The Destined World
30 Unknown Power
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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30 Unknown Power

Marko was offered a black metallic katana with a rose wood handle o black and red coating which gave it a rough and deadly look and the other one was a silver plated graphite and carbon alloy with a teak wood handle and a long strip tied to it .

Marko 's dad recommended the carbon and silver alloyed katana so Marko took the bet and chose the one with the strip . When he touched it he saw the silver dragon in his arms and could feel the power of it in his arms . Marko said " What and amazing power it is dad I could totally feel it in my arms and my mind is full of techniques and spirit ." Marko 's da d replied " Remember kid its not the weapon that make you win a battle its the person who wins the battle " It was a very awesome line and it struck Marko 's mind .

After all the chit chat they thought of starting the battle they both took the defensive positions and waited for the opponent . Marko's dad let Marko to have the first hit . Marko didn't think about it he attacked straight with all his strength but Marko's dad read it and he placed his sword at an angle so that it do not give any damage to him but also he has no need of applying any force .

Marko was shocked by that defence and when he touched the sword the automatically shifted and was him to the ground . Marko was stunned and Vandy ,Shreya and Emily were too surprised by this . Marko's dad said again " Power it also applied by bulls but power and brain are applied by a tiger , so you have to become a tiger not a bull ."

Marko took his dad words seriously he started fighting with his full strength and by using everything that he had got he tried very hard to only give his dad o e blow but he couldn't he was frustrated at that time his dad was bored too so he thought of giving him a lesson when Marko came in close range his dad gave him a sword swing and he felt far away skidding on the ground and making a skit mark .

Marko and all his friends were stunned after that . .Marko 's dad said " Sorry kid I was bored and I hate to tell you that with the level you are now you could never beat Malware he was just a little bit stronger than me when I flight him in the past but after taking control over Valhalla he is far more powerful and I doubt even I could brat him so forget about that . " After hearing those harsh words Marko felt frustrated and his chest ached a lot he felt so helpless but suddenly he thought that his mind had got blank and his body is moving on its own . He was surprised by that in present Marko's dad was walking back to his house suddenly he was attacked he was surprised too . His again talked in a lot of pride and said " Kid I told you can never beat me in the way you are now . " But Marko was not talking anything and his eyes were sharp and focused . Marko 's dad was looking at him but suddenly he vanished , everyone was surprised including Marko's dad too. He suddenly appeared before him and his dad barely dodged it . It had been a long time since was cornered like that .

The fighting intensified and now Marko's moves were clean and a lot faster . When Vandy was seeing him she remembered that time when she was in the mind game of that monster and Marko looked the same . Marko was unstoppable and he couldn't help it . His was only thinking of way to block him he couldn't attack him and he couldn't help but struggle against him .

He thought of moving from defensive to attacking he changed his posture to attack but then he looked at Marko but he was not one there were three of them . Marko's dad remembered of the ancient wukong's ancestors who developed this technique but only a few people were able to master it and wukong's ancestors were only able to produce four images .But somehow . Marko who is only able to use it this time he was able to produce three images .

The battle became super intense and Marko was more attacking than his father but his breath started struggling . He felt breathless and when he was about to make a finishing move his body couldn't take that power so he became unconscious and his dad was somewhat felt relieved . He was taken to his house and he was taken care of . And with this Marko 's dad was shocked by seeing this .


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