The Destined World
11 The Training Begins
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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11 The Training Begins

Vandy told him about her companions and said"Hey Marko I also have ccompanions they are , the Archer and the Frost" . Marko whe heard the words Archer and Frost he thought them to be a handsome and tough man and he said"Let's Go!! " . Vandy smiled at his words and said a spell to enchant the power in her she said"In the name of Lord of Valhalla I break the mistic chains of Joutenhiem and free myself to unleash my full power" .

As soon as Vandy enchanted the spell a ring formed under her. In the mean time a gold and green copper armor floated in front of her and a small green cape with a sword hung on, her back and she looked to good as soon as she wore it the circle vanished. She now brought a circle and brought Marko in it. Marko thought that now he would also become naked but nothing such happened instead he got teleported.

When he opened his eyes he saw himself standing on a ring and two people facing their backs on him . They were nothing like their names they were quite a good the one with a bow and box of arrows her back ,he was wearing a black leather waist coat and brown leather gloves,having a black hat on he looked totally good . On his side was a person in totalt blue not having gloves but having small knives on his waist .

When Marko talked to them and said " Hey guys are you not in the mood to talk," when Marko said those lines, they turned and Marko was shocked . The people who turned were none other than Shreya and Emily. Marko was totally in a shock he said" Shreya and Emily you guys how can you be here" . Shreya answered"What do you mean by us we are also the warriors of Valhalla" . Vandy again introduces them to him " Marko this is Shreya the Archer of Valhalla and this is Emily the Frost of Valhalla" .

Marko said " But why didn't anybody of you tell me this ?" . Vandy explains him "If we have told you this from the starting would you believe us ?" Marko replied " Ok I would have believed you but not suddenly" Vandy said"Exactly that's the point we can't wait for that long so let's start our training" . Marko said" Ok fine but what I have to practice " Vandy said" You have to be good in sword and archery and Emily will increase your strength,so let's get started"


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