The Destined World
10 Why Me ?
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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10 Why Me ?

"I'm a Valkyrie of Valhalla and I'm your protector,so please cooperate" . As Vandy said that a red magical ring formed under her and then it started coming up and as it passed Vandy started becoming naked and her blue undergarments starting showing. By watching this scene Marko's nose started to bleed .

He felt amazing and then two tiny torn pieces of dark textures came and wore by Vandy . When Vandy wore the pieces they turned into a shiny silver and gold plated armor with a tight fit and her fine breasts were actually imaginable in the outfit. She looked amazingly beautiful and hot and sexy . She melted Marko's heart like butter.

Then two sparkling ropes came in her hands and they changed into two half a hand sized swords . Then she looked at Marko and asked"Did you like it?" . Marko replied in a dreaming manner "Totally!!"

She looked at him and replied"Don't embarrass me , I'm not actually in a habit of changing like this" . Marko then concentrated his consines and asked " Ohh!! So you are a Valkyrie so, Why did you tell it to me and no one else .

You're not just a normal kid you are a sacred guardian Knight of Valhalla and you predators had served Valhalla for several years." Marko was confused after listening this If my predators had served them, Then why don't my father is he is with me since i was a kid ." Vandy replied" Your father was the head of the guardian Knights and he was a loyal and skilled swordsmen but when he was sent to earth for a mission he met with a girl and fell in love with her and she was your mother ,but when Valhalla came to knew about this, they held a meeting and gave your father a choice whether to stay and leave her or leave Valhalla , your father quickly answered to leave Valhalla."

Marko was impressed by his father's answer he now understand how much his father love her . Vandy told him and said"When your father was gone Malware attacked Valhalla and after a so much brutal killing he became the King of Valhalla, me and my companions left Valhalla and tried for saving ourselves"

Marko said"Ok then why me ? how am I into all this?" Vandy sighed and said", You are a rare blood and when he came to know that you are alive then he sent his guard to kill you but when he came your mother came in the way and he killed her" . Marko got enraged after listening this and said"You f**cking Malware you killed my mom now you're gonna regret this " .

Vandy got happy after listening this and said"Marko let's go to take some weapons you can't defeat him without a weapon" . Marko said"But I don't know how to fight?" . Vandy smiled and said"I'm gonna teach you because I'm a Valkyrie,let's do training so that we can prepare and you could easily kill him if you get the sacred sword" .


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