The Destined World
28 Home Sweet Home
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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28 Home Sweet Home

Again the dizziness was felt by Marko and then he found himself at the park where he first found out Vandy's true identity and found himself identity . Marko looked and said " This place sure bring back memories ".Vandy looked at him and smiled . Marko then asked them to come to there house and let him explain everything to his dad .

They all went there and Marko went inside first when he went inside he saw that there was a man standing in shadows with a armor and holding a spear in his hand when Marko saw him he threw the spear at Marko just as it was about to make contact with him it was slashes with a sword and it was none other than Vandy .Marko was breathless for a moment and then he thanked Vandy .

They both got out of the moment and and took fighting stances although Marko didn't had any weapons he was standing there . Then the person walked out of shadows they both were gazing at him he walked and said " Oh I'm sorry I thought it was an intruder " When Marko looked at him he was the butler at his house who took care of him .

Marko was shocked to see that and he asked " What was that Kevin you could have killed me " . The butler said " I already apologized so please forgive me " Marko was listening to him but his facial expression were telling were telling something else he was smiling and he was patting his head as if he had done something very good . Marko was angry but then he suddenly remembered that he had to meet his father he asked Kevin " Hey were is father I need to ask him something important so were is he ? "

Kevin stopped smiling and started talking seriously he said "He was already knowing that you have uncovered the truth about yourself and we all could easily feel your power from there so we had guessed that you would come , so he had gone to make sone preparations and made everything ready " Marko first knew his dad as a normal dad then he came to knew his identity and now he was shocked learning about his capabilities .

He was a lot shocked so he can't speak anything but in one aide he was impressed to see that he had such a great dad . He then asked Kevin to lent everyone a room and took his leave . He took a bath and then he ate dinner and went to bed . It was after a long time that he had got a feel of his bed so he immediately slept after he laid down .

He was so tired that he got a nightmare . He saw her mother she had white eyes and weak limbs she told her to not follow her dad and asked to leave it all . Then he was taken back in time where he was left unconscious and he saw her mother getting stabbed by the assassin he immediately woke up and he was sweating very badly , then he realised that it was only a dream and nothing had happened really . He looked around and then he looked at the clock it was 8'o clock .So he get up and made himself ready and went out of his room and saw his dad .


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