The Destined World
22 Time is up
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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22 Time is up

@@Marko was all confused about how to save Vandy . But then a thought strikes his mind and he went outside to the ground and saw that the dragon hasn't disappeared he went there and took out his claws and a part of his skin . His skin was a hard rock material and he joined them and put in top of Vandy and dipped a part of it in the molten metal and as he thought it didn't had a effect and he just went to her and broke the chains and as he thought he easily brought Vandy back .

As soon as Vandy was free she hugged Marko and gave a lovely glance to him he was now relieved and he moved outwards and Vandy took Marko's sword and put it in the ground . A bright light flashed in his mind and he woke up at the cave and the monster was dead with his mind bleeding and they both hugged each other and then Vandy spoke "Marko thanks for saving me,I made a good choice choosing you I love you " . Marko hurriedly replied " What ! You love me , I.....don't understand when did you answered my confession ,could you please say it again " Vandy gave a bright smile and said " Yes Marko you heard it correctly I love you "

Marko and Vandy shared a smile and then they both moved out and there Emily and Shreya were trying to get them out they all were relieved and they Vandy told Marko not to tell anyone about it until right time but Marko was not quite happy about it .

The adventure is a more longer than it is thought . Marko a happy that he now had a beloved one's whom he will protect and now his journey continues .



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