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4 A New Scheme
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Author :Broughtwaorld2
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4 A New Scheme


Arav looked himself in the mirror and sighed once again. He still couldn't believe that he would return to the past and start his journey once again. Even though his physique is a little different compared to his past life, he still had the same type of body in the end.

"Arav, come here. Mr Ollins is live again." Tanya shouted from the living room.

They were currently staying at one of the Islands that his family owned. The whole Island's interior has already been restructured and most parts of the Island has already been mechanised. This technology was actually plundered from a weak lifeform of the Milky Way Galaxy- The Limbers. The Limbers were a race that looked like a humanoid Hamster. They had very short bodies but their fingers are extremely nimble. Their minds were actually able to integrate mechanical engineering with nature itself.

This Island was also the result of the same research. It had one of the strongest security system installed with the authorisation to fire at most 2 nuclear missiles towards the hostile party. The whole restructuring of the Island improved its natural ecosystem and also converted the minerals of the dead volcano for the growth of the Island.

The Mansion that the two kids were living in was only one structure out of many. The Mansion was not the most advanced version compared to the current technology. It was one of the designs from the Industrial Era that his Father was very fond of.

Even though the Stellar Era has brought many changes, it has only been 18 years since the start of this revolutionary era. His Father and Mother were from the Industrial Era themselves and so were most of the middle-aged humans.

Alongside the Mansion, there was a training ground, research facility and the Gene Enhancer Building.

After hearing his Sister's shout, he felt a little strange. After all, he already knew the topic of the news that was going to be discussed.

He walked out of his room and went to the living room. The floor of the mansion looked like Hardwood but it was actually a variant of carbon tiles. The living room was furnished with 3 yellow, leather couches with inbuilt Massage function and Virtual Reality Gaming feature and also allowed the the body to feel refreshed because it was made from the skin of Bright Chameleon.

Tanya was currently lying on her front and looking at a huge holographic display with excitement in her eyes. Her legs were swinging up wildly with joy and she immediately got up and hugged Arav as she saw him enter the room.

"What happened Big Sis? You look happy."

"Of course I am. Look at this interview."

Tanya immediately opened the recording and showed Arav the whole interview from the beginning.

There was no background in the holographic image. It was just the images of two people, sitting on a floating chair and discussing.

The interviewer was a bespectacled man in his old age with a lot of hands-on experience with the latest technology, while the guest looked like an ordinary middle-aged man with a small brown hair and a normal stature. The only thing strange about him was his extraordinarily bright eyes showing his capabilities in charge practice.

"Welcome Everyone. Today, The Founder of the Stellar Era has decided to speak a few words about his recent discoveries. My name is Michael and let's start our show!"

The old man spoke very fluently and presented his opening statement.

"Thank You, Michael. As most of you know, my name is David Ollins and I am here to present you some of my findings and also give Mankind another gift it needed to make another evolutionary leap."

David didn't speak arrogantly or modestly. He knew that he was the reason that mankind could reach this step and he also knew that it wouldn't have been possible without the support of certain families of humankind and the help of some outsiders.

'Its here.'

Arav sneered in his mind.

"From the research on charge practices, we have found a new direction of research and gene development. The result we found from the research is actually a method to help everyone start the charge practice."

David spoke out with a smile.

Tanya immediately paused and quickly held Arav's shoulders.

"See? Even you can start your charge practice now." Tanya's face was almost red with excitement.

"At least let me hear the rest big sis."

"That's not important. Mr Ollins said that he would announce the date for a public lecture on another planet. We have to ask Father to get us the tickets."

Arav could only smile bitterly and shake his head. But his heart was still admiring Ollins' method.

He actually took advantage of humanity's biggest weakness at this time.

"Big Sis, don't worry too much. We are only a bunch of kids. We have so much time until we make that decision. Even Father has spoken that he wouldn't force both of us." Arav tried to calm her down.


"Sir, are you sure about this?" A white masked man kneeled in front of David in his personal research facility.

"Yeah! Even though I am called the founder of this era, these guys already consider my research on charge particles completely obsolete. They are more intent on uncovering their ancient heritage instead of looking ahead. I will show them the glory of Charge Energy." David had a cold expression on his face.

"But sir, this is the core of our research."

"Think broadly. I chose you as my first disciple not only because of your technical capabilities but also your other potential. You think about all the implications and meet me tomorrow."


"This Ollins is becoming more and more crazy. He is even willing to publicize his work on charge practice?" An old man shouted in a meeting filled with many other people. There were some Asians, Indians, Britishers, Americans, Russian and people from other prominent countries.

All the people were sitting on chairs while looking towards the same direction where one could see three faces on the wall.

"Shut up and sit down. Did we give you any permission to speak." A woman's cold voice sounded from one of the screens.

The old man that was creating a ruckus immediately sat down like a deflated balloon.

"It is true that we all have reached this height because of the innovation of Professor David Ollins. But he was only the creator of the most basic charge practice. Many more researchers have contributed to Gene Enhancers and various techniques of charge practice that allowed us to have such a footing in the Milky Way Galaxy. Since, Ollins wants to spread his research, send some of the people from your families and get the most benefit you can get out of this situation." A calm voice of a man spoke out.

The previous old man already had a red face as the three leaders ignored him so blatantly.

"Alright, the meeting is dismissed."


It was already night. Arav and Tanya visited Aisha's family's island during the evening and played some video games with her.

"Goodnight Arav." Tanya gave Arav a goodnight kiss on his forehead and went to her room to sleep.

Arav smiled and entered his room too.

"Alright, let's start with the foundation." He had a sly grin as he thought of the interview he heard today.

On this event, Ollins would perfectly use the Federation's overconfidence and the humankind's biggest weakness of intellect and become one of the most glorious figure of Mankind.


To user MengBatian

Thank you for posting your questions but most of them will be answered as the story continues.

There are two things that I would like to tell you.

1) I think it is pointless to write the story about the future after mc disappearance because what is the use of that?

2) I really appreciate your concern about over exerting myself. But as a writer I have to atleast reach the level where I can write around 2000 words without much trouble. Right now, I have only reached the point where I can write a maximum of 1400-1600 words without any problem.


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