The Destined World
6 Dark Secrets
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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6 Dark Secrets

His mind was full of thoughts and he was not only let the friends trust broke but also his confusion goes on. He went to his home and hurridly went to his room. He confusingly open the old boxes to find something he haven't told but he can't find anything .

After searching for a long time he rested on his bed a then concentrated on his mind then he remembers about a secret opening under his which his father always refuses him to go. He quietly removed the bed and then swiped all the boxes around .

He found out a small opening at the corner of the room he found that it was locked . He thought that all his work was useless as he cannot open it and see what's inside . Then suddenly something strikes in history mind mind and he remembers that few years ago he had a chain to which his father attached a golden key which his father said he will knew about it in future.

He immediately went to his old room which is now converted into a store room.

He quickly went behind some boxes and start his search .

He then put some boxes apart and some dust coming from it . He then suddenly got a box on which was written "DO NOT TOUCH" . This sign immediately got Marko's eyes .

He quickly opened the box and when he looked inside it their was a unknown sign made on it . He can't recognize what that sign was? But he can get a glimpse that he has seen that sign somewhere else before .

After a long time of searching he found the box on which was written "MARKO'S ROOM" . He opened it on the top was the picture of Marko when he saw that picture he saw himself when he was of 7 in his mother's arm she was holding him in her arms and they both enjoying.

Mako suddenly felt very emotional and tiny tears came out of his eyes. Then under the photograph was a chain fully of gold plated and has unique design on it . Under that chain was a gold key having two sharp edges and a beautiful design on it .

After getting the key Marko rushed towards his room and after reaching his room he opened and also opens the door and enters into it .


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