The Destined World
31 Joyful Day
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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31 Joyful Day

Marko's dad was surprised to see such strength of Marko he barely made it with him . But it is to be considered that Marko's dad haven't fought a strong opponent since a long time and he also had retired . But he was also shocked to see his son to be this much strong but he knew from the Oracle that he would be strong . Marko was unconscious for almost half a day and Vandy stayed right her side .

She was worried about her . Marko woke up in the morning and when he woke up his whole body broke from pain and he sat down on the bed and then he saw Vandy sleeping on a chair and her head leaped on the bed . Marko got up and put a blanket on her and made a happy face towards him .

Marko felt an powerful spirit residing in him and he felt some power in his arms and legs . Marko was in pain but he do nit regret it as yesterday he was not controlling his body but he saw everything that had happened so he had a lot of confidence in him now .

He was a lot happy to see that he has such a great power in him . Marko walked out of his room after taking a bath . He saw Emily and Shreya waiting at the entrance . Marko asked both of them " Hi,How are you guys ? Have you seen my dad " Both said a no as they dIdn't saw him till now .

Marko walked to his dad room and knockeD on it . He was allowed to enter . His dad was sitting on his chair with all the curtains down and a lamp was lit and he had a serious look on his face . Marko asked his dad about his look . His dad replied " Nothing 's wrong I was just surprised to see that you had such great powers so I was thinking that I should give you some kind of training so that you had a hold of that power . Marko thought that he heard something wrong so he rubbed his ears and asked his dad to tell him again . His dad said " Kid have you become hard of hearing after that incident , I said that you will be going to train with me so that you get a hold of your power " Marko was happy and full of joy he walked happily but he was stopped by his dad and said " Kid don't feel happy about it now you will be tough training so pack your bag we will mobe tomorrow morning ." Marko nod and left he went to his room and saw Vandy he woke her up and excitedly hugged her , Vandy was half asleep but when he saw Marko hugging him . Her face face turned red and she flustered and sad " M-Marko what a-a-are you doing , We are not allowed to do that " Marko said "I'm too happy dad finally agreed to train us he said to pack our bags as we wi go training " When Vandy heard him she was disappointed and said ok so as to reply .

Marko then went to see his armory and packed his swords and all the other weapons so as to be ready for it . He then went to pack all his clothing and footware . Marko was excited to think all about the training camp . He went to the pharmacy to bring bandages and first aid material and also medicines . He was out of it after sometime and when he was thinking about other things that were left to be bought . He saw Vandy window shopping but when Marko looked at her carefully he found that Vandy's expression were off and it was like she was jumbled in some thought .

Marko waited for a moment and then he walked to her . He greeted her but she didn't realised her then Marko tapped her and then she snapped out of it Marko was so confused but he somehow ignored it . Vandy's was sad she didn't talked to her and left . Marko didn't realised what had happened so he continued his shopping . In twilight , when Marko returned home he found that Vandy haven't returned home yet . His guess was right ,something was really off with her . He waited for her until twilight was over but she didn't returned so . Marko was anxious so he went outside to find her .


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