The Destined World
8 An Unwanted Gif
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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8 An Unwanted Gif

When he entered the room it was dark but then suddenly room lighten up with flames and the first thing that Marko saw a man hanging with chains and when he got near to him Marko saw that he was half human and half animal. Marko politely asked him "Hey you old man, how did you got here?".

The man woke up and with a deep voice he answered "My name is Jordin , I'm a half blood , I don't even remember how long it has been since I saw my world." When Marko heard the words"my world" he immediately asked him"What do you mean by saying your world? Do you mean that you are not from here, if you are not then from were are you from" The demon replied"I'm from the world full of magic and magical equipments, the place full of demons and witches , I'm from the underworld" . Marko replied in a funny way "Do you mean that the underworld from earth place for gangsters " Demon said " No, you f**cking idiot I'm not talking about that place its the Hell where we live".

While Marko was talking to him he saw a wound on his neck and in sympathy he touches it and smokes start soming from there and the demon start scrraming in pain .He take his hand back and when the demon saw that he is so confused he asked him " Why do you look so confused is anything troubling you ?" . Marko asked him"Why your skin burnt when I touched you?" .When Marko asked that the demon start laughing he said " You don't even know why my skin burnt it burnt because of the power in you ? Marko replied"The power in me ??" . The demon told him " You are a demon like me but of a high rank you are supposed to be in hell. You don't belong here,on earth you have a great purpose in hell ,find it -" . When the demon was about to say his final words some blue flames erupted and burnt him into ashes.

Marko was so confused after seeing the demon's ashes when he looked at the ashes a glittering green colour came from them . He put his hands in the ashes and took it out . He looked at it and found that it was a green coloured chain having a pendant along with it having a historic symbols on it . He didn't wanted it but he had no other option left. It was an unwanted gift from and unwanted friend. But. he had to keep it to get his answers .

He then hung it over his neck and left as it was already 6:15 and he had met Vandy at 7 in the park . He ran quickly towards the park and he saw Vandy waiting for him .


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