The Destined World
23 The Serpent Fores
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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23 The Serpent Fores

@@As Marko woke up that morning . He thought it to be the same but when he woke he found that Vandy was sitting next to him . His eyes opened immediately and Vandy said "Good morning darling!Did you slept well last night " Marko replied "Yeh I'm fine but my hand aches a lot I think it's because of the experience last time "

Vandy smiled at him and said "Do you want me to give you a rest so that you feel better ?" Marko felt a bit weird and answered " No I'm fine but what happened to you why are you so soft and kind hearted towards me although I know that you answered my confession but stay calm I like you more like that "

Then they continued there journey and after half a day of walk they reached the Serpent Forest Vandy told them everything about the forest and they all get into the forest . The forest was dark covered with all dark bushes and huge trees and strange sounds could be easily heard .

Marko was bit scared and also tired so he rest by side of tree and rested . After a while he heard a dark voice saying " Young knight your fortune is interesting you should be more careful with your decision or the fate amy change " When heard it he felt scared so he got up and looked behind and found a brown coloured man looking like half tree and having leaves on him . He freaked our and jumped higher than usual . The man was total scary and he attacked him .



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