The Absolute Phoenix King
101 Epilogue
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The Absolute Phoenix King
Author :Zhen_Xin
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101 Epilogue

The war going on outside of the Shadow Guild's headquarter was slowly coming to an end. While Mei Ling could not participate in the battles due to her injuries, Zan Rong's strength was more than enough to change the tide of the battle. Even though he wasn't as strong as a Divinity, Zan Rong's power was increasingly nearing the peak. And as one of the most powerful cultivators in the area,it wasn't so easy to defeat him no matter how many opponents approached.

What made it even more possible for the Shadow Guild's army was that Braedon and Zan Fu finally returned to the field after defeating Phoen. Zan Fu, Shu Rong, and Yi Ling were too tired to do anything, but Braedon still had a good bit of his energy left inside of him. A neat little bonus braedon obtained after reclaiming his body was that all of Phoen's abilities were still with him.

With {Hell's Flames} and the purple energy at his disposal, anybody who could pose a threat to the Zan Clan's army was quickly dealt with. The war raged on for sever days and nights without stop. It was evident who would win by the seventh day and finally on the eighth day Zan Clan came out victorious. While many people were lost in the war, their casualties were thankfully much less than that if the Shadow Guild.

After completely destroying the human refinement factory, Braedon returned to the apartment that Kai Jun bought for them so long ago. Their prisoner, which Braedon actually forgot about, was still in the chair slowly dying from starvation. After crippling his cultivation, Braedon released him into the world and allowed him to live out his life as a mortal.

Braedon then proceeded to spend the next few days consolidating his power. Unlike the Living Pills that most cultivators today could make, the one Kai Jun was turned to was a permanent power boost. A mixture of his own, Phoen's, and Kai Jun's power all mixed together in one. The solidifying of his power was made easier thanks to a little friend Braedon was able to find again, "Good to see you again Glode." The familiar looking little orb flew around Braedon's head playfully, "I've missed you Braedon! I'm glad your back."

Once his power was integrated into his body, Braedon, and the two orbs that now followed him, returned to the house that his parents stayed at. After all, he had something big to tell them.


Zan Fu was extremely excited for his mother's new power. He too had to integrate Voice's power into his body. Unlike Braedon, who took only three days at most, Zan Fu needed a week to absorb the power. Of course, even with all of this power, both he and Braedon would still need to properly cultivate daily. This is because they had the powers of beings surpassing their realms, but they have yet to truly achieve that realm themselves. It was like a cultivator who could defeat people at the third realm but he was only in the first realm. If he were to truly reached the third realm, then his power would rise even further. Braedon was at the beginning of the seventh realm, while Zan Fu and reached the peak of the sixth realm.

Once he returned from his seclusion, Zan Fu found out that Braedon had begun his own personal conquest. One of the things that was obtained from the Shadow Guild was a list of organizations around the world who participated in human refinement.

After receiving some of Kai Jun's memories and promising Phoen that he would try to watch over humanity, he took it upon himself to make sure that anything and everything that had to do with human refinement would be destroyed forever. This war would take him almost three years with his and Zan Fu's, who would frequently come to assist Braedon himself, names spreading far and wide around the cultivation world.

With the resources they gained from these organization Braedon and Zan Fu became the youngest eighth realm practitioners to ever exist in the modern day. Due to the figure of a giant Phoenix that would appear behind Braedon frequently, he also obtained a strange new title "The Absolute Phoenix King." Which was given to him in honor of his absolute power, the Phoenix that would appear behind him, and his great and noble cause like that of a kind king. Zan Fu also received his own title, which wasn't as well spread, but it was just as domineering, "Zan Clan's Immortal Dragon."

It was also stated that any organization that wanted to go against these two powerhouses also faced the wrath of a recent sect that was on the rise, The Blue 72 Sect. It was a sect consisting of mysteriously powerful beings along with its two founder, mysterious practitioners who were named Blue and Jingyi Lei. While this sect only provided the Phoenix King and Immortal Dragon with information on those who wished to plot against them, their affiliation with these legends as well as their incredibly powerful allowed them to become one of the strongest groups in the entire world after only a few years.

