The Destined World
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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2 Welcome Back

Marko are you fine,say something Mar-"said marko's father who was also worried and also sorrow as all of a sudden he had ost both his wife and his son is also in a very critical stage.

He regrets about going out for a bussiness trip and kept on cursing him till the doctor comes and explain the reports of Marko.After getting a full treatment of whole 6 years he was fully recovered but his heart cannot be recovered as it was still trapped in the moment when his mother died.

When he was finally dicharged from the hospital he went home.He looked at his car a huge limouse with custom rims,metallic black and cushiony interiors. He looked at it with no interest. Just as he was thinking his father tapped back and said"Lets go!".

Marko and his dad were sitting face to face in the car the interior were quite luxurious and the carpet was animal print. Marko was sitting quietly sitting seat and looking outside the window his thoughts were on his mind.He was sitting in his car then suddenly the car stopped when he looked outside then he remembers about his house.Marko's house was a huge mansion and fully marbled of a white and creamy texturwith four side pillars along with the hige gateway entrance .

Inside the house their was a big sofa set with a round table having a dragon emblem on it, all the servants and maids welcomed Marko greeting him. He then calmly went to his and seeing at the things kept as they were he remembers his mother and and then after a long time he cried for his mother.After getting a full tired day he then ate his night meal and went to sleep.


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