The Destined World
14 Burglars Marke
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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14 Burglars Marke

When he entered the magic portal a white light appeared white made Marko partially blind for a second and when his eyes got fine . He found himself at a market and he was in a crowd and there were people moving here and there . The people there were wearing armors from bronze to gold plated and swords from wooden to steel , Archers were their and there were shops all around .

Marko asked Vandy " Is this the place were we have to find the Serpent Sword ? " . Vandy replied " No this is not the place its only a burglar market were we can find all the necessary equipments easily ,after that we will teleport to the path " .

Marko asked " Vandy I have a question to ask , if you can teleport us so can't we just teleport in front of the Serpent sword ? " Vandy smiled and said " Oh my foolish Marko Serpent sword is hidden from everyone, even those who have gone their forgets about it one's he move out of there so noone knows its location " .

Marko said " Then let's move fast we have to take necessary items and go lets begin " . They got separated In two teams , Shreya and Emily decided to be in one team as they don't want to indulge between a couple , then Marko and Vandy had no choice but to team up . When they were about to leave Shreya whispered in Vandy's ear " All the best ! make that man fall for you " . Vandy's face got red again and she said " Shut up Shreya what are you talking about there's nothing like that happening" . After that Marko asked about it many times but every time he asks Vandy makes a excuse and dodge it .

First they went to the medicated centre and bought few bandages, antiseptics, medicines and floral magic powder ( it was a powder produced in Valhalla and sold too but under Malware ) . Secondly they went to the weaponry and selected a few knives and ropes and sheilds . In their way to the clothings Marko felt hungry and they stopped in a beautiful cafe whuch was suggested by Vandy.

They came inside it was a beautiful cafe with round tables and a pleasent floral scent was floating around and they took a window table for two . Marko ordered a full meal but Vandy only ordered a burger and a soft drink . Marko was hungry so he ate and satisfied his stomach but Shreya's words were moving in Vandy's head .

Marko stopped eating and looked at her she was trapped in her own thoughts . Marko worriedly asked" Vandy are you all right ? " Vandy didn't answered and only thinking then Marko slamed lightly on the table amd Vandy woke up . Vandy asked" What happened wha" then she realises nothing has happened then she asked Marko the reason for doing this . Marko replied" I did this 'cause you were acting so weird" Vandy said " I am not acting strange I'm normal" Marko asked " Please Vandy tell me what's bothering you I'm so worried about you that can't focus on shopping" Vandy's eyes enalrged as she heard the words " I'm worried about you" She in a non-believing way said " You were worried about me, it's been how long since we have met ? "

Marko replied " It doesn't matter how long it has been since we have met but I worry about you because I love you and I will love you till the world ends " . Vandy was shocked with Marko's sudden confession she haven't predicted such thing in her life, seeing her shocked face Marko said " Don't worry, I don't need an answer although I know it's a no but still don't give me the answer " .

After that both of them didn't speak anything and they ate their orders and went to the meeting point for them to unite again . They saw Shreya and Emily waiting for them and they had a huge load of useless item like a pet owl, a selfie stick , a make up kit , a unknown material and some other stuffs .

When Marko asked her about the necessary items he pointed at a small bag at the corner of the load . When Marko was ready to go it was past noon so they decided to stay a night here and then go tomorrow . They went to a hotel and Marko took one room , Vandy other and Shreya and Emily shared a room . Marko felt asleep as soon as he went to bed, Shreya and Emily did the same but Vandy woke till late night thinking about Marko's confession.


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