The Destined World
19 Alemdor“s Trouble
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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19 Alemdor“s Trouble

Marko was all bind up in his thought and he just couldn't think of anything but to save his friends all the thoughts of first meeting them and then having a so called friendship thing and all but now they were all lying and be just couldn't bear it at all he fall down and looking at the ground and he didn't looked at the almendor and he was bind up . The almendor went to the Valkyrie and when he found that he was not able to move . He looked at Marko who was half unconscious the almendor wad about 20-30 feet away from him .

The almendor ran towards Marko in order to kill him . The almendor ran at a remarkable speed so that no one could evade him but when the almendor was 10 feet away something struck in his mind and he said " I remember " and in his mind he saw a man holding a pure looking sword and entering the wall of powerful demons and slashing them one by one without any restrain .

He then looked above and a saw the almendor jumped at him with his claws and jaws facing him . He took his usual sword and slashed him whole at once and without a blink in his eyes Vandy could see it clearly but she couldn't say anything . Marko when saw that the almendor was killed he relaxed but at the same time the almendors got together and all the pieces of them went to a single almendor the LvL 2 . Marko gripped his sword and Vandy looked at him his eyes were whole white and she was shocked by that right then she got unconsious .

Marko looked at the wolf and in the time when they were combining Marko hit them in order to break the spell but a defensive barrier blocked his attack . He was about to do something but then the monster was complete and he couldn't do anything .

Marko then said " That's all you have got I can do much better " and he had a clever smile on his face He chanted a spell and the monster stood there in order to see what he can do . Marko finished chanting and a fireball came in his hand and he engaged his power with his sword and the he jumped and slashed them at once and the monster showed a bright light and disappeared . When Marko felt that danger is gone he again went unconsious . His eyes opens when its noon and in Vandy's arm he felt embarrassed and tried to stand up but Vandy stopped him and he relaxes . The sun sets down with a bright light and made them like they were


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