The Destined World
26 Training Again ?
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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26 Training Again ?

When Marko took out the serpent sword he felt a power that filled him but he couldn't understand what has happened he could only think of Malware and he thought that it was the right time to defeat Malware so he pulled the sword out and made a spark by his eyes .

It felt akward within Vandy eyes and then a glow came from the sword and filled Marko but it was very painful for Marko to handle he screamed as loudly as he can and the whole cave got a shake as Marko also carried a tremendous amount of power within him .

Vandy then got a flashback of someone else handling that sword and getting fully burnt by this and turning into ashes . Vandy cannot forget the scene she viewed at that time then at instant she snapped out of it and yelled at Marko "Marko it's absorbing your mana and examining your skills so concentrate and make it a success ,it will only hurt a little ".

Marko considered Vandy's word a good advice and he stopped screaming and started focusing his thoughts he thought of his dad and her mom which intensified his pain so he gave a tremendous amount of energy in it and make the sword accept him and that moment the sword gave golden glance an suited him and it changed it form from a long huge double handed sword to a shorter single handed sword .

Marko felt a lot powerful and Vandy felt a kind of releive they both left the cave and they met Shreya and Emily . They were suprised seeing a golden sword in his hand which sends a powerful aura towards them . Marko then talked "Vandy now we have the sword so then lets break the war and throw him away " Vandy replied in a bit anger " Don't be so arrogant you cannot defeat the whole army by yourselve and it will not react unless you make it move ,so for defeating him firstly we should start your training and reveal the true power of it " Marko asked " Ok that's fine .... will you teach me ? " Vandy hesitated and replied " I... do not have the power to train only true knight could train you "

Marko asked " But who-" As Marko was thinking he thought about his dad and feel that he could trach him as he was one of the guardian knight so he could teach him how to train ?

Marko told everyone about his idea and everyone felt it to be good and he was right so then they all didn't waste anymore time and left for the human world itself .


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