high school building of the institution.

"Big Sis, even father has spoken too try and keep a positive relationship with big sis Reshma."

'Besides, she is someone I couldn't forget even in my past life.' Arav's eyes flickered for a moment as he kept on repeating his meeting with Reshma once again. Almost immediately, he started reminiscing about their past moments but he kept his gaze clear and walked alongside Tanya.

"Either way, don't forget that Mom said that she and Dad are going outside for some work so it is only us and Rect. What do you want to eat? I will send the command right now."

Tanya asked her minute late younger brother.

"Hmm, how about some retro for today. Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani alongside Rice?"

(Author Note: This is my way of spreading the Indian Community's foods. I highly recommend searching for all the dishes as even the image of these dishes will work your appetite.)

"Fine." Tanya touched her black watch and a hologram screen popped up midair. She immediately entered some commands in the interface of their maid mech and then set off together with Arav.

The whole Highschool building was almost a kilometre long and Hundreds of metres wide. They both were very lucky to have their classes near the exit of the building. Other unfortunate children had to use their launch pad to move around the school.

The whole building was a brown in colour and the gate at the exit was fully mechanised. Near the glass like door was a module where the students and teachers had to insert their ID Cards to enter or exit the building.

As they walked outside the building, they saw many cars and flying shuttles around the exit.

Many students came to this institution from other continents so they used their families shuttles to travel quickly.

"Young Mistress, Young Master. Please enter the car." A middle-aged butler dressed in pure white spoke out. The butler could be considered handsome and he had quite a different aura compared to the butlers of other families coming to pick the heirs of various families.

He was standing in front of a pitch black shuttle that was almost two metres high and three metres long.

Arav and Tanya entered the shuttle through the backside of the shuttle and quickly took their seats. They touched a button on the left of the seat and a silver dome emerged from beneath their seats and quickly covered their bodies.


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