The Destined World
12 My Power Elemen
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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12 My Power Elemen

Before the actual training could start Vandy said" Marko before you know how to fight you should know your element, Marko fo you have any idea of your element, do you know anything about it? " . Marko thought about it and said " I don't have any idea about it but when I went to the closet under my bed there Jordin talked to me and told me that the have a unbelievable power and when I touched him smoke started coming and he screamed and when he was about to say something blue flames erupted and that's how I got this locket" .

Vandy replied " That's what I'm talking about , that's the example of your element this means that you have fire element of blue origin " . Marko replied in a unsatisfied manner "Blue flames hasn't from me" .

Vandy answered "Ok then first we got to train you who knows you could know your element by training " . Marko said " So can we go to choose a weapon for me ? " .

Vandy went to the armory and chose a sword for her. Marko replied " Why only a sword you have got cool weapons so why a sword? " Vandy replied " Marko swords the strongest weapons of Valhalla and you can unleash your full potential by using a sword" .

Vandy brought a pile of swords and the one which Marko chose was a grey and black Damascus steel with red gems fitted on it and having a black leathered grip on it .

When Marko chose the sword Vandy smiled at him and said " Wow ! you made a great choice Marko" . The training begin with teaching him the proper functioning to use a sword , body balance and sword balance are two important aspects to use a sword .After a few hours of training they rested for a moment and then Vandy brought the lunch for aand they ate together and after that the Archer training starts .Shreya taught him how to perfectly aim and also types of arrows . Finally Emily taught him how to hand combat and within 3 weeks he was able to do all somewhat good . Then Vandy told him about the Sword and asked him to begin the quest .


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