The Destined World
5 A Sudden turn
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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5 A Sudden turn

By the action of him everyone was shocked but the girl was not even bothered whethered if he answer's or not . Marko then acted normlly thw whole day long .

In the recess he quietly went to his friends Shreya their Vandy and Emily joined .

He accurately asked about Jane . After getting a talk with them he noticed that Jane is not in the class he went out and looked for her . He saw that she is heading towards the old storage room he secretly stalked him and when he saw that she hasn't seen him .

He went behind her and listened to her talk and peeped inside . She talked to a man who has deep voice and has a black hood over his head and having a black sword on his waist . Jane said"The guardian has arrived, his arrival will be beneficial for us all" . When Marko heard about his first guess was he himself . The question arose to him were "What did she meant by guardian? Who the guardian is ? How is it related to me ? .

When he headed back to the class . Vandy suprisingly tapped at him and hugged him from back . Marko didn't gave much expression but suprised for second .

As she have done that the other boys started feeling jealous from and also angry as Vandy was one of the finest girls in the glass her long and silky hair and her black shiny eyes and her fine breasts attracted everyone's attention .

The boys were cursing him for having such seeking such a attention with girls . In the mean time the girls also started cursing Vandy as she was the one who made Marko her friend . Marko was only thinking about the fact that what was jane talking about in the store room?

While he was thinking someone whispered in her ear "Do you want to know what Jane talked about?" Marko suddenly looked behind he found out that she was Vandy who whispered. He obstructly standed and asked "How do you know about that?" She didn't answered him and till that Jane returned and sat on her seat and the recess bell rang. Till the school end he looked at Vandy who didn't smile nor looked at her now she had serious look on face and attributes of a mature person .

Till the end of school he hurridly went to his home back .


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