The Destined World
3 Making friends
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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3 Making friends

Mommy,where are you please come ple-"said Marko when he was sleeping and all of sudden he heard a gun shot and her mother dead bodies lying in front of him . He suddenly woke as he saw himself on the bed he was sweating from head to toe and then he saw the clock it 5 in the morning .

He get out of the bed wore his branded tracksuit and went out for jogging. On his way he saw some students also who were also exercising the park . He without hesitating went towards them and when he went closer their were three beautiful girls exercising in the park .

When Marko get closer the girls get attracted towards his aura and his personality . Marko had blue shiny eyes, and he had a very good muscular body with fully toned and have golden hair covering his eyes . After a few minutes Marko was exactly in front of him . Hewithout noticing started exercising and girls stopped exercising and only watched exercising . After a few moments one of the three girls approached Marko and she shyly asked"Hi! My name is Shreya, my friends call me miss Shy would you like to do exercise with us ?". Marko calmly looked at her with Marko's glance the face of the girl turned red.

Marko looked at her carefully as he noticed that the girl had beautiful glittering pink eyes and she had dyed her hair to pink and he had a innocent smile and she had fine long legs and awesome breasts. The apearence of the girl can make anyone lustful. When Marko moved sight a little bit he found out that the other two girls were also watching them having a converstion.

As he was thinking, in the mean Shreya answered "They both are my friends Emily and Vandy". Marko looked at Shreya and he gave a bright smile to Shreya .

He responded quickly to Shreya "I would love to exercise with you". Shreya's face turned red as she looked at Marko she also gave a smile to Marko and both had a laugh.

On the other side Emily and Vandy were making guesses of what type of conversation was going on b/w them.

After then Marko waved at them . After that they all exercised together and had a coffee after having a blast of conversation.


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