The Destined World
24 Wielder of Sword
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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24 Wielder of Sword

@@The giant tree attacked Marko but Vandy saved him and they all attacked him and he got defeated easily . As Vandy was about to kill him . He stopped him and said "Wait don't kill me ,I only tried to test the knight ." Vandy stopped and said "You know us ? Who are you ? " The tree said " I'm Hector the tree spirit , I and my brother were kicked out of hell and I was made the protector of The Serpent Sword " Marko asked "So tell us were we can find the sword " Hector laughed and said "That's not possible kid ,No one can get to it and wield it ".

Marko said "You forgot me who am I ? The guardian knight ,I can wield every weapon ,So how can I not wield this one ." Hector gave a huge laughter and said "Oh what a good joke it was ,boy no one can wield it , its locked with a locket until the rays from that locket falls on the cave's entrance it will not open ." Marko asked "What does it looks like and where we can find it" Hector said "It can be anywhere its with my brother Jordin he us half demon and that locket looks like a green coloured locket with historic symbols " Marko gave a smile and put hand inside his shirt and took the pendant .

Hector and everyone was surprised and Marko asked "Is this the one ?" Hector was surprised and he said "Yes it us the one " Marko asked him "He said to me that I am also a demon and my place is hell " Hector said "Oh don't consider his words he always lie " Hector took everyone outside the cave and opened the cave for them . Marko was hesitating to go inside but Vandy gave him satisfaction .



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