The Destined World
18 What the Hell ?
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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18 What the Hell ?

Marko was only guessing about the serpent sword

while Shreya and Emily didn't had anything in there mind Vandy was thinking about Shreya's statement and was day dreaming .In the mean time Marko stopped and told everyone to do so and at that time they were at the top of the hill and the thing he saw was a hound of black,strong

wolves and he was frightened by watching them and t there were eight of them and they took out a griffin and they had there meal.

Vandy said "They are the almendors we shouldn't get in there way and move from the side" but Vandy also warned them yo not make any kind of voice and leave as quickly as they could . The new team was headed by Vandy and she was holding Marko's hand and then Shreya and Emily .

While they were moving they were on the top and Marko also was a bit afraid and he then got a kick on rock which fell through the hill and hit one of the LvL 1 almendors when the wolf looked back they all stand still and the wolf left his food back and came near to them he first looked at Vandy and then he looked at Marko . Marko was a bit nervous and he was sweating badly his face expression were a little bit changing .

The wolf felt suspicious and he came more near to his face and then due to wolf irritating breath Marko suddenly sneezed on the wolf face the Wolf the howled loudly and all the wolves came Vandy and all were ready for the battle and they took there weapons out and stand in attacking position the wolves grouped together and attacked Emily by using her frost abilities turned the sand into ice and the wolves started to slip and then Shreya took out her bow and arrows she enchanted a spell and placed five arrows on bow took the aim and the time when they attached the blast the wolves got down they again stood and tried to attack Vandy slashed them out with her sword .

Marko was impressed and she was also standing proudly then she counted the wolves they were 7 Vandy asked about the last one when she asked the wolf came right behind her

He smashed her and she fell and became unconscious Shreya and Emily replied together " What it's a LvL 2 almendor we can't defeat him " But they didn't loose there belief and they aimed at him but he threw a fire ball at them and they two also lost control Marko was the only one left and he was shivering and he said ina crying voice " What the hell just happened "


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