The Destined World
20 The Game had a Deep Meaning
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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20 The Game had a Deep Meaning

Next morning they continued their journey and Marko was just in a hurry to find the sword as he don't know anything about last fight he himself knew that he and his friends were lucky to be alive whereas in Vandy was thinking about the powers Marko has and what should she do to bring it out ?

Marko was about going and he felt in a hole covered by leaves . Others tried to help him but they couldn't see him as the hole was deep and dark . They just called his name but he didn't answered so they thought that he might have got injured . Vandy was worried about Marko so she asked everyone to stay there and she would go and rescue Marko .

Vandy took a long breath and jumped she fell through the hole a long it took 3 minutes to cross the hole and she landed on a rock but she couldn't see Marko anywhere she saw blood and she feared that Marko might be dead .

She followed the traces and it got even darker when she rolled in . At the time she entered she had a feeling that someone is watching her and after a few time she got something on her head and she got unconscious .

Whereas Marko found himself in a grass field and with an evil atmosphere . He don't know where he was and how he got here ? . Just as he was thinking a squad of skeleton troops arrived and they started attacking him . He managed to kill them and when he killed them he heard a voice which said " Welcome to Lanzlort and you are the savior of this world and you will be killing the Frost king to finish the game ." Marko replied " No one's going to game I am not going anywhere but back to my friends ." The voice laughed and said " So you should go to the king to save you friend " and he showed a display to him showing Vandy in a pretty cream dress ,wearing a crown .

Marko said " Hey you who the hell do you think you are " Voice replied "If you will not complete it then she will be killed and stay with me forever do you want that ? " Marko got scared as he was not able to save his mother but now he could so he said " Ok I'll save her so wait for me there".


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