The Destined World
21 Save Her
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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21 Save Her

As just Marko said those words he fell into a hole and found himself in a cave and he started watched carefully towards his way . He started to move quickly and he had entered a hall which had armors and swords and other equipments . The voice said " You had entered the inventory choose yourself anything and save her " .

Marko just took an armor and nothing . He quickly went outside and saw a ground having some graves . He saw them and walked calmly and crossing them then suddenly the earth shook a lot and the graves opened and some soldiers of bones having rusted weapons in their hands .

He got unconscious and his eyes just blinked and then suddenly his eyes got white and he in a blink of eye moved swiftly and slashed one by one and he just stood and all the skeletons broke into pieces . The voice said "Impressive! ". Marko just moved forward and saw sone more almendors standing and howling and they all turn towards Marko and he started chanting the spell called Ice Shade . He then threw a white ball which suddenly turned into a storm and froze them . He moved forward and saw a dragon in front of him . The dragon was a black one with white claws and blood red eyes .

He started fighting him with his unconscious with all he have got he just fought him but he was badly wounded by the dragon and all the wound he had given were healed by him . Vandy said "Marko don't worry about me nobody ever did so why you ?, don't say that because you love me ,I've heard it already if you say that then i will not be able to stop myself from saying that i love you too ". As soon as Marko heard those words his unconsciousness went and he was in his mind he just got a lot of power and his armors broke and a gold and silver plated armor with shiny edges and tough look appeared .

Marko said happily " What Vandy do you love me ? Thanks now to reunite us i will destroy that monster quickly " Marko flung his hand and a dragon headed sword appeared in his hand . The sword a red dragon used by masters of knights . He just swung his sword towards the dragon and it slashed the dragon into two halves .

He just went to the castle and broke the prison and he found Vandy chained to a furnace and if anybody tries to broke the chains the melted metal will be thrown on Vandy and it can't be destroyed . It has a time limit to if its not turned down in fifteen minutes then it will then also be thrown .


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