With the sect and these two powerhouses working together, no one in the world dared to even THINK of touching upon the subject of human refinement ever again. What was more shocking was that one hundred years after their three year conquest, Zan Fu and Braedon became the first two practitioners to only take twenty-five years to reach the peak of the ninth realm (the realm of Immortals) and spend the last seventy-five years to break through into the tenth realm (the realm of Great Deities). Making them the first two Great Deities to appear within the last one thousand years.

It was rumored that these two beings had a unique power that also made them unique from any other Great Deity. Unfortunately no matter who tried to figure out their secrets, nothing would be discovered making these only stay as baseless rumors. After achieving the rank of Great Deities, The Absolute Phoenix King suddenly disappeared for a short period five years. It was unknown what he did in that short period of time, but legends say that he changed the fate of he cultivation world forever.

~~~~Before The 5 Year Disappearance~~~~~

"Here we are." Braedon stood before a mysterious fate that was hidden away from the rest of the world. The only reason he was able to find it was thanks to some information swimming through his head and the {Eyes of Heaven and Earth}.

Beside him stood four other people that he knew very well. His wife, Yi Ling, who he asked out over sixty years ago. They dated for a decade before he finally chose to propose to her and the rest was history. His child, who was sleeping soundly in Yi Ling's arms. His best friend Zan Fu, who had always helped him out even when he was a mortal and was one of the people who had always supported him no matter what. And his best friend's pregnant wife, Shu Rong. She was softly leaning her head on her husband's shoulder while resting her palms on top of her inflated belly, "I can't believe we actually found it!"

What they were standing before was the gates that would lead them to the seal that held the very source of "heaven's force". Braedon believed that he was finally strong enough to undo the seal. With his nerves on the edge, Braedon held out his sweaty palms and grapes the two handles stuck to the door. With a sharp tug, a crack opened up in the gates and the two sides began to slowly swing open.

A blinding flash of light shot in the faces of everyone present, and they were forced to cover their eyes for a few seconds. Once the light faded, Braedon looked back into the gate only to find...Yi Ling with their child standing there? He turned to his side to find Yi Ling still there looking at the entrance of the gate in confusion, "Braedon...what are you-?"

"Yi Ling, why are-?"

Shu Rong, "Zan Fu? What are you doing there!?"

Zan Fu, "Does anyone else see a giant slice of cake just standing there?"

The Yi Ling standing at the door raised up her hand to quiet them down, "Do not be alarmed. I am the embodiment of Heaven and it's seal. Because I have no corporeal form, I decided to appear before you in the appearance of something that you truly care about." The strange entity answered the question in their hearts.

This made sense if Yi Ling and Braedon as after spending many years with each other they have developed a close bond. Shu Rong's situation could be understood as well, but as for Zan Fu...

"You love a slice of cake more than me!?" Shu Rong was grabbing Zan Fu's collar and shaking it back and forth at the moment.

"Wait wait wait! It just said something we love, not the thing we love the most! If that was so then it would absolutely be you!" Zan Fu quickly gave his excuse, to Shu Rong's disbelief. That was until the entity said, "He is not lying. If I took on the appearance of what is most cherished, then it would be you young woman."

This helped Shu Rong calm down a little and a lovey dovey air returned around the two people once more. Braedon gave off a small chuckle as Yi Ling tried to stifle her laugh quietly. Their child was asleep and was not aware of what was happening at the moment.

"Tell me young cultivators, why have you summoned me?" The entity spoke in a soft and calming voice that shook the very soul of everyone present. Braedon stepped up before it and said, "I wish to unlock the seal blocking "heaven's force" from entering our world. I would hope that that you would allow us passage through in order to complete this mission."

Braedon was direct with this message and patiently waited for the being's response. If it were to reject him, then they would've had a small problem on their hand.

"I am okay with allowing you to undo the seal, but first we must see if you fit the criteria. Are you prepared for the check-up?" The being spine once more after it gave thought to itself briefly. Braedon, who discovered what the criteria was thanks to Phoen, asked, "Is it okay if several people work together in this test?"

