The Destined World
17 A Pleasent Morning
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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17 A Pleasent Morning

The pleasent morning brought excitement to Marko he woke up early before anyone else and he thought to first made a Campfire and then cook food and to mame everyone happy . As he was thinking about it a hand tapped on his shoulder he got scared and thought of a monster . But when he looked behind he saw that Vandy was standing right to him and some woods were hanging on her shoulder .

Marko knew what they were for but he asked "He Vandy what are these woods for?" Although in his mind he knew everything . Vandy replied "Don't you knew that we have to make breakfast for everyone ? " Marko was upset as he wanted to make breakfast for Vandy in order to impress her .

Then Vandy asked him to sat down and wait till it gets ready . As Marko was moving depressed Vandy politely said "Marko if you are free then could you help me with the breakfast ". Marko was stunned for a moment and then he recognises what she said " Oh yah if course i'll help you " Vandy gave a fine smile to Marko . After a few minutes Shreya woke up and she saw Marko burning the fire and Vandy chopping veggies Shreya looked at it as if it was a house where wife and husband are cooking food . She went to Vandy and said "See Vandy he is helping you like a husband help's his wife so you should ask him" Then they ate the breakfast and started to move.


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