The Adventures of Naruto And Scarlet
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The Adventures of Naruto And Scarlet
Author :BlueObserver
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Scarlet went along with the lady, there she saw three people waiting for her. The lady introduced "Scarlet, he is the captain of your team. Call him Tenzo"

Scarlet looked at the man who had short brown hair and black, almond-shaped eyes. Seeing him Scarlet wondered 'Isn't he Yamato? No, the name is not given to him yet.' Scarlet greeted him "Captain Tenzo"

Tenzo nodded and then said "Both of them are going to be your teammates. She is called Soku and he is called Ro"

Scarlet looks at both of them. Ro had short, spiky brown hair and sideburns. He had brown eyes and was wearing a monkey-motif mask. He had a boulder-like an appearance which would keep people away from him.

Soku was a short girl with long light-brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing an Anbu cat-motif mask with three whisker markings on each side of the face and three additional 3 lines at the top along with the standard Konoha uniform.

Scarlet greeted them "I am Red Witch, let's take care of each in future" Both of them returned Scarlet's greeting.

Tenzo then said, "Now let us go training grounds to assess your abilities and also get to know about each other."

Soon all of them went to the training grounds. Tenzo then said "I will first test your taijutsu skills"

Scarlet nodded.

Scarlet and Tenzo confronted each other. Scarlet initiated the fight by launching a kick towards Tenzo's head which he blocked. He tried to hold her leg when Scarlet jumped and kicked his hand with her other leg. Suddenly Tenzo disappeared and appeared behind Scarlet which she already sensed.

Tenzo then launched a kick towards her, just as the kick was nearing Scarlet's head a hand caught the leg. Of course, it was caught by Scarlet. Scarlet then pulled the leg with all her strength and smashed it onto the ground.

Tenzo who was on the quickly recovered and put the battle stance. He thought 'This girl has a good foundation. Kakashi's student can't be bad anyway. Now let me fight little seriously with her.'

Tenzo then did not hold back and started to increase his speed and tried to hit Scarlet continuously. Scarlet also increased her speed in response and blocked the hits. As the fight continued Tenzo got shocked because of the combat awareness she had and so were Ro and Soku.

Tenzo then stopped and said "Let's stop now. You have passed the Taijutsu test and next, we are going to test your shuriken throwing skills." Scarlet nodded while internally thinking 'I need to get Aunt Tsunade to teach me her Chakra Enhanced Strength. Then I will see who would dare to compare Taijutsu with me.' Suddenly she thought of Lee coming to challenge her and added a sentence in her mind 'except Lee'.

Tenzo then took Scarlet forward where there were many trees and stopped. Tenzo looked forward and said "There are many targets fixed to the trees, now show your throwing skills"

Scarlet looked at the target in front of her and then took out some shuriken from her tool kit. She then turned back and threw the shuriken. Tenzo was speechless. He was about to say something when he was interrupted by Soku. "Sensei! All targets were hit"

Tenzo was shocked by calculating speed, Scarlet just looked at the targets once and successfully calculated the projectiles of the shuriken and shot them! Tenzo started wondering how Kakashi taught her.

Tenzo then said "Ok you pass these tests. Red Witch your shift at Anbu begins at 9:00 and ends at 17:00. Now disperse". Scarlet then went home and sealed the things related to Anbu in a scroll.

She then went towards Hokage's office. She asked the receptionist whether Tsunade was present or not. She receptionist asked her to wait for a while and then enquired and said "She is at her office. You can meet her."

Scarlet nodded and went towards Tsunade's office. She knocked on the door when she heard Tsunade's voice "Get in".

Scarlet went into the room and said to Tsunade "Aunt Tsunade, I got a nice thing in the last mission"

"Hmm, what is it?" Tsunade asked with interest as she thought 'For Scarlet to say 'nice thing' it is definitely a good item'

Scarlet took out the scroll and summoned the Sword of the lightning god. Scarlet said, "It is the legendary sword used by your Second Grandpa, Aunt Tsunade."

Tsunade went forward and took the sword and stroked it. Tsunade said, "I never thought I would see it again after they reported that it was stolen."

Scarlet asked "Aunt Tsunade, isn't it supposed to be Senju clan's private property. Why was it in the village's treasury?"

Tsunade sighed "The Senju clan just sacrificed too much for the village. Grandpa must have donated it to strengthen the village."

Scarlet then said "Aunt Tsunade, you better ask few trusted members to investigate everything. You see there are some people in the village who do whatever they want under the label of 'For the village'."

Scarlet left after saying this leaving Tsunade who was thinking about Scarlet's words.


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