"As long as I see all of the necessary objects here, it should be okay."

Braedon turned his head over to Zan Fu and nodded. They both stepped up to the being and said in unison, "We are ready."

"First criteria: the evidence of success. I would need to see certain magical objects of power that were dropped into this world long ago. Please show me, the {Orbs of the Great Ones}." As if on cue, Glode, Bloop, and Drodon flew up from behind Braedon and Zan Fu. They went over and floated directly in front of the being. after scanning them quickly, the being nodded and said, "Criteria met. Second criteria: Evidence of power. I will now check to make sure that only one of you has achieved the tenth realm. Which of you will it be?"

Zan Fu took a step back and pointed toward Braedon, "Him, your honor!"

"I've never been called an honor before, but I thank you for the compliment." The being said this before turning to Braedon and looking at him for a few seconds. "Criteria met. Third criteria: Proof of succession. I will need to see if you body contains a certain magical rock that can only be obtained by the true successors of the Great Ones. Scanning... scan complete. Criteria met."

The eyes of the being flowed slightly brighter after it said this. Then it turned to the two friends and said, "Final Criteria: Symbol of the Lord. Display to me the three unique energies of the Concept Lords. I seek: space, time, and realm."

Braedon activated the {Eyes of Heaven and Earth} while using the strange skill that Phoen used to slow others down. These were the concept of realm and time. Zan Fu used his power to summon several weapons around himself, this was the concept of space.

"Criteria met. You are now ready for the unsealing. Only one of you may enter, who will it be?"

Of course, Braedon stepped up and prepared himself, "Let's do this!"

The being stared at Braedon for a second before commenting, "You've been here before."

This confused everyone a bit and Braedon responded with, "No I haven't? Maybe you're mistaking me for someone else."

"I am never wrong. It was not this you who was here, but your past self. You are a reincarnation of that one man... what was his name? Oh yes! Tang Sanzang. You are the reincarnation of Tang Sanzang."

Braedon was frozen in shock as he recognized the name. It was the name of the master of Sun Wukong in the story of "Journey To The West". Several thoughts flowed through Braedon's head as a smile crept onto his face, "So that's why he helped me out so much... even if it was for his own selfish reasons, I am still thankful." Braedon whispered this to himself as he looked back up and was about to follow the being into the door.

But before he could go, a single voice whispered into his ears, "I helped you at first because you were his reincarnation... but I sacrificed myself for you in the end because it was my duty as well as my show of loyalty to you... Braedon thank ~you~ for being my friend and for caring for me so much... goodbye."

Braedon shot around in order to find the source of the voice but he could see nothing. Zan Fu worriedly stepped up to him, "Are you okay?"

Braedon, "...Never better."


Author's Thoughts are here because of the stupid character limit!

This is it, the final chapter. I honestly never thought I would reach it but here it is. This is the conclusion of Braedon's and Zan Fu's adventure, while many would have expected them to rise to a power similar to that of the Great being in the beginning of the novel, that guy is... THE great being. While I have no doubt that I may or may not have left behind some loose ends... at least (most?) of what was in the main storyline was resolved. If there are any questions any of you may or may not have, ask them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them. As for the sudden new phrases like "Concept Lords" or "Negative Force" that have appeared in recent chapters, those are an Easter egg for something else :P

At the end of the day, Braedon became the single most powerful entity in the world, he succeeded in unsealing "heaven's force" and due to discovering its source he reached a level similar to that of the two great beast from the very beginning of this novel.

I thank you all for joining me on this ~wild~ ride and I thank you all for the support you've shown me as of late. Those of you who've reached this chapter and finish the novel CONGRATS! And even those who didn't finish my novel, thank you.

Man these thoughts are almost as long as my chapter XD. I guess what I'm trying to say is

I hope you all enjoyed the chapter and have fun reading the novel! Goodbye and maybe I'll see you next time!


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