The Destined World
29 Mansion Trouble
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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29 Mansion Trouble

When he saw his dad he was so surprised words didn't came out of his mouth . He was shocked he never saw his dad wearing a armor and holding a spear like a soldier . Right when he was in his state of shock his dad said "Hey kiddo ,how are you ?" . Marko expected this he answered back "Hi old man, I was never better than this " His dad didn't expected this kind of answer do he asked " You are very relaxed so I guess you have known about our past " . Marko answered " Yeah! kind of .... " But dad waited but he didn't answered again then he asked " So why the pause are thinking something " .

Marko replied back " No it's not something to you about its just that I didn't think that you were such a man back in your days " . Dad replied " Kid that fine I knew you would be surprised once I also thought of telling you about this but I didn't know how to tell ?"

Marko said " It doesn't matter now dad I know about you so I guess I should be fine to match up with you " Dad said " Thanks son I'm happy to know that you know about me . " Marko immediately remembered something and said " Oh by the way that you know we all went to take the serpent sword "

Dad replied in a funny way " I know kid but you couldn't possibly have gained it " Marko said " But we have it ,its in my room " His dad was stunned after hearing those words he immediately called the head butler and asked him to line up the breakfast .

After that he went to his room and stayed there till the breakfast was lined up . When it was done they all came Vandy and her friends were the first one to come and after that Marko came he greet everyone and sat down on a seat and told everyone to do so . At last Marko's dad came he was looking so smart and wearing a two pieces white suit and his hair with a little bit of white highlights made him look good .

He came and sat down . Vandy and her friends were most nervous to see his dad . The most nervous person was Vandy as she didn't know how to introduce herself to his father . There was pause in the atmosphere and then Marko 's Dad break the pause and asked everyone " So by the way who is one who has introduced world of Valhalla to Marko " At that time Vandy's height start beating a lot faster . She was very nervous but she cannot escape it so she raised her hand and said " I-I-I was the one to t-t-tell him " Marko's dad face dark as he heard her .Vandy saw it and she felt that it was her last time to see Marko . She saw Marko and he was sad to see his dad face he was also so sad and he thought of losing Vandy too . But suddenly Marko 's Dad smiled and said " So you are my daughter-in-law , Oracle told me that the person will tell my son about himself will be his bride " . After hearing that Marko's and Vandy's face turned red and they started eating fast .

After eating breakfast they all went to the training but Marko's dad stayed and when they left the head butler told Marko's dad and said " Sir , why didn't you tell them about the full prophecy and the truth about him " Marko's dad replied " They are kids so its improper to make them unhappy so its better to let them enjoy their youth and let them be happy "

Marko and all the others after an hour meet at the entrance of the house and they teleported to the training ground . .Marko was again happy to make it back there and he also asked everyone to practice hard and be focused . Vandy gave him a big smile and they started practicing they practiced with full power and in afternoon they went back to the mansion . When the time they reach Marko 's Dad was already there waiting for him .

In the morning Marko has asked his dad to teach him combat and some magic training . Do he was waiting for him and they went back after having lunch and resting for a some time they went there and Marko's dad was in his full body armor and having a pair of katanas on his back he was very proud of them . Marko's dad asked Marko to choose a katana and after that they could start the training .


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