The Destined World
15 The Quest Begins
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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15 The Quest Begins

The next morning starts with a beautiful and bright sunrise Marko woke up at 7 and then while rubbing his eyes he saw Vandy training in the Yard with her two knives . Marko looked at her and wave at her . She just normally answered . Marko felt a bit uncomfortable as she was not treated well by Vandy .

All of them had there breakfast and then all of them made there backpack ready .Then Vandy and others made a portal and then like previous time Marko's eyes felt partially blind.When Marko got his eyesight back he found himself in a plane land with red soil all over they all looked at each other.

They started to walk as they walk Vandy and Marko were together and like usual Shreya and Emily didn't disturb there tuning . When Marko and Vandy were walking they didn't talked to each other nor did they looked at each other . For a moment started a conversation but Vandy stopped it .

After walking for an hour Marko saw a shop which serves food so they went there and had food while they were having their food Marko felt a little uncomfortable he told this to Vandy but she didn't answered ,he again talked to her but she didn't replied him back .

He took out his sword and made a reflection on his back. He saw that there was no such place where they were eating its only an illusion caused by a monster . He found that he was big as a tree and green in color with a long face . He took out his sword completely and took his sheild and challenges the monster.


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