The Destined World
13 Should I Tell Him or Not ?
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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13 Should I Tell Him or Not ?

When Vandy taught the most she could teach she asked him whether to go for the quest or not. Marko asked her " What will we get if we complete the quest? ". Vandy replied" You Marko you forgot that I said we need the the serpent sword to defeat Malware and only a Guardian Knight who is worthy for it can yeild it that's why we all are making you the worthy man so that you could yeild the sword yourself " . When Vandy finished Marko questioned " Ok ! all is fine but where's my armor all of you are wearing like stuff but I'm wearing the school uniform so how can I fight monsters if I'm like this " .

Vandy replied " Armors are only given when you are a 1st lvl warrior and it's only a bronze and nothing more the higher the lvl the powerful the armor " . Marko said "So you mean that I'm not even a 1st lvl warrior after such hardwork " . Vandy smiled a bit and answered " Training does not determine your lvl , your lvl upgrades when you fight a monster ".

Marko asked excitedly " So how many monsters I have to kill to be at your lvl ? " . Vandy thinking " I think - 435 monsters " . Marko shockingly said " You f**cking kidding me 435 monsters it will take forever, I can't do it immediately " .

Vandy tapped on his back and said " Don't be so down Marko you are a fantastic swordsmen ,you have to only sharpen your skill nothing more " . Marko felt a little bit comfortable he felt shy and said " I'm nothing special there are more skilled swordsmen than me ". Vandy said " Marko you are the son of the leader of the Guardian Knight and your dad also had some special skills that's why he was the leader of Knights" .

Marko said "Now I remember something , should I tell him that I knew everything abut him " . Vandy said worridly " Don't tell him anything before you got the serpent sword otherwise he would be worried about you and he'll don't tell you anything" .

Marko said " Ok I'll not tell him anything before I get the serpent sword but promise me Vandy you will never betray me forever " . Vandy's face got red and she was not able to generate eye contact with Marko she started blushing and Shreya and Emily got their eyes on her . After a few seconds of blushing Vandy replied " Marko in the name of lord I promise you that I'll not be the to betray you forever ". While they were talking they didn't noticed that they were in front of each other making proper eye contact and then Vandy realised it and pushed Marko and said " What are you doing stop it " . Marko unknowingly said " You were the one who came near " . Vandy replied " Oh if that's the case then I'm sorry " .

After a small chit chat Vandy made a portal and then Marko and his battlemates started the quest .


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