The Destined World
7 An Unknown Place
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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7 An Unknown Place

When Marko opened it and saw that dark stairs going down to some place and no lights nothing was available. Marko quickly went to his cupboard and took a small flashlight from it and hung his strips across his neck and took a small cuttwer and put it in his pocket . Then he entered the closet and while he was moving down his heart beat suddenly rose and it irritated him a lot while he was concentrating on his heart beat his head struck to a pillar .

He was a little bit dizzy for a while then suddenly he get his consiousness back and started to walk . After moving ft a ik he smelled of a stinky ammonical smell which was causing irritation to Marko's nose and then he saw a light coming from down he rushed towards the light and he saw a long corridor lighted by flames on both sides.

He switched off his torch and then walk towards the door on the other side . While he was walking he analysed the room and it was quite familiar home model when he nearly close to the door he mistook a step and then he was about to fall his hand touched a panel .

Their was a lot of noise in the crfeared a that he had actually activated some . In the mean time the door opened


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