The Destined World
4 Beginning a new life
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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4 Beginning a new life

After a long chat with the girls Marko jogged back . After a long time Marko was feeling happy and cheerful . He entered his room and took a shower and hurridly ate his breakfast with his dad . Marko's dad was happy when he watched Marko so much happy.

Marko while heading toward his school . He watched the route and at the cross section he gets collide with someone there was huge sound of books banging . When he looked at the person she was a girl having broad eyes,cute face,dressed in the same dress as of Marko's . When Marko stretched his hand toward the girl the girl refuses and stand up hurridly and took all her books and ran towards the school .

Although Marko's dad a high profile man but he send his son to a public school as he knew that Marko was already upset with her mother's death and if he send him to a prestigious school . Due to high regulation he would feel upset and cannot come back .

When he looked at the school it was a simple building with a huge anolog bell hanging but the bulding was quite huge .

Marko looked at the bulding and when he stepped in . The final bell rang and he hurridly met the principal and finished his paperwork .

He was in class 1-A when he entered the class with the teacher he looked at the class and saw Vandy , Emily and Shreya smiling at his entrance .

Teacher introduced him to class "He is Marko Johnson ! Due to some medical issues his studies were disturbed but we all welcome him happily" . As soon as teacher finished Marko said "Thanks for having me with you hope we have a fun time here" . All the class applaused as Marko finished then teacher directed him his seat . When he got near he saw that Vandy was sitting in his front and Shreya to right of Vandy and the girl with which he collide in morning was sitting to his right and she was sitting on window watching outside.

He calmly acknowleged Vandy and Shreya and Emily although she was sitting far away from them . It was the time when he also acknowledged the girl too . She looked at him and didn't reply to him when he asked about the girl with Vandy she told him that she is Jane and a high ranking student . Marko himself can tell about that as she was a tall girl with blonde hair and her skirt couldn't her legs properly . She had perfect curves and equally sized boobs and her grey sweater give it a perfect shape to be liked by everyone .

Then the first period started and by chance it was the maths period speciality of Marko he was tremendous student and high brain function he completed his classes in only two months but noone knows what will hsppen now? . Marko was day dreaming about the incident when they collide and suddenly he heard the teacher's voice and it was him who had to answer .

He got up and went to the board and wrote the answer wothout and second thought . He then went to his seat and sat everyone's eyes was on him . When teacher cross checked it was correct and everyone was stunned by his action


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