The Destined World
16 My First Figh
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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16 My First Figh

Marko was full of courage and had a serious look on his face but in his mind he had some fear related to his first fight but if he didn't fight right now then the monsters will never free vandy and others but he didn't stop for a moment and he also had to fight .

Marko challanged the monster and monster didn't had any expressions on his face and he didn't had any face like thing. Monster replied in a very irritating voice but Marko didn't feared a lot he tighten his grip on the sword and he hold his sheild firmly and dashed towards the monster . He quivkly moved and the monster lashed one of his arm on him.

Marko then diverged his route and slashed his sword with full strength . The monster roared with a loud sound but didn't loose his grip over his friends and he controlled them .

Marko then took a sweet spot to slash and he just made a mark over his head he found that when he is in full concentration to fight then it's the right moment to attack he backed up his attack and hid behind a rock and also found that the monster didn't had a far vision .

He just had a ability to control mind but couldn't attack well he just had to wait for a moment and made a decision . To first attack and grip his shield tightly for blocking attack he just had to make a right cut .

He again dashed towards the monster and took his arm as a ramp and he jumped from his arm and made a big cut under his head approximately on his neck and a dark green slime gushed with a full flow and his voice became shrill and he fall on the ground .

As soon as the monster fall on the ground Vandy and others got there consciousness back and they saw Marko full of slime and saw a dead monster lying in front of him .

Vandy thanked him for his work and Marko didn't responded that firmly he just had a smile on his face which made a relieve in her heart he didn't had a doubt about it .

Marko cleaned his sword and his armor and then took his bag and moved before anyone else he had made a dramatic exit moving towards the sun and disappearing in the sunset . As all of them were seeing this Marko's one leg fall in pit and fell down, everyone except Vandy were laughing at this seen as the sun was setting down and he was yelling at the hole maker.

Vandy was only thinking about Marko's pleasent smile . Then they camped under the tree and slept after a so much tiring day.


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